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Re: The World of Azmodal
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((Apologies for no update yesterday, had a bunch of shit I had to take care of))


The armies moved out as a volunteer led the way to one of the side tunnels. Delving into the tunnels Haralus knew it had been some hours since they had started checking them but still his men moved on. It however wasn't long after checking yet another side tunnel that he heard shouting from the side. Looking he saw several dwarves turn the corner running and finally the shouting formed actual words: "Run! Run for ancestors sake!"

Haralus heard a loud screech and creature turned the corner. It stood the size of four men, and extending out from it's jaw were two pointed limbs that stabbed into the ground just behind one of the dwarves. It's large armored legs came down into large talons that made a scraping noise as it rushed after them. One of them turned long enough to throw a glowing red flask at it's head.

As the flask hit it's skull it shattered and flame exploded outward covering it in flames. This caused the creature to shake it's head violently and crash into part of the wall as the dwarf in the lead shouted yet again "RUN! THAT WON'T STOP IT FOR LONG!"

One of the dwarves with Haralus lifted his crossbow and fired at the beast. The rest of the Dwarves with him readied themselves to fight.