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Re: The World of Azmodal
« Reply #15 on: September 02, 2016, 05:29:33 pm »
The King listened to Borrin's description of the things in the Mist, nodding throughout, and his suggestions regarding the device. "I will have our mages investigate it's purpose, but any assistance would be welcome, seeing as you have qualified individuals on hand already for your investigations in the catacombs. It does not seem to be a stretch of the imagination to also assume it may react in some way with the artifact in my family's possession, though I think it prudent to try and ascertain what the nature of a potential reaction would be before having them in close proximity to eachother."

The King casually moved to the service bell rope in the corner while speaking, and gave it a sharp tug. A faint ring sounded from elsewhere in the inn, filtering up from the floor. "I could use a drink, could you? This inn has some of the finest selection in the city." Moving to one of the comfortably padded sofas adorning the room, Haralus took a seat.

"As you have your own mission here, and because your battle tactics are relatively foreign to the rest of the armies who've answered our call, we should perhaps take some time to discuss how your contingent will fit into the battle plan before our grand assembly tomorrow. I've seen to it that the other armies assembled are staffed with some of my officers. I would assume they would be of less value to your men, but as is fitting for any action taken by an outside force on Dwarven lands, I would attach a liason to your force to provide assistance where you may need it." And keep an eye on what your mages are doing down there. "Do you have any objection to this?"
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