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Re: The World of Azmodal
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The King was pleased at the high spirits in the camp. For all the other issues of the day, at least the tension between the men has abated. "All is well my friend. It appears you have done well with the resources at your disposal. I trust your unit fought honorably and made short work of the invaders."

Haralus moved through the camp, giving the activity around him a cursory inspection, and slowly making his way to the center, where his personal tent and the reports would likely be waiting for him.

"I have a further task for you. While searching the tunnels for Durrin's sons, we came across a room with some unique properties. The mages have informed me that they require an excavation be performed before they can investigate it fully. Gather up some men who have been rested, and dispatch them along with a group of miners to assist in this." He paused for a moment. "And impress upon them that should anything seem amiss, or any action they take come with a feeling of discomfort, that they are to cease their operation immediately, regardless of how curious our wizards are. I am confident whatever secrets they cover will be benign, but it would be wise to act with caution."

He queried the soldier on several small matters relating to the establishment of the camp, and they soon found themselves at his tent. "I believe I have some reports to study. You are dismissed." He entered the tent, anxious to see what progress had been made.
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