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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« Reply #5145 on: May 29, 2019, 03:41:15 am »
      The wagon went further west, past the mountains. As there was less mointains, and more trees Quincy played a little tune on his guitar. The obnoxious tune about cheese and pizza continued for most of the trip west, no matter how long Horace glared at Quincy, he didn't stop. Horace looked at the axe for a moment, 'I'm going to kill him, I swear to the gods.' Celine gave a little sigh as she looked back over at Quincy, trying to think of some other song, literally anything else, and how to convince him to switch to it. "Maybe something that isn't about food? It's going to be a long way before we can make camp and prepare dinner, and I think the knight's starting to eye you like a steak." she joked.

      Abraham rubbed his temples, "I swear to god, boy. If you don't'n pick another song or shut up I will personally blow out your god damn kneecaps." Quincy gave a little cackle, and stopped his silly little song. "I haven't been at it for that long!" He stated, Horace barked at that, "You've been at it for over an hour." Celine breathed a sigh of relief, before giving the treeline up ahead a cautious glance. "Looks like activity up ahead." she said, Horace perking up finally, gripping his axe tight. "Someone else seeking to give their opinion on his taste in music?" he remarked, Abraham casting a wary gaze down the road. "Keep y'pants on boy, looks like a town down th' road..."

      As Horace, despite his grumbling over the lack of a fight, dismounted from the wagon, he gave the area a wary glance. "Something still isn't right about this place..." he mumbled, Abraham giving a nod. "Y'can sense it, boy?" he asked, Horace feeling a faint presence. A vague ominous feeling. Though it seemed to fade as they neared the village, a hint of calm among growing darkness, the trees farther down the road carried a sense of foreboding, and a distant warning channeled through the axe hinted that the Veiled King was wary as well...
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