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Re: Melody
« on: February 12, 2017, 05:13:56 pm »
Sebastian shall be joining as the Chief Medical Officer, that is, if you'll have him!

It was an exciting prospect that lay before the doctor: The opportunity to finally fly amidst the stars, to journey where men had never journeyed before. He wondered for a moment whether or not he might be made into a novel, whether he might somehow achieve the fame of ancient Odysseus. Surely, there were dangers associated with embarking somewhere new, especially somewhere with the propensity to host life, but Sebastian felt innately confident in his abilities to handle such threats, especially with the mighty fighting forces of humanity at his side.

Worst case scenario: His book of the Odyssey became one like the Illiad, and either way, he fought on the side of Achilles.

Whatever petty Hector any opponents might field would quickly find himself slain!

The couple next to him upon the train gave him a worrying look at he triumphantly raised his fist into the air, and so he quickly stowed his excitement, returning to sipping at a fresh and warm cup of coffee, and gazing eagerly outside of the nearest window, watching as the stars twinkled above with the same majesty that he had always desired.