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Title: Xerxes Industries
Post by: Forrest on August 19, 2015, 11:37:57 pm
Company Name: Xerxes Industries
Intent: Money, power, and everything that comes with it.
Location: Zox, a tiny, industrialized-beyond-belief planet far from....anywhere, really.
Affiliation: Themselves. Xerxes Industries doesn't form alliances.
Worth: Hard to accurately say. Somewhere around 400 trillion credits in their annual business, but this doesn't include the fantastically huge amount of contraband and shady dealing XI is mixed up in.

Description & History
When someone says the words 'cutthroat business' or 'shady dealings,' anybody who knows anything instantly thinks of Xerxes Industries. They've been operating a long time; longer than a lot of other corps, and it's plain to see why. Xerxes Industries doesn't compete; they steamroll. They're a merciless bully of a conglomerate, and when a smaller corp gets in the way of their dealings, every single employee of that organization better be ready for one helluva bad year.

XI deals in a lot of products. They're a pharmaceutical company, an arms manufacturer, and they even come out with a mech or two once in a while. Thing is, they're not the best in any one field, but at Xerxes Industries, quantity over quality is the name of the game. Flood the market and bombard your competitors with fabricated lawsuits, fraudulent employees, double agents and any number of other complications, and you've won before you've really started. So, XI comes out with all sorts of dubiously-constructed products, a few of which can be considered decent, depending on what's available.

Xerxes Industries was founded a few generations ago, by a man nobody can really recall. Records in the company are completely erased every few years, and employees are always coming and going, so nobody has actually been able to find out exactly who started this despicable business. To preserve his or her safety, the existing CEO is only referred to as, fittingly, Xerxes. They're not named in any business dealings, everything is handled by cutthroat underbosses and leering, smooth-talking executives.

The planet XI is based on, Zox, is a pitiful hellhole of industrial expansion. The sun doesn't exist to those living there; it's a distant memory, something you tell your children actually exists behind all that smog and toxic powder. Since agriculture is impossible, food is shipped to the planet from other, more habitable worlds where XI has a presence. It's populated entirely by workers and their families, who, despite claims by XI, are basically also workers. The populace of about ten million is constantly slavering at their machines to pump out every single product XI produces at lightning speed.

[Details about products incoming later]

Title: Re: Xerxes Industries
Post by: Six on August 20, 2015, 07:05:35 am
These are seeming a bit like a more evil SiegeWorks, with more of a broader focus on their production and clearly inferior human "labor".

I like it quite a bit, the lore is good but work some stuff about other corporations and how they've interacted previously.

Edit: Come to think of it, I'm going to add this to SiegeWorks and it should probably become standard, add a list to the Corporation details showing their affiliation or attitude towards specific other groups. Xerxes wouldn't likely be affiliated with anyone as states but they may perhaps be somewhat civil with certain groups.
Title: Re: Xerxes Industries
Post by: Forrest on August 20, 2015, 07:35:31 pm
It's gonna take me a while to read up on all the races, corps, and other such details, I've only skimmed them so far. Don't have the time today, might be able to fill all that out tomorrow.
Title: Re: Xerxes Industries
Post by: Bubbadoo on September 09, 2015, 08:57:08 pm
Xerxes, huh?

Title: Re: Xerxes Industries
Post by: Forrest on September 10, 2015, 12:13:41 am
Xerxes, huh?

Oh jeez. System Shock hadn't even crossed my mind. XI was a misc. evil company name I've been saving for whatever comes up for like, four years.
Title: Re: Xerxes Industries
Post by: Bubbadoo on September 10, 2015, 09:47:33 am
It was the first thing I thought of, now I can't stop thinking of the company being led by an AI. :p