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The Thousand Year War
« on: March 09, 2017, 02:57:38 pm »
A thousand years ago a shot rang out that was heard around the world. A shot that would change that world. The war raged on for a thousand years and cost innumerable lives. Gas and bullets would claim the lives of many but the mass executions performed by the Iron Hand claimed just as many.

The two sides in this war were the Grand Monarchy and the Ash Imperium. The Ash Imperium committed the first recorded act of war by attacking a fortress of the Grand Monarchy. From there the war has raged on never stopping.

You are the leader of a squad of soldiers in the Grand Monarchy. Serving in Her Majesty's army has always been an honored if dangerous pursuit especially in these times.


So first off, think world war tech for the most part.

Secondly you play a squad leader and control the squad during combats. During non combat the squad are NPCs, with their own morals and ideals and there are consequences to your actions. An experienced soldier may transfer out leaving you with a fresh new soldier with no experience who's level 1.

Aside from your character every squad member will have a specific role to play in the squad, with certain roles needing more than a singular squad member. The sniper is great for long range combat and picking off targets but he's not good at close quarters combat or situations with massive numbers of enemies attacking him where as the Assault Soldier is more capable at handling mid to close range and groups. My recommendation is either specialize and hope other people bring a squad that will compliment yours or diversify your squad to be able to handle a variety of situations.

So below is a bunch of info on classes and mechanics then the Character Sheet.


the player and the enemy take turns to perform actions. Turns are made up of the Move action and the Attack action.

Move actions are effected by things like class, equipment, and similar. Standard movement speed is 8 'spaces' which translates to 40 feet. A machine gunner, minus things like armor, can move 20 feet(4 spaces) due to the weight of his equipment whereas his Loader can run a full 40 feet minus armor if both are carrying standard equipment.

Attack actions are not exclusive to attacks, but it's the part of the turn during which attacks happen. You can move half your movement speed in the attack action if you feel it necessary, you can use medical equipment to aid a squad member or ally, or use abilities.

Certain abilities require the attack action, some the move action, and some both. Abilities tend to be useful for the role of the squad member. A sniper can build a hide that makes him harder to spot while the Heavy Machine Gunner can lay down suppresive fire that reduces enemy to hit chance and can actually cause damage. Abilities also take a minimum of 1 turn after use to recharge with a few exceptions.

Certain Roles require the soldier to have experience in a different role first. The Heavy Machine Gunner has to have previously been a Rank 5 Light Machine Gunner and the Loader has to have been a Rank 5 Rifleman. These roles can also retain certain abilities that are specific to previous roles but not all.

Cover makes you harder to hit and can reduce damage taken. Some cover can be destroyed with enough gun fire so be aware.

Often mistaken for cover Concealment is any type of terrain or material you can hide behind but which bullets will go through. They make you harder to hit but can't reduce damage, and some types of concealment don't make you harder to hit.

Role: Long Range single target
Weapon Specializations: Rifles, Scoped Rifles, Pistols
Other Equipment: Flare Gun, colored flares. (these are used for signalling things back to the squad leader or HQ)
Special Requirements: None
Aimed shot: Instead of his move turn the Sniper focuses on his target before taking his attack turn
Hide: The Sniper takes a turn to make himself a hide if the materials are available. The hide makes him harder to spot even up close.

Role: Mid to Close range fire power
Weapon Specializations: Rifles, Melee Weapons, Bayonets, Grenades, Shotguns, Pistols, SMGs(these are experimental and few and far between)
Special Requirements: None
Bayonet Charge: The move and attack actions are used as the soldier charges into the enemy. If he hits he delivers a devastating blow and gets to take half his movement speed to get to cover. (requires bayonet)
Enhanced Mobility: The Assault soldier is trained to move fast and climb terrain to gain access to more advantageous ground. Move action movement speed is doubled and the Assault soldier gains the ability to climb over previously impassable terrain

