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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5145 on: May 28, 2019, 07:49:14 am »
Branches looked down the side of the bridge at the water below. She'd left the hall with the intention of going home and swapping what she'd brought to trade for what she really wanted to trade with, but quickly forgot all about that as she trudged along the river bank towards the bridge. Rather than cross the road and continue her northward course, she had turned and ambled slowly over the bridge. What she was thinking about was Hector. Hector and much needed advice. It had occurred to her that she'd taken a wrong turn, and now she'd stopped to look at the river and think about her predicament. For a long time she stared before realizing that she was rather rudely staring at a couple people fishing in the river, no more than twenty or thirty feet away.

"Heya, do you need anything?" The older of the two men shouted for what must have been the third or fourth time. Branches blinked and actually looked at them. The other man standing further in seemed to be wrapped up in heavy bandages and now that she was actually looking at him, she felt kind of bad for him and wondered what had caused such a serious extensive injury.

"Uh, sorry. I was just thinking." She responded, straightening up as best she could, "I guess I didn't see you down there..."

Isaac looked around and then raised his eyebrow at her questioningly. The question being, 'how could you not see us?' Branches didn't know, but the embarrassment was enough to move her along and get her thinking a little more clearly. With a little help from one of the few people coming and going from the farm, Branches found Roxanne's house. A bit of adjusting her hat and cloak, a deep breath, and she was ready. The door, as innocuous as it was, seemed to menace her a little. Never the less, she knocked and waited. Hopefully this Roxanne would be a nice and understanding lady.

"Well that wasn't here before." Jennifer said while looking up and shading her eyes. What she was looking up at was a tree. The last time she'd been down this way, just before her mission to New Bangor, there had been an intersection on the spot. Now, there was an absolutely monstrous tree just off center of it. Roots had rippled outwards and burst through the road violently which made it obvious to Jennifer, with Cheena's experience, that it was not natural.

"It's huge!" Cherise said, making her awe known. "Where d'ya think it came from if it wasn't here before?" Jennifer thought about it but came up blank. The only other 'miraculous' plant like this she could think of was the 'sacred' birch at Walkerville, a tree she had been allowed to sit under many times when something was bothering her. Sometimes she would be joined by the sad maid who'd lived on the old farm, sometimes the strange four armed girl or her man came to sit and think.

"No idea, but gawd, it's gotta be seven stories..." Jennifer said. She and Cherise made to circle the tree, wordlessly deciding to go in opposite directions around it. Not only was it tall for an oak, it was thick as well. Thick enough to fit a large truck in if it was hollowed out and outfitted to maintain it. On the far side, they were both surprised to find a man absorbed in whatever it was he was doing. Apart from his mask, and the red robed mutant woman with him, he was perfectly ordinary.

"I don't know Sylvia, I can hazard a guess but I'd say it grew out of the trip hammer. We used a fresh log for the construction, perhaps the stone- Oh! Hello, sorry, it's not quite safe yet." Daniel said, noticing the two rangers at the last.

"What isn't safe?" Jennifer asked, snapping into professional mode, "Daniel was it? Just what's going on here?" She noted Cherise drawing something that looked a bit like the handle of one of the tacticool knives from her belt, sans blade, and chose to ignore it for the time being.

"Not much ma'am," Daniel was quick to explain, recognizing Jennifer right away, "We destroyed a dangerous item here yesterday, I just didn't expect it to do something like this. As of right now, I'm searching around to see if the item in question was actually destroyed or not. If it was incompletely destroyed, it could be dangerous. The problem is though, I can't find any trace of it. There should be something but it's just completely and utterly gone. For now it should be safer just to stay away. I swear, I'll have a full report with the Captain by the end of the day. Alright?"

Jennifer glanced at Cherise again, noting that the handle thing had vanished back into whatever hidden belt loop or pocket had stowed it originally and then back to the mage hunter, sanguinist, couple. "Alright then. Do me a favor and have Captain Sandell send me a copy of your report as well. I don't report to her anymore and I'm going to be busy setting up a group of people to look into things like this, alright?" Daniel nodded at that, being privy to some of the details of current refugee center politics. "Orchard is another couple miles on Ms. Cohen, lets get going before we lose the daylight."
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