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The Sentinel System (System/Location)
« on: December 10, 2016, 01:38:43 pm »
Number of Stars: 2
Names of Stars: Sentinel-I, Sentinel-II. Local names unknown.
Number of Planets: 6, several planetoids
Names of Planets: Unnamed planet, Oros, Neos, unnamed planets. Beyond Oros and Neos, any local names for the other celestial bodies are unknown.

Inhabitants: The Hellerite, on Oros and Neos. There is tentative evidence of colonization on several other bodies in the system, presumably by the Hellerite, but concrete proof of origin has not been obtained.

Notable Information:

The Sentinel system is very noteworthy from a scientific viewpoint, having not one, but two habitable planets which orbit a set of binary stars in a 0.3 deviance elliptical orbit. While it is not completely uncommon for a single planet to exist in a star's habitable zone under either condition, the presence of two of them existing under both conditions is nearly unique.

The habitability of both planets is due in no small part to their geological structure as ocean worlds - while most terrestrial bodies would be overheated at the closest point in their travel towards a sun, and uncomfortably cold at their furthest point, the vast quantity of water found on both worlds allows for a degree of insulation that ensures neither planet experiences a large variation in average temperature, though residing on certain landmasses while either planet makes it's close pass most definately leads to increased local temperatures and increased exposure to solar radiation.

It is thought that this phenomena was likely a large contributor to the Hellerite's previously migratory lifestyle. Since first contact, migratory habits have almost completely halted, and it's speculated that this could have long term effects on the wellbeing of the Hellerite population in these areas.

Beyond being a scientific oddity, the Sentinel system would appear to otherwise contain absolutely nothing remarkable. Minerals and chemical resources are present on the uninhabited worlds, but not in particularly uncommon quantities, and the inhabited planets themselves seem to offer very little of value beyond some rather nice beaches.
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Re: The Sentinel System
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Re: The Sentinel System (System/Location)
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Area Record 1782:
Date: 08/29/██

Event: An elderly human feeding itself to a group of kakapo. Did not express pain, appeared ambivalent.