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Re: The World of Azmodal
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((It's probably bad form, and I'm working on it. But yeah, heads up and all, hah))

Haralus folded the letter up, and placed it on the table next to the gifts. Hopefully word of the lack of burial doesn't make it back to us. The public would not be pleased to know their sons and brothers have been left to rot in the mud. He made a third mental note to disseminate a declaration that another expedition had been lost, but had died courageously and retrieved invaluable information, as well as some brief explanation as to why only a single body was returned. Funerals with honors for those souls, present or not. Even if there's a suspicion of our lack of progress, it's hard to argue with the King's money.

Turning back to the conversation at hand, he took a pause to inspect the cylinder. After a moment, he spoke. "I appreciate that, commander, and am sure the man's family will as well." Rolling the cylinder along his fingers, he continued, "The beasts beneath us have troubled our city throughout my bloodline's rule. My ancestors, wise and brave through they were, dug far deeper than a mortal should go. I know little of the beasts in the Mist, but do not see how the two could be connected. I suspect we shall find little more resides beneath our feet than an outmatched foe and treasures long abandoned and forgotten when my ancestors withdrew from the catacombs. Regardless, I do not object to your mage's studies, and offer full use of the School's resources and whatever else they may need." He looked Barrin in the eyes. "I would expect that any findings pertinent to our security and task will be shared with the scholars and mages in our own courts as well."

Setting the cylinder on the table, the King picks the letter back up, and hands it to the commander, motioning for him to read it. "This, however, presents more riddles than it solves. What do you know of the things in the Mist, and of these devices which he speaks of?" He watched the Imperial's face closely, attempting to discern any subterfuge or withheld information that may have been made apparent as he read through the letter.
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