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Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
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Foster followed Helen and listened to what she had to say. Sitting and listening to her questions once inside Foster pondered what to tell her. He wasn’t quite sure she knew he didn’t have a soul but still if she did..

Foster retrieved his flask and took a drink before starting to speak “Experience with the arcane? Years of personal research including handling artifacts with anomalous abilities and then years with an organization that provided quite a few chances to witness the more..adverse effects of such things. As for run ins with dangerous effects I’ve had plenty.”

Taking another drink Foster continued with a rather vacant expression “I mean some were just stupid little things, the equivalent to a magic flashlight. One though, well it was an interesting sight. We gave it to a man in a secure room, nothing happens for the first three days. Then they come in early in the morning to see a tree’s grown out of the bastard’s stomach and swallowed the artifact.”

“As for what happened to me. Well as far as I know I was born the way I am. My condition makes others uncomfortable around me but they can never place why. As such I’ve generally been isolated in my life with few people to rely on. In my workplace before whatever it was happened I was only welcome due to my breadth of knowledge on the subject. I’ve grown accustomed to the effects of my condition after all of that. But alright? I'd not go that far.”

Staring down at the engraved flask Foster asked “Any questions?”