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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5130 on: May 18, 2019, 11:12:57 pm »
The stack was large, but it was always impressive that Kathrine could manage carrying it all the same. Mica watched carefully as the small maid hefted the platter with a little "hup!" and carried the load of sugary breakfast discs towards the communal dining room. She watched and wondered, then slipped into the cook shack when she was sure Kathrine was done. The dim shack was filled with the smell of of the breakfast discs, and Mica reminded herself that they were called pancakes. Mica couldn't eat the pancakes, but Dee could. Dee liked the pancakes. Liked a lot of the breakfast things that Catnip's morsel made. Sometimes, Mica wished she could make Dee's pancakes, and to that end she had watched Kathrine attentively when she cooked.

"Flappy jacks..." Mica mumbled, "lizard likes flappy jacks." She took down a bag that looked a bit like the one Kathrine had used. It was the same shape anyway, but it didn't quite smell the same. When she tried to set it down near the stove, strands of her uncontrollable silk stuck to it and pulled it off the counter. Mica almost screeched at that, seeing it totter, then fall, then hit the ground and scatter the grainy stuff inside all over the floor. She tried to scoop the stuff that clearly wasn't what Kathrine had used back into the back, but the meal stuck fast to her hands. The effect was that she mostly made a bigger mess, but the meal coated her hands enough that the bag didn't seem to stick. Now it was in her hair though. In her hair, on her knees, all up her arms. Mica was covered in the grainy stuff from the bag with a picture of corn on it.

After making a mess of her attempt to clean up, she gave up and grabbed a cast iron pan and a different bag. A blue one with a picture of a 'flappy jack' on it. To her credit she got the measurements mostly right, she haden't been watching Kathrine for nothing after all, but the heat was all wrong. After a few, she tried playing with the temperature knob and turned it up too high. Several burned or half cooked pancakes later, and having miraculously avoided having the strands of silk hanging off of her catch fire, she was ready.

"lizaaaard." Mica hissed, carrying her own load of pancakes back to the house where Dee had spent the morning sweeping up silk strands. He looked exhausted and ready for a morning meal.

"Uh, wacha got there babe? Kathrine give that to you?" He asked, leering warily at the tray of misshapen and badly cooked pancakes.

"My-ka made lizard flappy jacks!" she said endearingly. With one pair of hands she ushered Dee to his work space, and with the other placed before him the pancakes. There were a lot of them, and some of them had leaked their uncooked batter onto the tray. "Eat them! Eat them! My-ka made for lizard!"

Dee tightened his lips and let the strange feeling of disgusted appreciation fill his heart. She couldn't cook for shit, but Mica meant well. As his own father said when Dee's mother delegated the cooking to her husband, "A meal made with love is never a bad meal." He picked up the fork and looked at it, then Mica. She was eager and nervous. Wanted to please him. The first bite was like charcoal, and the third was a cold soup of under cooked batter. After the sixth, he pushed the tray away. Internally, he decided that his father had been full of shit.

"Wow babe, that sure was good but I'm full now. Hey, you wanna go for a walk?" He said, making a show of how stuffed he was. A trick he'd also learned from his father that never fooled his mother. It fooled Mica though. His fiance wasn't exactly a mental giant after all. It was a nice day, and a walk would distract him from the combined gnaw of hunger and  squall of queasiness from over/under cooked food.
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