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The Lore of Azmodal (IC Lore thread)
« on: September 09, 2016, 02:15:47 am »
I'll post some of the lore I have written tomorrow, for now the commandments of the thread

1: What you post must pertain to YOUR character or things around them
2: What you post MUST be reflected in the actual RP
3: The amount of lore you are allowed to write here is limited, but lore mentioned in the RP itself may be fleshed out to an extent here
4: You may describe places your character has been
5: You may NOT dictate lore about places, races, or other things that do not concern your character (a human may not dictate dwarf lore)
6: You may NOT erase and or edit lore someone else writes without their permission and the blessing of the DM.
7: Don't be a douche bag about your lore, we are here to have fun.


This last one will probably change I'm just tired as heck right now.

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Re: The Lore of Azmodal (IC Lore thread)
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2016, 04:21:30 pm »
Making this a seperate post from the rules so that I don't clutter the Rules post. Just some lore for the Kingdoms that don't have players along with a new small kingdom that I think will be interesting.

The Imperial Monarchy

Ruled by Her Majesty, the oldest woman in the Imperial family, they were lost into the Mists long ago only to re-emerge with powerful weapons and advances in technologies powered by magic.
Their Fire-Throwers are the weapons that they are well known for, though even these have limitations. The way in which they are manufactured allows for the magic crystals to propel the projectiles. Attempts to make larger versions of these weapons has resulted in loss of life as the experiments either detonated instead of firing the projectile or the energy in the crystal being released into the air around it resulting in the death of operators.

Their military is split into two organizations with different purposes though often one will help the other when the need arises. These organizations are the Legion of the Damned and Her Majesties Royal Army, though the latter is often just called the Imperial Army. The Legion of the Damned guard the borders of the Mists while the Imperial Army deals with foreign affairs when the need arises.

The armies consist of the Rangers who use the Fire Throwers, the Fire Bearers who use magic powered flame throwers to handle situations, the Swordsmen who split into pairs and deal with up close combat together, the berzerkers who charge in blindly in a rage so great that it seems to enhance their physical capabilities, and the Talons who operate as extraordinarily capable warriors trained in the use of all the Empires weapons and are often sent on tasks of great importance.

Even with all of their advancements the Imperial Monarchy relies on horses and carriages for transportation. The carriages they use for trade caravans are designed with reinforced flat roofs so that guards can easily stand on top of the carriage to keep an eye out for any trouble, and some are even mounted with weapons such as stationary crossbows. The few successful times Imperial caravans have been raided the bandits often mentioned that the guardsmen refused to surrender.

Borrin (a short bit since he’s an established Imperial character)
Even among the Nobles of the Imperial Monarchy Borrin’s rise to his current station was unexpected and not entirely viewed as deserved. The bastard son of a dishonored father and a highly honored noble woman Borrin was viewed as only just above the dishonored. Among those close to him, who are few and far between, it is known that the man was lucky to not have been killed early in his childhood by his noble grandfather. Being the son of a dishonored and a noble woman he was technically granted the status of Noble, but he was forced to be marked on his right hand to signify his place in society, which is why he took to wearing gloves at all times.


The Elven Houses
Run by the senate the Elven Houses are known far and wide for their capable warriors who are trained to as near perfection as the Elves can get.
The Elven houses are rather secretive about the goings on in their politics however many centuries ago there was an incident that they simply could not keep secret. Vincent Mortal, one of the Senate members, attempted to execute a plan to become King. The result was he and his entire family being killed, and the Elven Houses having to bring in outside help to restore control of the kingdom to the Senate.

The Chosen Kingdom

Led by the King who was chosen by the Gods (so they believe) this Kingdom has been in wars almost since it came to be. They simply couldn’t care about political ties with anyone though they have great respect for the human kingdoms and the Elven Houses due to prior conflict. They view war as a way to give all of their thousands of warriors something to do rather than staying at home and interfering with the Farmers and the things that need to be done in the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Orian Valley

A small but somewhat well known kingdom of civilized Orcs. Unlike their counterparts these Orcs established a government with the King as the head of the Kingdom. Due to being Orcs they are still looked upon with suspicion but are more widely accepted then their wild and uncivilized counterparts. Orcs from this kingdom are known both for the characteristic strength of Orcs and their capability for reasoning and logical thinking.


