Since I now have a proper sourcebook, what should we do?

Keep going with FTL, we're barely into it yet!
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Add some of the mechanics of RT to FTL, and keep going that way!
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Drop FTL, and play some RT!
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I don't care and regret signing up for this!
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Since you apparently have all our collective sourcebooks, let's run something completely different!
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Author Topic: Faster Than Light (Interest, Lore, and Sign Up Thread)  (Read 2264 times)

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Re: Faster Than Light (Interest, Lore, and Sign Up Thread)
« Reply #30 on: September 17, 2016, 12:28:14 am »
This will start sunday evening.

So, space ship stuff. I'm a hair buzzed right now, so I'll get into the nitty gritty when the time comes. Basically, maneuvering, shooting, boarding, repairs, scanning stuff, etc. etc. etc. will all use a stat, with appropriate skill and conditional modifiers and such applied. I will list up how stats affect things later, since you don't need to worry much about what does what to design a ship, and I'd like to get this up and running.

Designing the ship itself works much like character creation does. There are a couple of key "stats" for a ship:

Speed: How fast a ship can move, not including FTL speed.
Manoeuverability: How quickly a ship can change directions, how well it can evade attacks, etc.
Scanning: How effective the ship is at detecting things.
Shields: Shields are fairly self explanitory. In the FTL universe, they are an extension of the same sorts of technology that powers FTL travel. The basic concept is that they work by altering the mass of an incoming object enough that it cannot harm the ship. Accordingly, some weapons (like a macrocannon) can be stopped by them. Other weapons (such as lasers) cannot, and must be stopped via armour.
Armour: Protects a ship from damage. As with shields, some weapons are good vs. armour. Others, not so much.
Hull Strength: Act as hit points. They represent the ship's interior design, bulkheads, blast doors, etc. etc.
Power: How much power a ship produces. This is essential to keep things such as the bridge, shields, weapons, or other bits of tech operational.
Mass Limit: Defines how much stuff you can stick into a ship. As well as having a power requirement, weapons, tech, etc. all have mass.
Turrets: An abstract representation of the ship's small defensive turrets. These are used for stopping torpedos, small craft, etc.
Weapon Layout: How many weapons a ship can carry and where they need to be located.
Points: How many points the hull itself costs. Upgrades, weapons, and tech, also have a point cost.

It occures to me that I am too drunk to really explain the rest well, after several attempts. Sorry guys. Math and vodka don't mix so good. I will have the rest of this up on Sunday, as well as the first update. Since it's unlikely you guys will get into space combat right off the hop, we can figure out your specifics before or directly after that update.

Gone. Cheers guys.