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Re: The World of Azmodal
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2016, 11:39:53 pm »
Slade stared at Haralus for a moment before sighing and saying "You are right my King, I should not air grievances in the open air, and much less should I do so while drunk and gather a mass to do so. I apologize to you and our honorable guests and will join you in the Catacombs. I shall go and prepare myself."

Before much more could be said the noble left and the crowd began to disperse, though many went back towards the bar. One of the imperial soldiers spat off to the side and turned to his compatriot saying "This is how they treat us when we heed the call of their King?" The other shook his head and the Imperial soldiers went back to their posts.

Borrin shook his head and looked to Haralus "That could have turned out worse. Reminds me of what happened when I returned home from my first assignment with the Legion. In any case shall we go to the archery range or do you now have more pressing matters?"

((With that post the only way you could have failed would have been if I rolled a 1))