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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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Foster took a drag from his cigarette as he picked up the pistol he kept and made sure a round was chambered. It wouldn’t do to be caught unarmed or unready when out scavenging. Picking up the backpack he’d bartered for Foster set out to go get parts for his lab.

Walking through Walkerville no one stopped him. Once outside of the settlement Foster lit another cigarette and made his way down the road on foot. With any luck he’d be able to procure all of the necessities for starting the lab before the house was built.

TJ meanwhile had climbed up on top of a house and was sitting on top of it watching the people pass by. It had become a bit of a habit over the years and a source of mild entertainment. At the very least it was harmless entertainment as well TJ figured. He could get his kicks from hurting someone after all.

Hopping down form the building he decided to go see what was going on at the library. Entering he smelled food and saw several of the work crews eating at the tables in the place. He was broken from his observation by Alice waving to him and saying “Hey TJ, good to see you’re sticking around.”

Waving back he said “Good to have some place I can actually stay!” before sliding onto the counter. “Sooo what do you guys have to do around here? Like for fun?”

Alice stopped to think for a moment before answering “Well we do have some gambling here and there and some folk who play it for fun and card games of course. There’s hunting, fishing, some folk make things for fun around Hector, I think he enjoys it at least. Hiking is fun once in a while but you still gotta have something to deal with zombies just in case. Other’n that you’d have to come up with it yourself I think.”

TJ nodded as he looked around the room. “Cool. I could go for a hike sometime, though I don’t think I’d have to worry about the zeds. Oh, know somewhere I could get some work? I’d like to earn my keep and help out ya know?”

Alice thought about that for a minute as she served a few more people. “I don’t know honestly. My dad and I just kind of got this place built and are trying to take care of the folk here. Maybe ask one of the work crews bosses? I mean if you want to help out here we’d appreciate it, and I’m sure we could arrange some form of payment for you.”

Looking over his shoulder at her TJ said “I might take you up on that one. I’ve never been one for construction work after all. Too much sweat and hard labor.”

Alice playfully swatted him on the arm as she said “Nothing wrong with hard labor and sweat TJ. Just so long as its for a good a reason.”

Pushing off the counter TJ started for the door as he replied “I guess it’s a matter of opinion Alice, catch you later.”

Meanwhile Charles had slid the chest and backplate on and was letting Maddy help him. Well help was a bit of a strong word. It was more like she was attempting to see what he’d put up with without straight up hindering him. “Okay Maddy, get me the right wrench this time please.”

In truth what he was working on was of limited consequence. It was more an exercise in teaching Maddy to actually work alongside him. As such the task at hand was repairing a mechanical clock.

Taking the offered wrench he thanked her as he set another piece in place and tightened it down. Liam had come out of the barracks a while ago, taken one look, and walked into the woods to go meditate or whatever the fuck it was he did. Charles honestly could not give less of a fuck about whatever Liam was doing right now. Now the others weren’t going to just sit there and not say anything when they saw him.

Again, not that he really cared. They were never going home so Charles was truly free to embrace the future..or the modern times at the very least. So he continued to sit there and work and wait for someone to bother him. “Maddy please stop messing with the helmet screen, thank you.”