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Re: From Below: A suggestion game
« on: November 18, 2016, 09:35:31 am »
We need more people to come in and vote! I'll go with the majority.

Anyway, I'm ok with that too (though I'd maybe suggest some further specialization for the survivors), but it's worth noting getting back in to an underwater bunker will be pretty much impossible even without a hull breach, which removes our more or less 100% chance of surviving forever and getting use of some particularly handy gear. Not that that the latter might be all that important with a major city nearby, and I'm pretty sure a submarine capable of housing 2000 people (or even one capable of holding 150) would actually be safer for the first 5 years or so.
Well one thing, the sub was not made for habitat. It doesn't have water purifiers and other gizmos like that. It's sole purpose is to get people onto shore. Also, here is a map if the Tsar Bomb, a 50 Mt bomb, detonating in St. Paul.
Deluth is only getting one rad per hour, so it is very much manageable. Unless they use some sort of craze superbomb or something.
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