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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Haralus watched the Dwarven noble mourn his loss. I must remember to console him once we are done here. He turned to Borrin.

"For the time being, our basic plan of battle will remain unchanged. While our numbers may mean less in the tighter quarters below, the creatures will also have lost the advantage of surprise. I still feel we will come out of this well." He glanced around at the dead and dying. "While this is not the most favorable of starts to our endeavor, we now know what to expect, and I feel things could have gone much more poorly."

He looked Borrin in the eyes. "As it stands, when your personal legion arrives, I will have them be divided between the existing forces - your weapons are undoubtedly more effective than most of our own. I value your counsel, and believe you have more experience with these sorts of monsters than do most of the others here. Do you have any opinion on how we should proceed beyond the existing plan?"
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