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Re: The World of Azmodal
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((I can make something up, eh? *EVIL LAUGH* Good. Very good.))

Haralus walked through the camp as it was being made. It was already bustling with the life that came with any camp during an large operation. The smell of cooking food wafted into him, caressing his stomach and making him realize he had not eaten since the previous evening. His ears were filled with the sounds of the men driving tent spikes into the  ancient rock, unmolested for centuries, and the shouts of the skinners driving their pack trains forward. If one ignored the bluish light given off from the glow-fungus above them, and the hard ceiling above them, the camp would have seemed just as at home on a rolling plain.

This is not yet time for a great speech, but perhaps some small words will encourage these brave souls. Noticing that moral was low, he moved amongst the troops themselves, visiting briefly, and giving out words of encouragement here and there:

"Daris, son of Ferric, grandson of Theborn the Mighty! I fought along side your father in my youth, and he served boldly throughout our border skirmishes with the Chosen Kingdom. Your grandfather as well became a legend serving with my father in his time. You come from a heroic bloodline, my friend! I do not doubt you'll make a name for yourself here as well!"

"Aeson of the House Mercian! Your name is known even here amongst Dwarves as a fighter both noble and bold! You do us a great service with your presence!"

"You, the one your fellows call Frederick! I saw the lust for death and glory in your eyes when you charged the beasts above. Fear not, with those such as you by our sides, we will all find glory in this fight!"

He did this for some time, until he saw that the gathered armies were prepared to move forth once again. He spotted Lyrkan speaking to a small assembly of Elven commanders, his shield dented, and his axe bloodied, and moved towards him.

"Lyrkan, my brother, I see you have bloodied yourself in our advance. We shall have a toast for you this evening!" The King halted next to him, and continued in a much quieter voice. "Send a runner to the surface, and have him fetch one of the senior engineers. While we have a good plan, and a good fall back plan, it never hurts to have a third option." Lyrkan nodded, and waved over one of his subordinates, relaying the King's instructions.

That being done, he walked over to a wagon, and lept on top of it. He addressed the crowd in his best 'command voice'. "Friends, we have pushed the beasts back, and our camp is made. We will now move forth into the tunnels, and discover the treasures and glory that await us there. I cannot promise you what else we may find there, nor can I promise you your lives - each man here knows what risks we take, but also what rewards are given to the bold such as us. I can promise you this: If you should fall in this combat, you will not be left behind, nor shall you be forgotten. Your comrades and I will carry forth, until the day has been won, and you will be honored once our task is complete. Your name itself shall go down in the legends of the Highlands as one of the few, one of the brave, who answered the call when it was put forth, and you shall live on forever in the words spoken in our halls, around our fires, and to our children. We shall leave no man behind, and I swear to you that I myself shall seek you out, and your brothers out, and your comrades out, no matter how deeply in the tunnels you have fallen, and that you will see the light of the surface again.

Fear not, my friends, for we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Commanders, advance your troops!"

Haralus was tired, and it showed in his words. But between them and his small personal conversations, he hoped it was enough to lift the army's spirits. But there is no time for rest now. We have our own work to do. He turned to Slade, who had been steps behind him thus far. "Make sure your men are ready. These others are tasked with pushing back the beasts, but our task is no less important." He withdrew his axe from it's sheath. "We are to enter from the side tunnels, and see if we cannot locate the sons of Durrin Ironhold, should they still draw breath."

-Efforts to raise moral.
-Everyone's moving out
-The King and his guard are going to go check on the volunteers and see if they can find Durrin's kids before they find trouble.

I will probably edit this later for spelling and shit because I am tired and wrote not goodly, but there's the actions, and I won't change them.))
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