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Re: The World of Azmodal
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Haralus was nearing the building when he saw what appeared to be a desk fly through a window and crash into a pile of crates.  This was followed by shouting as he entered the building and saw a Lacerta mage from the Imperial Monarchy covered in soot as he was narrating how he was mixing a potion to the two Dwarven mages staring at him like he was a madman. " see if you add this ingredient before this point what you just witnessed with the desk will happen except it won't be a piece of wood ingesting it, it'll be some poor sap who didn't know he was taking potions from an incompetent mage who can't mix potions worth a damn."

Turning he spotted Haralus and dropped the glass flask he had been using to mix a potion onto the desk and walked over. "Your Highness it is an absolute pleasure! I assume you're here for the cylinder you wanted us to look into. It's...well it's interesting and I've seen some interesting stuff during my service."

Picking the cylinder up off of another table he pulled out a magic stone from his belt pouch and held the two close together and Haralus could practically see the energy moving between the two. "Now, I tried activate it personally but that just ended up with me lighting on fire and being shot out of the window. Now I did manage to determine a few things, chief among them that this was meant specifically for you."

As he got closer the cylinder began to glow and then an image appeared in the air in front of Haralus. It was tinted slightly gray but Haralus recognized a helmet which was quickly removed to reveal Harkon. A voice was heard in the background "Okay Harkon, the secondary enchantment is active, be quick we can't stay here long."

Harkon reached a scarred hand up to rub his eyes before saying "Brother if this finds you know that it is a gift from me. I found it in these mists and it has saved me some number of times. These mists...they've taken everyone who first came with me. But I've tried to find some way, something to at least send you a message."

Another voice in the background "I can feel something out there. Something that ain't gonna stop for tea and a chat, hurry it up Dwarf!"

Harkon looked over his shoulder for a second before returning his gaze back forward "The things we've found in these mists, some are huge pieces of complicated machinery made of metal, some look to be ancient beyond imagination. I've met man, dwarf, elf, people from every race I've known and some from those I haven't heard of. I wish I could find my way back to tell the scholars, to show the warriors the new techniques I've learned and the new weapons I have. I hope this weapon will aid you though, and may it find you in good health. Until we meet again brother whether it be in life or in the Great Halls."

The sound of Fire Throwers snapped in the background before the image dissolved. The Lacerta mage looked at Haralus for a moment before saying "I'm sorry, I know what it is to lose a brother. But I've seen this type of weapon before and you, well you have some innate talent in the magical world. This type of weapon responds to the owners wishes, though it is just a message capsule and a weapon. When you need it the weapon will appear, and should you ever desire to see the message again it will display it."

The mage stepped back, bowing his head and waiting to see what Haralus would do next.

((so basically this is a magic Axe weapon, just to make that clear from the get go. It's got some rather special properties to it however.))