Author Topic: Faster Than Light (IC, It's about time)  (Read 3258 times)

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Re: Faster Than Light (IC, It's about time)
« on: September 19, 2016, 09:35:31 pm »
Sighing as he closed his bible and stood. He opened the old wooden drawer of his dresser and pulled out a white button up shirt along with a pair of blue jeans that he put on top of the dresser. Pulling his clothes off he quickly changed into his more presentable clothes, only more presentable in the fact that they were yet to be in need of patching since he had only recently acquired them.

Pulling out his leather boots from underneath the bed and retrieving a pair of socks he wondered who the new crew members coming with the captain would be like. As he pulled the socks on he reasoned to himself that he would find out soon enough. As he picked up the boots he stopped for a second and looked at the spurs attached to them. His thoughts ran to a time that seemed far too long ago when he was but a child learning to ride one of the animals the farmers had used to help herd animals.

He snapped back to reality after a handful of seconds and pulled the boots on. Standing he put his belt on, letting his finger tips run along the old cracked leather before stopping at the attached holster and his mind yet again wondered to another time and place though this time a less happy time. Finishing putting his belt on he picked up his revolver and checked the cylinder. Seeing that it was fully loaded he snapped it closed and holstered the weapon.

He looked at the armor sitting on the top of his dresser and picked up the chest and back plates. Securing them and then putting on the thigh plates. He reached over and grabbed his duster and pulled it on. He finally picked up the double barrel shotgun and opened the breach, sliding in the shells and snapping it closed before letting it rest on it's sling over his shoulder.

Finally he picked up the bible and secured the clasp that held the book closed and slid it into one of the large pockets of his duster. Starting out of his room he buttoned his duster as he walked. "Oh Lord, I, your humble servant, seek your favor today as I meet these men. May your wisdom shine down upon me and guide me in helping them find you. Amen." He said this short prayer as he got close to the area in which he would meet the new captain and crew.