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Re: The World of Azmodal
« Reply #75 on: November 23, 2016, 07:38:32 pm »
The King pondered this for a moment. Understandable. But if this device holds some true power against the Mists - which remains to be proven - it could give us a vital edge in this fight and any future combats against the monsters.

He let these thoughts idle their way around his mind, and turned to one of the lower ordered mages. "Have the men bring one of the corpses of the fallen beasts we faced this afternoon into the courtyard, assuming they haven't been burned or otherwise dealt with already." he instructed, "I would see what effects this device has on their flesh before retiring this evening."

He then turned back to the Imperial mage.

"I know your meaning, Mage, and appreciate the explanation. If you'd indulge perhaps another un-enlightened question..." he paused, searching for the proper wording. "As you have said, the way this device interacts with the energy applied to it is unusual, as are it's unique magical properties. Am I to understand that the magic that powers it is relatively mundane?"

He pointed to the stone, still in the Lacerta's hand. "Should this source of energy be exhausted, what sort of challenge does it present for us to create more? Is it a simple matter, such as creating the crystals which power the fire-throwers?"

Thinking on it, he added "And what properties does this powering energy hold? Could the weapon perhaps utilize some other form of energy as well, or are the deadly effects related directly to what the stone provides, with the device itself acting more as a containment and focus for them?"
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