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Re: The World of Azmodal
« Reply #45 on: September 09, 2016, 09:53:31 pm »
((Yeah, that will do, or similar. I do have a body guard/sworn man in the form of a fellow named Ricker, lemme get that post up. Will be slightly less impressive, i do not have the stamina for those massive posts. Also, gonna make Harrowfield an actual thing.))
Alexander stood, just inside the gates of his home city, Harrowfield, awash with the bitter memories of a childhood wasted.
"You seem a bit on edge, Alex. What is troubling you so very badly?"
Alexander looked over at his aide. A massive, mountain of a man, Ricker was a brutish, dangerous looking fellow, the scars of a life spent on  the streets and in combat marring his face and all other exposed skin. Alexander had known the man many years, fighting along side him, and had asked him to accompany him to his birthplace, to which the large man had readily agreed, much to Alexander's surprise.
"Memories Ricker, many, many memories. Here, lets find an inn, we have been on the road quite a while now, it will be good to rest our bones with a nice, warm meal, and I can explain to you why I  came here."
Ricker grunted, nodding his head. Alexander walked, seeing if he still remembered the way to the inn his uncle had spent much of his time at. After an hour of searching, he found it. The Tap and Spigot Tavern. It had not changed at all. Same peeling paint, chipped stone bricks exposed through the holes in the paint, and even the same angry old man slamming open the door with a crossbow kicking patrons out of the bar. A wonderful place to plan a Coup.
"This the place Alex? Hardly reputable. I like it already."
"Yes Ricker, quite the cesspit of inebriation, but damn good for privacy, everyone in here is drunk, mad, or angry."
Alexander opened the door. Nothing had changed on the inside either. He went up to the greasy counter, and asked if they had any private rooms available to drink in. He flash a shiny gold Florin at the barkeep.
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