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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Haralus proceeded back through the tunnels to reach the base camp. The tents had been constructed and more permanent buildings were being readied. The smiths were already mending armor and preparing new weapons, the healers were aiding the wounded, and there were groups from each army reporting back to drop off wounded that needed more serious care and picking up supplies to take back.

A large group of mages from Dwarven college and Imperial mages were having what sounded like a lively discussion with the two groups jovially trading insults frequently. The warriors left to protect the camp from the differing armies were all going about their business with what appeared to be an odd sense of comradary.

As Haralus entered the camp a Dwarven soldier approached and walked alongside Haralus as he spoke "Welcome back your Highness. There are reports from the other armies waiting for you. I apologize we aren't further along with building the camp properly but a group of the damnable beasts came from a side tunnel and attacked us. We're getting things moving along however and the camp should be fully prepared by tomorrow, at most the next day.