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Re: Vulnus' Workshop
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Analyzing....Identity Confirmed, welcome aboard.
You have been assigned to [redacted] to lead special operations squads as we attempt to deal with the threat to the United Galaxy Association. You will be tasked with various objectives that you must accomplish in order to further the mission. Now playing training video to aid in preparations for the task ahead...

"So you're the new the squad commanders. Listen up, you'll be leading squads to accomplish assigned objectives. You'll get to pick out what specializations your squad members have but we cannot provide enough personnel for you to pick and choose who you get, so you'll be assigned someone in that specialization. Aida display the specializations please."

Purpose: Keep the squad alive and moving.
Armaments: SMGs, pistols, semi-auto rifles
Additional Protection: Personal Shield
Heal: Used to restore a soldiers hit points.
Revive: Used to pick a downed soldier up.
Cryo Ammo: Slows and potentially freezes targets but diminishes damage to personal shields.

Purpose: Keep vehicles running and bypass mechanical and electric obstacles
Armaments: Semi-auto rifles, pistols, shotguns
Additional Protection: Armor
Repair: Used to restore weapons, armor, and mechanical allies.
Turret: The Engineer deploys a turret that targets any enemies in the area or acts as a remote sentry that will alert the engineer to incoming enemies.
Incendiary Ammo: Burns and potentially ignites targets and does additional damage to armor and standard health

Purpose: Commit to close quarters combat and attract the attention of enemy troops to allow comrades to acquire better positions.
Armaments: Shotguns, pistols, Assault Rifles
Additional Protection: Armor and Personal Shields
Taunt: The Assault soldier enrages his enemy to attract fire from his allies.
Overcharge: The Assault Soldier overcharges his shields and weapons to all him to charge into combat. After 3 turns his shields will be disabled for two turns and his weapons will return to normal parameters.
Incendiary Ammo: Burns and potentially ignites targets and does additional damage to armor and standard health

Purpose: Provide suppression and heavy weapons capabilities for the squad and allow his allies to restock ammo after combat situations
Armaments: Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, pistols
Additional Protection: Armor and Personal Shields
Suppression: The Support Soldier fires heavy volumes of fire in  a specific direction and suppresses any enemies in that direction(requires Machine Guns)
Targeting Algorithm: Using the built in technology of his helmet or visor the Support Soldier fires a high damage shot or burst at a specific target
Electric Ammo: electrifies the target doing additional damage to shields and robots.

So I'm working on thing. you lead a squad of up to four other members, and there are 2 more classes that I'll write up later. In combat you directly control every member of your squad and outside of it your squad will be NPCs which you can interact with and outside of operations will do their own thing.

So some under the hood mechanics that you'll need to keep in mind

Each squad member has a loyalty score which is not available for you. Depending on your actions you can affect their loyalty, which can either make them more effective and unlock new skills and capabilities for the soldier or it can make them question your orders. The former is a good thing, the latter not so much. If a soldier's loyalty score gets low enough they may voice their concerns in public or private which can affect the loyalty score of the other squad members or they may just leave the squad entirely which is also bad, but that's discussed in the leveling section.
Some soldiers may require some help with a matter outside of the mission to unlock certain abilities or traits but this is dependent on the soldier. Not doing these missions won't damage their loyalty but they will be unable to advance their loyalty further.

You and your squad members level up together but if one of your soldiers dies or leaves their replacement will be level one. The replacement will slowly build up to the point of the other squad members but it will take some time and in the meantime they're weaker than everyone else on the squad.
Leveling increases the capabilities of the squad and makes abilities more powerful as well as increasing health, armor, and shields depending on the protection type the soldier has.

And more details to come once I finish writing things up. As a note though I'm probably going to limit the number of players so...I don't know if you really want to participate when it's done shoot me a pm and we can talk about it, but I'm not promising any reserved slots.