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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Borrin nodded as he walked over to a smaller table set in one of the corners of the room. "I am glad you like her Majesty's gifts, though there is no need to send us with anything in return. As to her Majesty's concerns the secondary reason for us being here is to investigate the creatures underneath your capital. The court mages seek to determine if they are related to the creatures the Legion fights on the borders of the Mists."

He opened a small chest next to the table and retrieved a few documents that he put on the table. "Oh, I do believe I was told to request that this information remain confidential as well. Whilst we have a capable army we do not wish to invite any other kingdoms to think we are an easy target, and from my experience with the King of Harrowfeld they would most certainly perceive our situation as such."

Borrin then continued "We recently found a Dwarf on the borders of the mists as well, dying unfortunately. His last request was that we deliver this to you." He picked up a sealed document and offered it to Haralus. "His body is being transported here with my personal legion so that he may be mourned and buried by his family. Her Majesty wished to extend her sincere regrets that we could not aid him more than ensuring he was comfortable in his final moments."

The letter
Your Highness I write this as I sit beside one of my comrades, may his ancestors welcome him. We found something, what it is we do not know but the mage told us it reminded him of the crystal passed down in your family. We were attempting to make the item ready for transport when the monsters arrived.

Claws that tore straight through Dwarven armor and shells that only the strongest of blows could break. Many of us died, more were wounded, before we could kill the last of them. I am ashamed to say that we failed to bury our dead but to stay we felt would only invite death to come once more. I pray the ancestors forgive me for this, for the eyes of the dead held only contempt for our cowardice.

The comrade I sit beside stirs every so often and his lips part only to release screams of terror after another magical beast attacked us and drove some of us mad. The healers have told me to go and seek the help of the Imperials since we are close to their lands. I write this knowing that only death will await me but hoping that this will be received by you. Enclosed is an odd device I found while we explored that cursed site.

Signed: Thorn Northshield, son of the Noble house Northshield

The device contained within was a cylinder that was large enough to held comfortably in the hand and similar in diameter to the handle of an axe and was of a decent weight.
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