Author Topic: Joint Operation Legion part 2  (Read 725 times)

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Re: Joint Operation Legion part 2
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:26:26 pm »
The port security here recognized you immediately and you walked right through. Aed led you through the space port to an old storage module that had been converted into the space port's bar.

The place was poorly lit in a multitude of changing colors. Walking through the place you noticed all of the people watching you as you walked to a table occupied by a single Rastal. Motioning for you to sit down he said "Aed, nice to see you again."

Aed nodded and said "These are my associates that I mentioned."

"I see. Well I dug up some of the info you asked for and it looks like they're holing up in an old castle of some sort. Used to be a major defensive position or something but with only twenty to thirty of them they're not exactly the best defensive force. Way I figure it you could recruit some help from the local sheriffs office but they aren't exactly the most...inconspicuous of help. They'll just kick the door down regardless of your plans. "

Taking a sip of his drink the Rastal man continued "If you don't want the direct approach the Archives might have some schematics. Only issue there is that the man in charge of the Archives has refused to give out any documents recently in protest of certain actions taken by the local law enforcement. He's well within his rights to do so but you might be able to convince him."