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Re: From Below: A suggestion game
« on: November 16, 2016, 02:36:32 pm »
So, I talked with Lork a little bit and asked him a couple questions, as I'm not familiar with suggestion games. You can see those here, if you want probably a bunch more information than you'll need:

Spoiler (hover to show)

Based on this information, here's my overthought and over-detailed suggestion.

I suggest we start in French Polynesia, specifically on the Marquesas or Society Islands, which are high enough to avoid tsunamis. If possible, the bunker should be chopped into one of the mountains. My rational is this - French Polynesia sits in a vortex of currents and trade winds that originate in Antartica. Unless someone nukes Antartica, fallout will inheriently blow and wash away from us and should never touch the island. Similarly, any kind of pollution we produce will be carried elsewhere.

The winds and currents also make it pretty hard to reach unless you have a powered boat of some kind, a large plane, or depart from south america.

Besides this, French Polynesia is self-sufficient in terms of food production, provided you don't mind eating mostly fruits and stuff. While there's no minerals or anything beneath it, IMO, we won't need them.

Finally, the population is pretty low (presumably with a good chunk of whatever specific island we'd be on population consisting of people who didn't make it out of the bunker), so we won't have to worry about other people. Even if everyone else survives, 2011 estimates say there's only about 600 guns in the hands of civilians on the islands, and another 1400 in the hands of military and police, as well as some pretty tight restrictions on how much ammo can be owned at one time. Given that the bunker was supposed to hold over 1000 people, we probably are more well armed than anyone near by, even if most of that's stuck in the bunker for now.

I'd suggest our survivors look like this, expressed as a percentage:

45 scientests - 10 general, 10 botanists, 10 computer specialists, 5 nuclear specialists, 5 medical specialists, 5 agricultural specialists
30 military - all geared and equipped towards operating in this specific environment, and to deal with local fauna and excel in marine operations.
24 workers - 10 general engineers, 14 skilled labourers (welders and stuff).
1 historian - specializing in tribal culture, specifically local culture and religion. He has really bad stomach problems.

If no one else is into that build, I'll throw my vote in with any build involving very few other people, and a large, sustainable body of water, ideally within a kilometer or so of the bunker.
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