Which game would you like to be redone?

Darkwinds: Blood and Diesel By Lorknis
6 (10.7%)
Earthborn By AJ
3 (5.4%)
Among Gods By AJ
7 (12.5%)
Titan: Awake By Furaotic
6 (10.7%)
Nether Survival By Woollup
2 (3.6%)
Cthulu Hunters By Vulnus
4 (7.1%)
Terminal By Furaotic
4 (7.1%)
Lucifer's: Resort And Casino By Forrest
4 (7.1%)
The Chase By Hibou
4 (7.1%)
Kill The Boss By Dusty
5 (8.9%)
The Ship By theinsomniac
2 (3.6%)
Gangs 'n Mutants By gtaguy
2 (3.6%)
We Build Worlds. By Perigrin
4 (7.1%)
Nightfall by Dusty
3 (5.4%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Author Topic: Rec Room Discussion Thread  (Read 14759 times)

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Re: Rec Room Discussion Thread
« Reply #900 on: May 11, 2017, 03:41:11 pm »
So we've got a new Discord channel set up folks. Basically I didn't have all the permissions I needed so I set up the new one. Should be much more organized and tidy. Link is below if you care to join us, and as a reminder things like Discord are probably the easiest way to ask GMs questions or keep up with their schedules. Or to let us know if your schedule prevents you from posting for a while.