Author Topic: Faster Than Light (IC, It's about time)  (Read 3258 times)

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Re: Faster Than Light (IC, It's about time)
« on: September 20, 2016, 10:58:00 pm »
Charo gets out of bed with a grumble, he puts on his normal clothes and his RIG. He walks to his personal suit Kiosk, it lets him put on his suit, clean his suit, and check for damages. He walks in and gets his suit on, but helmet still in his suit. After he grabs his gear and heads out. He mumbles to himself, "Should I grab some feckin' grub? Bah, there's prob'ly grub on th' ship." he activates his helmet and starts to walk to the ship.

Charo looks at the ship, he whistles and says in a digital, metallic voice, "Cyoar, ain't that a noice ship..."
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