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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Borrin nodded and said "Our findings will be shared with your mages and scholars of course"

The man then read the letter with obvious interest. When he finished he looked up at Haralus and said "I've fought some of these creatures first hand. The crawlers is what the Legion calls those armored monstrosities, and even our weapons have trouble with them to an extent. I thought they might have trouble with Dwarven armor but it seems I was mistaken. As for one that drives men mad I've only ever seen one, and the entire battalion that fought the beast either died in battle or were later killed to end their suffering. We had to burn the damn things corpse too, one of the older members of the Legion said the thing would come back to life otherwise. There is also smaller creatures about the size of a dog that move fast. If they get a hold of someone they start slamming their little, sharp, pointed legs all over trying to find a hole in the armor."

Borrin seemed sincere in what he was saying so far and he continued "As far as devices, we have found containers that open with a specific type of magic energy, large contraptions that seemed to serve no obvious purpose, and large entrenched weapons. There are many different devices lost in the Mists, though this one..." He motioned towards the device sitting on the table "...I've not seen something so small. The handle of a weapon maybe, perhaps a small container. I'm afraid to admit I am no scholar on these things, I've had to be more focused on the military aspects of my postings however I can have someone come and attempt to determine what it is if you would like."

Borrin appeared to be telling the truth and giving you the information he had though undoubtedly there was more information to be had.