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Re: Vulnus' Workshop
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2017, 01:05:19 am »
I have ideas for both.

For adventurers depending on how you want to play it you could be hired by someone or could have heard about something that got your interest.

For soldiers you'd have a task you would need to accomplish, retrieving an important artifact or killing a person(s) or helping in a war.

As for specific ideas I have

For Adventurers

You've recently heard of a once grand city long lost to the world recently uncovered. However those who have found their way to this city have returned speaking of the living dead and monstrosities that they were lucky to survive meeting. If you feel brave enough perhaps you can make a name for yourselves delving into the city.

You had heard stories of strange goings on near the borders of the Monarchy. People disappearing and towns burning down. According to the few poor farmers that were allowed into the inner districts a masked man is the cause of this. They called him the Herald of Death, a former plague doctor evidently. Perhaps taking on this mad man will provide you with a standing among the nobles that you could leverage in the future.

For soldiers

You've been assigned with investigating the fortresses along the Kore Line(named after city through which the line for the Front was drawn). With the war won some form of communication of the surrender of those within the fortresses should have been received but nothing has been heard. As one of the elite squads of the army you have been sent to investigate the fortresses to determine what's going on. The intelligence from the few among the enemy who ever transferred out of the fortresses warns that the men inside may not be entirely stable with numerous mentions of men going missing while assigned to the doctors offices.
And whilst these are called Fortresses be aware these may as well be fortified towns and cities.
((as a note there will be NPCs with you since it wouldn't make much sense to send 4-6 people to search what's not only the size of a town or city but also is a heavily fortified military position to boot))


Those are the ideas I have for the two options, granted not in as much detail as will be present in the RP itself.