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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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Branches turned a languid gaze on Helen and for a moment seemed about to ask something, then stopped. The collection of jars, if they were what she came to trade, weren't really such of a much. What was odd was that Helen had got a close look at all the herbs and things Branches had been in possession of, and these were some of the more scarce ones from her stores. Other than the jars, all she had that she could trade on hand was the cloak, which wasn't worth much except as a special accessory. Helen gave it a look with her mask just in case and sure enough, it was relatively mundane except for the usual residual nature magics inherent in such cloaks that made them ideal for herb gathering.

"I need mugwort, star anise, sliver root, and hemp seed." Branches explained. Helen did a double take. If she wasn't mistaken, then the mason jars sitting on her long table in front of the humunculus were exactly what she'd come to trade for.

"Branches." Helen said with not a little scrutiny in her voice, "You appear to have brought those things with you. Are you feeling alright?"

Branches looked at her jars again and Helen could see her turning a bright red as realization came to her. Instead of grabbing her bulk, Branches had accidentally grabbed the things she had intended to trade for in the kind of mix up Helen believed was far below her ability to make. "O-oh... I um... I've been cleaning all morning... I guess I'll get it later then..." She mumbled, then perked up, "Then I need some help with my guards. You said they needed hearts or cores or something?"

"Yes." Helen said, drawing out the e a little out of bemused curiosity, "You essentially mixed two kinds of golem together and didn't implement the power source of either. If you want to build a core, you'll need a pair of iron rings and a tear of glass... The other method involves a lot of rituals and some profound truth."

"Which one is easier?" Branches asked.

"It doesn't matter because you aren't doing the first one. I forbid it. Binding spirits or souls to this world isn't just immoral, it's dangerous." Helen said sternly.

"But... I don't know any profound truths..." Branches moaned, "How am I going to get them moving and protecting me if I don't have cores or truths?"

Helen shrugged, "Maybe you don't need Golems right now? Have you considered building fewer servants and guardians? Things like that can get out of hand if you can't control all of them you know." She suggested. It was a load of crap of course, Helen had had enough time to observe and analyze Branches capabilities. She knew the humunculus could maintain as many automatons as she wanted and still have enough focus to learn everything Helen had to teach about magic and more. Branches didn't know that though, didn't seem to know that a limit even existed and so when Helen suggested it Branches began to consider it as a possible truth. "Besides," Helen went on, "Just because you don't know any truths or secrets now, that doesn't mean you won't have any later. Life has many doors and you've got plenty of time to explore them. Why don't you go get what you wanted to trade and maybe I can set you up with some reagents you can use for whatever it is you are making."

Branches nodded slowly and solemnly. Helen could tell her later, after she'd gained a bit more world experience, what she could be capable of.
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