Role Mid Range fire power
Weapon Specialization: Rifles, Shotguns, Rifle Grenades, Grenades
Other Equipment: Ammo Bag (Allies within one space around the rifleman may recover ammo)
Special Requirements: None
Bolt training: The Rifleman is trained in cycling the bolt of his rifle to fire several shots in quick succession. The Rifleman fires up to three shots during his attack phase, with the first shot having no penalty and each following shot take a minor penalty to hit.(requires rifle)
War Cry: The Rifleman lets out a war cry. Causes penalties for enemies within range and bonuses to allies. Bonuses and penalties vary.

Light Machine Gunner
Role: Mid Range Fire Power and walking fire
Weapon Specializations: Light Machine Guns, Pistols
Special Requirements: none
Suppressing fire: The Machine Gunner fires in a small cone non stop. Enemies in this cone take penalties on to hit rolls and have a chance of taking damage if they move out of cover or attack.
Fire on the Move: A light Machine Gunner is trained to use his weapon on the move. The Light Machine Gunner fires his weapon as he moves to cover, taking attacks on any target that moves out of cover or attacks in a cone along his path of travel.

Heavy Machine Gunner
Role: Mid Range Fire Power
Weapon Specializations: Heavy Machine Guns, Pistols
Other Equipment: Bipod/tripod(depends on what the player wants)
Special Requirements:Rank 5 Light Machine Gunner (loader is required to reload the HMG)
Heavy Suppressing Fire: The Heavy Machine Gunner fires his weapon non stop in a cone. Enemies in this cone take heavy penalties on to hit rolls and have a chance of taking damage if they move out of cover or attack.
Concentrated Fire: The Heavy Machine Gunner  concentrates his fire on a specific target. If the target is behind cover there is a chance that the fire will break some cover types, otherwise the target is treated as suppressed.

Role: Ammo supplier and Heavy Machine Gun Crew member
Weapon Specializations: Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns
Other Equipment: Ammo Crate(Required to reload an HMG, the Ammo crate can be tossed on the ground for all squad members to resupply from)
Special Requirements: Rifleman Rank 5
Limb Shot: The Loader takes careful aim and fires at the limbs or head of his target. This has various effects depending on target.
Toss Ammo: The Loader throws a magazine, clip, or other type of ammo to an ally in the distance. If he succeeds the ally resupplies a portion of his ammo and can continue firing. This happens during the move turn.

Role: Keeping the Squad Alive
Weapon Specializations: Pistols, shotguns
Other Equipment: Medical Bag(Used by the medic to heal allies. If another squad member uses the bag to heal someone there is a chance to cause more harm)
Special Requirements: None
Quick Bandage: The Medic is used to having to patch someone up quickly. The Medic uses his move action to quickly heal a nearby ally allowing him to fight in his attack turn. (cool down: 3 turns)
Group Heal: The Medic on occasion has to heal a large group of people rapidly. The medic heals everyone in a small radius(2-3 spaces) using both his move and attack action(cool down: 5 turns)

Character Sheet
Weapon Specializations: Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns(pick one additional specialization)
Background: (it can be short and simple or long if you want. Just a heads up that death is a possibility)
Abilities: (Pick one from a class, make sure that your weapon specializations support the ability)
Inspiring Shout: The Squad Leader lets shouts to his men, inspiring them to keep fighting. All allies in range gain morale and bonuses on their to hit rolls and ability rolls. (cool down: 6 turns)((this is a squad leader ability))
Designate Target: The Squad Leader Designates a target for elimination. To Hit roles against the target are given bonuses. (cool down: 3 turns) ((this is a squad leader abillity))

Squad Makeup (7 members to assign)((designate the class and number of them, you'll be told their names once we start))

You only make character sheet for your character by the way, all squad members are NPCs which I'll make, and more classes will become available as requirements are met. As a note every rank allows a squad member to get a new ability which you will be provided with at that time.

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