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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Borrin shook his head and said "Defending against these things I know how to do but pushing into their territory? I'm afraid that is outside the realm of my knowledge. The best advice I can offer would be to have the men organized into strong groups and give the healers ample supplies. And under no circumstances can the main camp retreat when we push into the tunnels."

In the distance the armies remained ready and waiting for more to come out of that dark hole. The Rangers that were mixed into the differing armies kept their weapons in the hands and most were aiming towards the hole. The Elves and Dwarves let them act how they needed but even Haralus could see the contempt that the Harrowfeld soldiers viewed these men with.

Borrin continued "If need be I can send for more men from her Majesty as well if you would like. My personal Legion consists of four thousand Imperial Soldiers, including a small group of our most trained soldiers."


The Bar tender looked at Alexander and then nodded "Jus' over there." He said, pointing at a door off to the right. Several of the men in the place had taken to watching the two strangers that had come here. The door to the room was old and wooden, with a few marks in the door from arrows or knives.

Alexander recognized one of them as a captain in a mercenary company that had been rival to the one he had worked for. He however did not appear to recognize Alexander as he went back to drinking his ale with his compatriots.

And as was usual shouting could be heard as an armored man forced a drunkard out of the bar at crossbow point after the man implied he might try to kill the bartender for 'overcharging' for drinks. Not much had changed after all.