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Re: The Lore of Azmodal (IC Lore thread)
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2016, 04:24:19 pm »
((A WIP as I have actual work to do at work today. If anyone else wants fancy headers, let me know. The *other* job I have is doing a bit of webdesign and graphic stuff, so I have a good collection of fonts and a working photoshop. I like this IC concept - much as in real life, one person's view on history may be as flawed as another's, so this gives us an interesting repository of information as well as a good reference thread, without anything having the be OMG THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE LORE CANON type stuff. Except what Vulnus as DM has to say, mind you.))

My Lord has asked me to begin a record of the modern history of our people. I am no historian, merely a learned Dwarf with a fondness for recordkeeping, so I do not expect this task to ever be fully completed to my satisfaction. Other Dwarves far more educated than I have set down in writing history long past, so I will only touch briefly on those happenings.

It is here I will record my thoughts until such time that they can be properly compiled and bound into a real tome.

The Citadel of the Rock

A spectacular place, and a nearly impregnable fortress. It stands proud at the back of the massive cave that houses the Capitol City - the cavern itself is also rather impressive, being the largest in the known world. Long ago, before the Unification of the Highlands, the place where the Citadel now sits was but a simple mining operation. Those were terrible, dangerous times for the Dwarves, and so the miners there dug themselves a small fortification into the rock at the back of the cave, using it to hide and defend themselves from those who would wish them harm. The mine itself was hugely profitable, with many valuable metals and minerals being found, and as the operation grew, so did their fortification. By the time of Unification, the Citadel proper had begun to take form, and after the site was declared home of the King and the location of the Capitol, the Citadel was greatly expanded. Expansion has continued regularly over the centuries, with new wings and rooms being built in the same fashion as the original fort - carved from solid rock. It is considered tradition that no major or structural modifications are to be made to the Citadel as it exists - rock, obviously, does not regrow, and it is accepted that the work of hewing new additions is favorable to damaging the history held within the Rock's walls.

The Capitol City

It is little known amongst our people that for many years following the Unification, the Capitol City was not actually located inside the cavern, but in front of it, a fortified settlement on the plains as it more common amongst all realms. Originally, it existed as the settlement supporting the miners who founded the site, but it's central location in regards to the rest of the Kingdom, prosperous mine, and already existing defenses caused the first King of the Highlands, Terranus Thornbeard, to select it as the new center of government for his people. For some time after this, the city grew in the plains, but a series of small wars and a disastrous fire caused it's destruction. It was decided that the Capitol would be rebuilt in the cavern itself, and a wall constructed at the entrance to deter enemies. The Capitol itself is a place of wonder, with all manner of citizens, and many unique features such as the glow-fungus which grows on the roof of the cave, providing light year round.

One of the greatest and most well known of the wonders there is the aqueduct system which supplies the Capitol's water needs. Roughly three hundred years ago, workers expanding on the Citadel broke through into an underground river. While the immediate effects were rather damaging and costly, after the flow of water had been stemmed, it was realized that the Capitol now had a virtually unlimited supply of water at it's disposal. A series of reservoirs were constructed, as well as a huge aqueduct that spans from the rear of the Citadel to the center of the city proper. The river itself feeds into the reservoirs, which are then drawn opon by the aqueduct. The whole construction is controlled by a series of floodgates every few hundred meters.

The Catacombs

The story of the Catacombs is a tragic one, touched on by greed and hubris. The Catacombs themselves began as the mine first constructed here, and were eventually expanded to serve as almost an underground city in their own right. In their desire to discover new riches, the Dwarves here dug ever deeper and deeper, and in the end, discovered their doom. Foul creatures began to appear beneath the city, and thus far, attempts to eliminate them have always resulted in failure. As of such, the Catacombs themselves were eventually sealed - there are only a very few known entrances to them from the City itself, which could not be sealed without damaging the Capitol or the Citadel, as well as a large, central shaft that sits in the main courtyard of the Citadel. Until recent times, this was sealed with a large obsidian disk - my Lord has gathered his allies, and ordered it removed, so that we may purge these tunnels once and for all. Most knowledge pertaining to the Catacombs themselves, as well as the creatures therein, has been lost to time, and left for our people to re-discover.

King Haralus Thornbeard

His Lordship Haralus Thornbeard, King of the Highland Dwarves, Protector of the
My Liege and sworn Lord, King Haralus Thornbeard, is
Ascending to the throne in 1086 AU

How do I write the story of Haralus? He is our King, bold and brave, but not without faults. I do not have the words to speak of him. On a personal level, he is the best of friends to most who know him, and the most honorable Dwarf I have ever met. He is bound both by his concept of honor, and his value of the traditions of his ancestors - sometimes to a fault. He wants not for power or riches, but for the prosperity of his people, and to become a legend in his own time. This latter ambition worries me, and I feel it will cause nothing but pain for him. I do not think I will be able to tell his story until he meets his end, which I fear he may find well before his time.

