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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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The gunshot had likewise drawn out Helen, who had just been discussing things with Branch and soon tending to the day's tasks when some commotion sent most of the others there running out to see what was going on. With cloak and mask thrown on hastily, hammer at the ready she was not far behind the others, hammer lowered as she saw what was before them.

"What happened? Is everything alright?" she asked, mask contorted to examine their surroundings. Enough to get a vague sense of something peculiar about the stricken figure sprawled out at Foster's feet, though the signs of otherworldly life growing within were too faint for her to pick up on.

She seemed to briefly look Foster and the cultist over, before the mask deactivated. She'd noticed something else was off, but made no move to suggest that she was aware of it. The man standing in front of them was the bigger concern at the moment, as what she saw nearly made her hesitate. Best to ensure the situation was under control, avoid drawing the attention of whatever was lurking out then, then take him aside to ask him about it, she decided. "That looks like one of the undead if not for how lively he seems...are you injured?" she asked, still on guard but seeming more concerned than anything else.
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