Do you wish the short stories at the beginning were longer? Are they any good?

Yes (Longer)
4 (28.6%)
No (Shorter)
1 (7.1%)
Yes (Good)
7 (50%)
No (Bad)
0 (0%)
Dude just write more about Pre-Nuke Highway in the thread for Highway short stories.
2 (14.3%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Author Topic: The Highway [Only took 18 years]  (Read 11401 times)

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Re: The Highway [IS SWITCHING FORMATS!!!!]
« Reply #630 on: April 08, 2016, 12:35:04 am »
The RV

Amy manages to stop the nose bleed with some old towels that were resting on the sink, she still feels a little woozy from her experience though. The RV begins to rock as someone boards the vehicle.

Outside the RV the young man by the name of Ivan decides that his wallet is too full and wishes to spend his money on something else other than drink. He passes by the RV as he enters the shop, the shop keeper looks up from his old magazine, "Ah, another customer! Welcome to the shop, I keep the guns back here with me. Clothes are on the wall to the left, and food is on the right. You pocket anything I'll shoot you dead." He then looks back down at his magazine and starts reading it once more.

Oh and the people in the bar can leave, I mean you're probably thoroughly trashed now.


The duo walks towards the stairs and shines their lights down it. The carpet on the stairs is ripped and shredded, stained as well with the same slime that you saw dear old Chet vomiting up. Something down there sounds horrible though, like a low unearthly growl.
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