The Royal Family

The noble Thornbeard lineage extends unbroken all the way to the Unification of the Highlands, over one thousand years ago. The proginator of the bloodline is Terranus Thornbeard, founder of the Highland Kingdom. There are many stories written about him that do not need retelling here.

Lord Haralus' predecessor was his father, King Marinus Thornbeard. His rule brought great prosperity to the Highlands, and he is directly responsible for the relatively long lasting era of peace and co-operation between our Kingdom and our neighbours.

In more current times, the Thornbeard family includes my Lord Haralus, present holder of the titles King of the Highlands, Protector of the Gullies, and Guardian of the Rock, his sisters Ruby and Corla, Duchess-Consorts of Northrock and Plainsfurrow respectively, as well as a younger brother, Harkon, who was one of the first volunteers to explore the Mists, and is presumed dead. Out of respect for his brother, the King has yet to revoke his title as Prince of the Capitol, and due to a lack of issue from the King thus far, he is still presumed Heir Apparent.

Lyrkan Oathshield

I would seem immodest to count myself amongst the more significant figures of the Kingdom, but my Lord has instructed me to do so. I was born into one of the larger noble families of the Highlands, and met his Highness at a young age. We found ourselves like-minded on manner matters, and I believe I am fair in claiming to have always been his faithful companion. I spent my early youth accompanying him on many of his adventures, and share many remarkable experiences with him. Upon his ascension to the Throne in 1086 AU, I was given the honor of being his Second, and have tried to serve his interests and those of our people with the utmost dedication.

- The Dwarven Dating System - Though time is measured in many ways, the system to which our people adhere was created by Terranus Thornbeard after he united the Highland Dwarves. It operates much as other systems do, but measures the passing of years in terms of Before Unification (BU) and After Unification (AU).

- The Codified Laws Of The Highlands - Our basic laws and tenets are much the same as those of the other civilized people of Azmodal. They may be changed by the King at his will - some rulers, such as Throm Thornbeard the Destroyer, have bent the Laws to their will with no second thought. Others, such as my Lord Haralus, feel more bound by the traditions and wills of the Ancestors, and cannot change the codes of our people so lightly.

- Seconds - Dwarven nobility is fairly unique in having the position of a "Second", a title that may be given by certain members of the nobility. Typically, those with a Second will be in one of two postitions: Either they hold a landed title, or are the head of their respective bloodline. For example, as both the head of the family Thornbeard, and holder of three ranking, landed titles, my Lord Haralus, is entitled to appoint a second, in this case, myself. I do not hold land, nor am I the head of my bloodline - as of such, I am not entitled to a Second. Should my older brother perish before I do, I will possibly inherit his lands, and will certainly be the head of the bloodline, being the second oldest son - at that point, I could choose to appoint someone as my Second.

The duties of a Second vary depending on the will of the appointing noble. My duties generally consist of advising my Lord and assisting in the clerical operations of the Kingdom, while other Seconds may be responsible as personal guards, simple drinking companions, or appointed out of respect but not utilized at all. Some are even given the authority to act in the appointing noble's stead, should they be indisposed or unable to fulfill their duties. There is no law governing who may be appointed Second, though it's generally considered poor form to appoint from the same family as the noble making the appointment, and considered a small insult to appoint a Second who holds similar rank and land. A Second may refuse the appointment, which can be seen as a major insult, but this has not happened in my lifetime.

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Re: The Lore of Azmodal (IC Lore thread)
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2016, 05:47:51 pm »
The Tribes of Vortex

The Tribes of Vortex are populated by a mixture of humans and Lacerta. The lands of the area known as Vortex have no central governing body instead the tribes have loose peace agreements between them and any kingdom that has attempted invading has been met with extraordinary displays of military strength by the tribes, who otherwise do not seem to delve into any battle.

The Lacerta
Otherwise called the Lizard folk, the Lacerta share the physical features of humans saving for the lack of hair and scales for skin and having yellow or green instead of white in their eyes. The Lacerta have always had an odd connection with the magical side of the world and some have theorized that they may have been born from some magic occurence. Whatever may be the case the Lacerta have spread to quite a few places in the world and taken up various professions.

(some new stuff, and I'll be using this post to add more later on.)