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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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Dusting his pants off Foster said “I’ve not had the pleasure to speak to him no. But if he is like the others I’ve met I’m sure he’s a wonderful individual.”

At the offer of food Foster realized he’d not eaten breakfast. “If you don’t mind sharing a meal that would be wonderful. I’m sure we’ve plenty to talk about, what with living in this wonderful new world for the past eight years. Must be some stories to tell thanks to that.”

Meanwhile Heinrik adjusted the coat he was wearing as he listened in on the conversation in the other room. A ballistic coat accompanied by plates on his arms and legs  covered his body over a set of black cargo pants and a black long sleeve shirt. Reaching over he pulled the machete out of the body next to him as his other hand lightly gripped his amulet.

“¿Seriamente? ¿Quieres que vaya a buscar al Verdugo? Solo haz lo que te digo que hagas!” Someone in the other room shouted. This was followed by a flurry of sounds from the other room.

Flipping down the protective faceplate of his helmet Heinrik slammed through the wall. He’d inadvertently crashed through it and knocked one of the men to the ground while the others screamed in panic. This gave him the space to capitalize.

Two swings brought three of the five men down, one losing his head, a second getting his body cut in half at the chest, and a third catching the blade in his stomach. As Heinrik pulled the blade out one of the men popped a shot off that hit him in the neck.

Taking two steps he kicked the gun out of the man’s hand before grabbing him by the throat. Lifting him into the air Heinrik turned and cut the last of his opponents down with a rather lazy swing with the blade lodging itself in his throat. Turning his full attention to the man he was holding Heinrik lowered him and grabbed his throat with both hands.

The sound of gunfire echoed throughout the rest of the motel as he stared into his victims eyes. The same feeble attempts at escape as everyone else. As two men in black combat gear entered Heinrik dropped the now dead man to the ground. “It’s done. I’ve paid the debt”

One of the men threw him a wrapped object that he caught with ease. Not a word passed as Heinrik walked away with machete in hand and a healing wound in his neck. Also very happy to have his artifact back as he clipped it back onto his necklace.

Back in the motel B-23 looked to the other members of the Carnicería members. “He didn’t owe us shit. Still he was useful.” one member said as they departed.

B-23 nodded as he replied “Yes, useful. Also dangerous. I fear for whoever it is he is hunting. Especially with what it sounds like they did to him.”