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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Ah, Slade. I should have suspected - finally, after enough drink, he has the courage to face me with his grievances rather than continuing to scheme and whisper them in shadow. Haralus had always had little patience for the noble houses, a few of which had no understanding of his quest to understand the Mist and the threats there-in. While he'd always preferred frank, open conversation, he had not become King without having some skill in out-talking his opponents. Particularly drunken cowards.

"Slade Stoneburrow! I expected fully that you would have an objection to this course of action, but had also expected you would have come to me as a valued advisor, much as your father was to mine. I did not expect you to give 'counsel' while under the effects of a fine ale, with a mob at your back. You do me a personal dishonor to ignore our traditions and protocols, and to raise such issues in the presence of outsiders." His words were sharp, pointed things, and he could tell that the implication of a dishonorable action had only stoked Slade's anger. Good.

His tone softened, becoming more tactful if no less authoritative. "But it is of no consequence. Much as my ancestors did, stretching back to Terranus Thornbeard, first Guardian of the Rock, I believe it is well within the right of a learned noble to question his King, and offer solutions to the troubles facing the Realm. It is your right as my subjects to understand why things have come to pass, and where our future lies."

He looked around at the rest of the crowd, making eye contact with as many of them as possible, and continued: "I see many friends in this crowd, and it saddens me to know that my people are so filled with fear that they have let their faith in our power falter, and their belief in the strength of our friendships with the other Realms fall to the wayside. This is not what I have worked for, or what my father has worked for, or what his father before him worked for."

"I ask this of any man here - when has the Highlands not answered the call of our allies? When the so-called 'Chosen Kingdom' fell into dark times, making war against their cousins and the kingdoms of men, who answered their call for aide?"
He paused, and then, his tone turning into a roar, cried "THE HIGHLANDS!"

"When the men of Harrowfeld were under siege by the forces of the dark mage Azurdal, and no other would assist them, who stood by their sides on the wall and helped carry the day? Was it not DWARVEN STEEL and DWARVEN MIGHT that ended that vile wizard and his damned legions?"

"And when the fell monsters of the Northern Conclave took it opon themselves to rule all of Azmodal, and it seemed all hope was lost and no other could stand in their way, who amongst the mortal Realms stood fast and led the charge, turning back the tides of evil on the VERY GROUND OPON WHICH WE STAND?" Was it not OUR FATHERS AND OUR GRANDFATHERS WHO HALTED THE GREEN MENACE?"

His voice softened again. "My friends, I do not call on our allies because I feel the Highlands are weak. I do not call them because our warriors, the finest in all Azmodal could not crush the foulness beneath our feet unaided. No, I call opon our comrades because I know that our people have always been there when needed. How many of us have lost ancestors, relatives, and good friends to the wars of our allies? How many dwarves have gone on to look down opon us from the Hereafter on battlefields far from their homes? Can any honorable man here say we were wrong, and our forefathers were wrong, to give help to those who were in a time of need?" He looked around again, not expecting a response.

"I do not call on our allies out of weakness. I call opon them because together we stand stronger than any one nation alone. I call on them to repay our lost brethren for their service. And because we are strong, because we are honorable, and because our allies are noble, just creatures, they have chosen to answer that call! They do us an honor with their actions, much as we have done them an honor many times in the past! Would any true Dwarf have it but any other way?"

He looked at Slade again, and spoke to him directly, though loud enough for the others to hear. "Would you, Slade Stoneburrow, question the honor and reason of all the Dwarves who have come before us?" His tone changed again, now sounding more like a lecturer at the School, and he motioned behind him, at the Imperial soldiers. "You, more than any other man here, more than even I, should understand the threat the things in the Mist represent. And yet, these men, who have left their homes defenseless to the beasts within the cloud to come to our aid, to stand by us and face death willingly - you would call them 'dogs'? You would call them 'dishonorable'?"

The King shook his head slightly. "These men do us a great service, and will continue to do so - it matters not with what they fight." Stopping for a moment, Haralus attempted to empathize with the impetuous fool before him, as much as it was distasteful. This is not the time or place to discuss my goals in regards to the Mist, but I do not expect this fool will be placated without words towards it.

"I am saddened by the loss of your brothers, as much as loss of my own brother saddened me. The toll the Mist has taken on all our brothers and fathers has been harsh, but it is not in vain. We do not understand what threats are contained therein, and without understanding, we cannot hope to face whatever demons may emerge from it. Your brothers understood this threat, and heeded the call, much as did mine." He looked up at the rest of the crowd again. "Our efforts to unmask the terrors of the unknown have not been in vain, nor will they be forgotten. We will face Death in the Mists as we have it many times before, and again, it will tremble to hear our names. I swear this opon my Throne. Now, what say you, fellow Highlanders? Shall we spend this day arguing in the streets, or shall we feast and celebrate our friendships and coming victory?"

Quieting yet again, and speaking so that only Slade, and at most the nearest few men could hear him, he said "For one who speaks of honorable combat, you have not heeded the call yourself, dear Stoneburrow. I expect you will remedy this by joining us in the Catacombs in the coming days. I would not celebrate too hard this evening."

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