Author Topic: [Location] Prison Station 0908-Delta: Purgatory  (Read 116 times)

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[Location] Prison Station 0908-Delta: Purgatory
« on: January 21, 2017, 12:05:12 am »
Solar System: None(location is in the middle of space)
Size Class: Class 2
Atmosphere: Varies( cells are pumped with the correct mixes for the race)
Inhabitants: Varies
Owned by: Norenfal

Notable Information
A prison station run the Norenfal where those who committed especially heinous crimes or crimes against the state are held. Members from every species are held within for whatever crime they were convicted of. The Norenfal government have offered space to other nations(I can't think of a better term) for a flat fee, plus certain expenses such as food. The high security and remote location prevent anyone from really escaping as the only real traffic is ships dropping off new prisoners, supplies, or taking off anyone who miraculously survived their sentence.
The Security of the prison include tracking chips implanted in the prisoners and various non-lethal mass target systems.

The only reason the station exists is due to the formerly heavy political influence of one of the Norenfal's political parties which called for exceedingly harsh punishments for the types of crimes those sentenced here committed. Much debate has gone on about whether or not to shut the place down and the questions of the logistics of doing so.

Estimated prisoner Population: 12 million.
Estimated Guard Population: 4 million

Size Classes range from;
Class 1. <1000Km /Asteroid
Class 2. 1000Km - 2500 Km / Pluto - Mercury
Class 3. 2500Km - 6000Km / Mercury - Earth
Class 4. 6000Km - 20,000Km / Earth - Neptune
Class 5. 20,000Km - 60,000Km / Neptune - Saturn
Class 6. 60,000Km - 100,000Km / Saturn - Bigger than Jupiter
Class 7. >100,000Km / The Sun is roughly 700,000Km

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Re: [Location] Prison Station 0908-Delta: Purgatory
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2017, 11:46:39 pm »
Space-catraz. Approved.
Gone. Cheers guys.


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Re: [Location] Prison Station 0908-Delta: Purgatory
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2017, 02:06:50 pm »
There is probably no more terrible instance of enlightenment than the one in which you discover your father is a man with human flesh.