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Story Teller: Restoring Peace
« on: September 29, 2016, 11:58:18 pm »
When I was a child I bent my knee in respect to the King. He was a good man who had bloodied a blade in combat and spoken clear words to guide us away from conflict. When I was a child the word King was spoken with admiration, every man wanted to be like the King and every woman desired to be as his wife whom was as respected as her husband. I myself desired nothing more than to serve the King and for a time I did.

I worked to ensure the minor affairs of his house were taken care of and those under his employ paid. It was an honor to even be considered for the job and a miracle to actually be chosen. I worked harder for him than any other person I had worked for. For a time it was good to serve the King.

I eventually sired a child who would come to be friends with the heir to the throne. This brought with it both joy and some misfortune but it was all worth it I thought that time ago. Having a child who was friends with the heir did give me some prestige among certain circles. As the Heir grew older I also found my duties shifting to aiding the King in bringing him up to be a proper member of society. And as my son grew older he became harder and pushed those he formerly cared for away.

None of us expected to find my son standing over the body of the King with several powerful nobles standing with him. The Heir and myself were taken, and for several years were held in a prison guarded only by the warriors under the employ of the nobles. In that time my son took power through force, and instead of the calm words guiding us from war he forced war onto the land. Since he found his power secure he decided it time to deal with the Heir and myself.

If I were not marching beside the Heir now with our hands tied and marching toward what could only be our certain deaths I might have laughed. As it was I continued to walk alongside my charge prepared myself to carry out my duty in any way I may have to, and happy that I now felt my restraints loosen from my struggles. Thankfully the two guards behind us were not aware of this fact.

Turn and fight the Guards                                                                             Play your part and continue walking

What's this? Well I'm going to try and do some semi interactive stories under the general name of Story Teller but not how I used to try doing it. Instead you'll be given some options to choose from, some of which will have lasting effects, and whichever choice gets picked the most will be what I go with.

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Re: Story Teller: Restoring Peace
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2016, 12:20:48 am »
Turn and fight these lowlifes. They don't know who they're following.
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