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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Borrin moved one of the chairs in the room so that he could sit across from Haralus. "I have no issues with having a liason posted among my men. As for tactics you'll find that my men will prefer to be upfront in the formations though they will accept whatever position you deem appropriate.  We have three hundred Rangers, the men trained to use what the men of Harrowfeld decided to call fire spitters, four hundred shield bearers, one hundred berzerkers, one hundred duelists, and one hundred fire bearers."

The door opened and one of the Inn's staff members pushed a cart into the room full of refreshments and some snack food. He was followed by an Imperial soldier wearing a suit of heavy armor that caused his foot steps to sound heavy. His helmet was a cylindrical piece of metal that had two small circular gems instead of the usual eye slits. The server put two golden goblets on top of the cart and poured two cups. Borrin watched the Imperial soldier for a second before looking to Haralus and saying "I do apologize, the few of these men that are from my personal legion are overtly protective." He looked back at the soldier and said "Leave the poor man alone, it's surely disconcerting to be followed by an armed man."

The soldier turned to Borrin and bowed, then turned and bowed to Haralus before leaving while the server finished pouring the cups and setting them on the table along with the bottle. "Our finest Dwarven ale Your Highness." He said, before bowing and departing the room.

Borrin picked up his goblet and took a drink before saying "The only thing I will say towards the overall plans is that I know my men and I know they will desire to be upfront and the first into combat if possible. For some of them any less is to insult their honor. However they will follow whatever orders I give them for to do less would also be an insult to their honor. The berzerkers will charge out with disregard for anyone and anything while the Fire Bearers, well I really would suggest they be up front. I don't think the fire that they spew from their weapons will care if it lands on friend or foe. Aside from that the Rangers can be positioned with the crossbowmen, and the other infantry will fit in with other infantrymen."

((As a note fire spewing weapons are not unheard of though mechanical versions tend to be rarer since the magical counter part is both easier to use and can be adjusted more easily.

Also quick question: Does Haralus have any siblings?))