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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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ďIím fine, lucky there were only two of them though. I was just coming over-Ē Foster leaned over and grabbed the knife that one of them had attempted to stab him with and slid it into his belt as he continued ď-to say hello, Iím moving in over at Walkerville and Isaac said it might be good to meet the proverbial neighbours.Ē

Standing up Foster quietly slid the vial of blood into his bag then grabbed the rifle to unload it and remove the round in the chamber. Giving a smile he most certainly wasnít feeling Fosterís eyes rested on Helenís mask for a moment before he looked the others over. ďI apologize we met in such circumstances by the by. These assholes here should have evaluated the situation a bit better before jumping me like that but Iím guessing they were keeping sketch around here. But uh, where are my manners, Iím Ha-..Iím Foster. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.Ē

Aaron, Gunnar, and Eino along with Steinar moved into the woods to search for more of the Ďpeopleí that had attacked Foster. Charles went back to the forge now that he was certain nothing was going to happen. The others decided to keep watch.