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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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Foster slid out from underneath the car holding a couple of parts that he slipped into his bag. The pipes would need to be properly cleaned thoroughly first of course. Turning he spotted a building that looked..relatively undamaged. A surprise to be sure but a good place to look for parts.

A short while later Foster left the building with little to show for his effort. Checking his watch he decided it would be a good time to head home. There would be plenty of time to get what he needed after all.

An hour in and Foster was close what Isaac had told him was called the Hall. Perhaps getting to know the neighbours would be a good idea. Less suspicious to try and not be a total recluse, at least in the old world.

His trip was cut short by someone tackling him from the side after a few minutes of walking. He’d caught sight of the Hall before the world turned sideways and he found a man who’s eyes were a dark black in color standing over him.

The raised knife and the crazy gibbering about needing to eat of the flesh gave Foster more than enough reason to kick the man off of him and onto the ground sprawling to get back on his feet. Foster didn’t bother to stand as he retrieved his pistol from it’s holster under his left arm and took aim.

The forty-five ACP round flew from the barrel and struck the man in his infected eyeball. The spray of black blood was enough to throw his compatriot off. The second shot from Foster’s pistol struck him in the throat.

Reaching over Foster picked up his sunglasses and slid them on over his eyes before standing up. A couple of steps was enough for him to be standing over the man clutching his bleeding neck. “Fascinating. The only things I’ve seen with blood like that are usually undead.” Kneeling down he retrieved a vial from his bag and took a sample “Shame you made me shoot you and your friend, I’m sure I could have gotten this in a much more civil manner.”

Foster hadn’t noticed the other cultists watching him. Watching and waiting.

Not far from him the Vikings rushed out with weapons drawn and ready. Steinar, in a particularly grumpy mood, hadn’t even gotten his helmet on when he stepped outside with a blade at the ready. Liam rushed out of the woodworks on the other side of the Hall with his puffball of light right behind him. “What the hell is going on?” He shouted as he made his way to regroup with the others.

Elsewhere TJ had pieced together a fishing rod and had bartered for a cooler. Walking over the bridge he noticed the river below and decided to take a seat to do his fishing.  Half closing his eyes he settled in for the wait. His mind drifted as he sat there and thoughts of his past poured in. Memories of losing pursuers in the crowds of the undead that had filled the city he’d woken up in when all of this started. He didn’t have any memories from before that after all. And the undead’s indifference to him had always perplexed him. Maybe it had to do with-

His thoughts were cut off by a tug on the line. Giving a tug in return to hook the fish TJ settled in for the ‘fight’. A couple of minutes later and he hauled the tired fish up and tossed it into the cooler. A salmon just like all the other people fishing seemed to be catching. Maybe he could find something more interesting...

Standing he decided to go along the river and see if he could find any other species. Some time later he found a spot where the flow of the river was slower and the water was calmer. Retrieving a pair of old rubber boots from his bag TJ slid off his shoes and put them on. Then he removed his jacket and shirt revealing even more bandages covering the entirety of his body.

From there he waded into the water and kept darting his eyes around. He’d read about catching bass by hand and this was the most ideal place to find them around here, at least that he’d seen. This process took a lot longer and more trial and error than he’d prefer. But after about twenty minutes he finally caught hold of a bass with his hand and hauled it out of the water. Walking over he slid it into the cooler and went back out.

An hour later and he had a number of fish. Enough that he could probably use some to barter and still have enough to eat for the day. Looking around he noticed he was alone out here.

Sliding his bandages down and retrieving a mirror TJ inspected himself for a moment. Thanks to some daily effort his teeth were white and in near perfect condition. His jaw could use some cleaning but so could the rest of him. Not that he stunk but he could spend some time getting the dirt off of himself a bit more.

Replacing the bandages on his face and tightening them some more so they couldn’t fall down TJ started back home after putting his jacket and shirt back on. As he arrived back on the bridge one of the locals waved and he returned the gesture. At the very least they weren’t hostile to him.

Walking along he made his way back to the library and saw Isaac doing some mild butchering to perpare for lunch. Walking over TJ said “Want some help with that?

Isaac looked over with a smile as he said “Sure kid. You know how?”

TJ shook his head as he grabbed a knife and a piece of meat. “Alright kid, just do what I do and you’ll be good.” Isaac said as the lesson started.