Which game would you like to be redone?

Darkwinds: Blood and Diesel By Lorknis
6 (10.7%)
Earthborn By AJ
3 (5.4%)
Among Gods By AJ
7 (12.5%)
Titan: Awake By Furaotic
6 (10.7%)
Nether Survival By Woollup
2 (3.6%)
Cthulu Hunters By Vulnus
4 (7.1%)
Terminal By Furaotic
4 (7.1%)
Lucifer's: Resort And Casino By Forrest
4 (7.1%)
The Chase By Hibou
4 (7.1%)
Kill The Boss By Dusty
5 (8.9%)
The Ship By theinsomniac
2 (3.6%)
Gangs 'n Mutants By gtaguy
2 (3.6%)
We Build Worlds. By Perigrin
4 (7.1%)
Nightfall by Dusty
3 (5.4%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Author Topic: Rec Room Discussion Thread  (Read 12163 times)

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Re: Rec Room Discussion Thread
« Reply #900 on: May 03, 2017, 12:45:19 am »
triple post go!

So we have a server on Discord set up specifically for RPs and the like here: https://discord.gg/zG7tt
That'll expire in one day, ask me if you want an invite through PM and I'll set one up for you

There's the download for Discord itself or if you want to run it in a browser. Think there's a phone version as well but I don't know for certain.

so come on in, discuss RPs, set things up for RPs, what have you so long as it's at least tangetially related to RPs.