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Re: Vulnus' Workshop
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The Gladiator
Specializing in melee weapons, thrown weapons, and capable with pistols the Gladiator charges in head on to render foes into pieces and crush skulls. The need for heavy armor, training, and physical conditioning means that many gladiators lack skills outside of their combat expertise. All gladiators have access to spike grenades that they can attach to walls, vehicles, or enemies(whom they can proceed to throw or kick away) which can be set to proximity detonation, remote detonation, or used as a regular grenade on a timer.
The Gladiator Specializations
The Berzerker is the embodiment of strength and carries large two handed weapons. Wearing armor that even the Sentinel would call excessive the Berzerker charges into the fray with little care for personal safety, after all the surgeon can just patch him back up. If you need to kill a specific target, the Berzerker won’t just kill him but render him into tiny bits.
The Guardian
Unlike his Berzerker brother the Guardian wears even heavier armor and carries a shield that the engineers describe as a ‘piece of tank armor with a handle attached’. He is a moving piece of cover that his allies can duck behind quickly during a fire fight and can still dish punishment.

The Medic
The Medic provides medical care to his compatriots in the field. He’s also trained in combat so as to help in any fire fights the team may get in. He also provides support with line of sight breaking smoke grenades and later on gets access to healing stations that allies can move close to receive small health recovery every turn.
The Medic Specializations
Field Medic
The Field Medic provides powerful healing during combat but lacks the capability to heal more long term injuries which may affect combat capalities of his allies. However he still retains the capability to revive fallen allies.
The Surgeon
Providing less powerful in combat healing the Surgeon instead provides exceptional out of combat healing and can remove long term injuries which affect his allies combat capabilities and can revive fallen allies.

The Hunter
The Hunter is the long range specialist. The Hunters come from a variety of back grounds but most of them are either military or PMC but some come from actual hunting backgrounds of the illegal variety.
The Hunter Specializations
The Ranger
More mid ranged then his other counterpart the Ranger uses DMRs to bring consistent fire on his targets and help his compatriots. The Ranger is also the recon of the group carrying special observation drones, cameras, and target identification equipment to pick out high priority targets and additional bounties.
The Sniper
Providing long range fire support the sniper is almost always well away from the actual danger and provides significant overwatch capabilities. The sniper also carries anti material rifles to help take out armored targets and provides additional support with a long range ordinance carrying drone.

Indirect fire
Sometimes it is possible to fire on an enemy that is not in your sight or through a wall. If an ally can see an enemy that you can't, but is within your weapon range and nothing can stop your shots then it is possible to fire on them with a slight accuracy penalty.

CS for the RP(may as well)

Equipment:(if you have questions just ask)
Background:(is really more for the RP element)
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