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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Borrin looked back at his men and shook his head "They will be fine. Angry, but fine. All the more reason for them to go into the tunnels and show those who doubt their capabilities."

The two of you, followed by Haralus' entourage and two Imperial soldiers, walk to the Archery range, conversing about minor things of no consequence. When you reached the archery range Borrin motioned to one of the soldiers who produced one of the Fire Throwers and handing it to Borrin. "I must admit it has been some time since I last used one of these, I favor the sword over them honestly."
The soldier that had given him the weapon put a small bag on the table in front of you two before stepping back. Borrin opened the bag and pulled out a small magic infused crystal and inserted it into a small slot in the weapon. "These provide the propulsion that sends the projectile at such high velocity into it's target. The weapons are designed to channel the energy in these crystals, if there were a fault in how it's made the weapon will detonate in it's user's hand."

He took a metal ball that the other soldier offered him and inserted it into the barrel before taking a small ram rod and pushing the ball to the back of the barrel. "The sights on the weapon are designed to be accurate up to a specific distance, in the case of the weapons we have they are accurate up to two hundred and fifty feet."

Borrin took aim at one of the more distant targets and fired the weapon. A deafening boom sounded over the range as smoke and fire flew out of the end of the weapon. As his hearing returned Haralus heard many of the men nearby cursing and saw several backing away. Haralus also took note of how Borrin braced himself before discharging the weapon.

Borrin pulled the crystal from the weapon and let it fall to the ground. Haralus saw what appeared to be some coming off the crystal and how it seemed to decay. He handed the weapon back to the soldier and the man showed Haralus how to properly use the weapon step by step.