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Team one: Vortex SWAT
« on: February 03, 2017, 07:55:56 pm »
So before I get into this one a few things

If you don't post often enough (once a day is a general guide line. I'm forgiving though so...) without PMing me letting me know the reason then you will be removed from the RP and not allowed back in. Needing some time because something happened is fine, not posting for three days straight because "eh I don't feel like it" isn't, it just impedes the whole process and makes people wait.

This isn't to be a dick and I like to think I'm an understanding person. This is because as a GM it's frustrating when people don't post and force me to assume what they did(which in a lot of cases just ends up with your character standing still in bad situations). I've also experienced it as a player and it's frustrating from that perspective as well. Again, if you have a reason for not posting PM me and I'll do my best, BUT "I don't feel like posting today" is not going to cut it. If you went out with friends for the night, have an illness, heck even if you just had a few too many to drink then I understand.

That out of the way here's the intro.

Even in the age of intergalactic travel there are criminals and law enforcement. From the beat cop to the SWAT member the police keep everything civilized. Without them it would be chaos.

On Vortex the need for a strong police force has never been more pressing with the rise of criminal organizations aboard the station. From drug dealers to gun runners the criminal underworld has risen on the station. You however are not the average beat cop. You are part of one of the stations SWAT teams.

You will handle some of the most dangerous situations that police officers have to handle. Be prepared for any eventuality. Plan your attack, get your gear, and execute the plan.

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