Since I now have a proper sourcebook, what should we do?

Keep going with FTL, we're barely into it yet!
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Add some of the mechanics of RT to FTL, and keep going that way!
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Drop FTL, and play some RT!
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I don't care and regret signing up for this!
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Since you apparently have all our collective sourcebooks, let's run something completely different!
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Author Topic: Faster Than Light (Interest, Lore, and Sign Up Thread)  (Read 1754 times)

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Re: Faster Than Light (Interest, Lore, and Sign Up Thread)
« Reply #30 on: September 16, 2016, 07:03:35 pm »
Name: Charognard "Charo" O'Riley
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Role: Scavenger, Makeshifter and amateur engineer.
Skills: Scrapping, Makeshift crafting, jury rigging, and basic repairs.
Backstory: Charo was raised on an arctic colony on the planet IC-E55, he had a keen eye for scraps in the snow. Wrecks were common on IC-E55. He knows basic repairing skills through the engineer guides he read at the colony, some of it stuck.
Equipment: An "Arctic Survival Suit", it's a hardsuit made to withstand extreme below zero temperatures of IC-E55. It has pouches and a small backpack attached to the back. It has Kevlar plates which protects the torso and lower abdomen. Weapons are a Plasma Cutter that was made to cut through steel and rock, it work good for lobbing off limbs too. An ice axe from home. Underneath the hardsuit is a pair of brown trousers, a pair of fur boots, a white undershirt, and a tan button-up shirt.
Other stuff: A RIG, it interfaces with his Hardsuit, it shows his vital signs. He has various baubles from home, not a lot of useful stuff, it includes a scrimshaw femur of a wolf, a bunch of engineering guides, and a wolf's paw. A large, industrial rivet gun along with rivets the size of railway spikes to go with it, he can set the rivet gun to heat the rivets if needed.


Melee Skill: 35
Ballistic Skill: 50
Strength: 35
Toughness: 40
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 25
Perception: 50
Willpower: 30
Charm : 20
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