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Rec Room / Re: A History of Time to Come
« on: October 04, 2021, 08:35:30 pm »
A lot had happened from this current point in time. A lot of plans Roxanne had had simply didn’t happen; but no one seemed to care or notice, not even the once that involved other people. She had engaged in many other things and helped some people but for some reason that all seemed like a blur. Didn’t really matter, however, as her memory was sharp as ever and whatever this fuzzy feeling was it had gone away now.

Roxanne wondered what Lucy and the gang were up to. Last she saw of them they were camped just outside the fa- walkerville, right. Looking around she notices this wasn’t the place of just a few friends roughing the cataclysm but a rising civilization. She missed the adventure but peace was nice too. Her thoughts wondered back to the previous subject, what about Neo-SoA?

They had probably gone back to the tower. It had surprisingly gone unnoticed by the big factions at play here despite its size and purpose. Guess that fact that most of it was underground helped. Melody had gone with them, Roxanne wondered if she got membership; wondered if she had learned to cope with her “curse”.

That thought brought her back to someone else, Victor; and that in turn the new thing he and Helen were working on. “Wonder how they are going along. I don’t do groups anymore but hey, more power to them.”, Roxanne told herself. Her mind wandered to that little memory curse Victor had and if he had gotten used to it or found a way to fight it back. She had helped get a lot of that back, he at least was able to recognize Helen and their child a while ago and he seemed happy. “Good for you edgelord, you deserve some peace… after all I made you go through. Need another sip!”

To no ones surprised Roxanne was wandering around with a bottle of premium spirit booze drinking straight from the bottle. This one was quite weak but was simple to make. The fact this thing could affect your soul to intoxicate even ghost and spirits would have been a hit if commercialized but Roxanne kept the formula to herself to enjoy; only a few select people new about it.

Yes the carefree spirit walked around drinking and saluting the many working people. Today was a good day all things considered. It was peaceful and quiet until a familiar noise was heard; the handheld two way radio she carried. Roxanne looked at it puzzled before shrugging and answering it. “Hello, Roxanne Eris Luna de Gray speaking!”

There was a slight moment of silence before a deep sigh could be heard. “Seriously? Do you realize how pretentious it is to combine the names of you two into one? What am I saying, you don’t care. Why do I even bother… Anyway, enough of that. This is Victor, need to talk to you ASAP.”

Something was off about all this; Victor didn’t speak like this. Not ever since the incident; no, not where he lost his memories but the one that defined the two of them before the cataclysm even began. Something deep inside Eris’ memories triggered a feeling of uneasiness as this tone and manner of speaking was awfully familiar in a way she didn’t expect to ever hear again.

“Helloooo, why the silence? Did this thing break again?”, Victor asked.

“N-no. Had ours checked a bit ago and it’s in working order. I can hear you clearly.”, Roxanne answered.

Another moment of silence and then he spoke again. “Is that you Eris? I know you are the one speaking now.”

“Yeah, its me… How are you Vic’?”

A small chuckle could be heard from Victor. “Haven’t heard that little pet name in quite a while. So you figured me out huh?”

“Yeah, you are speaking way too casual for my liking. You haven’t been like that ever since… you know… I am sure you can remember now can you?”This time there was a long pause between the two. Eris looked intently at the radio knowing Victor was doing the same.

“Listen, I need to talk to you ok? Come to the woods to that little clearing you like so much, alone… There’s a few things we need to discuss.”

Roxanne stayed silent for a couple moments more before asking her own question. “It’s time isn’t it? Time to have that talk we have been avoiding for over a decade and half… Are you sure?”

“Listen, we have been through a lot this few years. We can’t afford to live in denial for much longer; we have people who care about us now. It’s not like the old days, just you and me against the world. I couldn’t protect you but now I don’t need to. We need to end this Roxanne. We have to.”

The answer was immediate this time, she nodded as she did so. “I know. It’s just so sudden. I’ll be right there so sit tight.”

“Alright, I will… Oh, and Roxanne?”

“Yeah?”, Can you bring me some clothes please?

That caught her off guard. “What do you mean?”

“A little experiment tore my outfit… currently hiding in a bush… please hurry, this is uncomfortable.”

Roxanne gave a hardy laugh at that. Despite everything somethings never change. “I gotcha then. Wonder which dress will look the prettiest on you~”

“I swear to god Roxanne…”

“Which one?”

“All of them! Just shut up and come here!”

Rec Room / Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« on: March 06, 2019, 09:33:05 pm »
The day had gone relatively peaceful for Victor. He was currently taking inventory and seeing if the materials he needed for a project in his journal were to be found in his an Helen’s shared arcane storage. Helen was off taking care of some business while Clara had gone off with Christina for some “quality time” in the woods; to each their own he though. Still, things were indeed peaceful right now; furthermore, he had a family, one he now remembered. He had a home, nothing was actively trying to harm his or those he cared about, he had enough resources to pursue his own projects and the general outlook for the future look bright.

In the back of his mind one thing always lingered: his memory loss. Sure, many of them had been given back from various sources but many of them still remained a mystery. The man he was before the accident, if what others said could be trusted, how he ended up here, what was he working on and who a lot of the people here were. Those questions still lingered but it didn’t matter too much, he remembered enough including Helen and Thomas which right now is what he most cared about. One day he would get his memories back and face his past a new man but even if he didn’t, that was ok. Yes, times were good, he could get used to this.

That had been about an hour ago. Right now he was walking into walkerville for an impromptu meeting. His expression was of annoyance and concern for he realized a few things from this last hour. It had begun with his portable radio he kept on his hip. It perked up and he grabbed it to answer whoever was on the other side.

Hello?”, asked Victor

Heyyy, missed me?”, answered back the well known voice of Eris. He knew how to distinguish the two simply by the inflection of their tone. Luna was more carefree and outgoing while Eris was more cold and calice, and at times, even a bit sultry. Victor gave a deep sigh prompting Eris to laugh. Wow, I just said hello and you already react like this. Is my reputation really that tainted?

Eris, get to the point. What do you want.

Ahhh, what makes you assume I want something? Can’t a girl just talk to her friends?

You and I both know you wouldn’t be using the radio if you just wanted to talk. What’s on our mind?

A bit of silence before Eris spoke up again. “Already picking up on my tendencies huh? Interesting… Anyways, fine, I just wanted to ask you to come to my room for a little meeting. I need to discuss something with you… it’s important so come alone.

That last bit sent a shiver down his spine. With what little he knew of her since the memory loss, that could mean anything. “Important huh? What about?

Can’t say it right now. Please, just meet me in my room in an hour ok? I think what I have to say will interest you… Have to go now, sorry, an hour ok? See ya then!

Eris wai-

Before he could respond, she had disconnected already. Victor gave another deep sigh and put his radio back in his belt. “Jupiter have mercy on me.... Roxanne, you are going to be the end of me one day...

Yes right now he was on his way to the meeting held in Roxanne’s room. But there was something that this little incident resparked in him; a memory he sought to ignore until now: Just who was Roxanne? From little memories she gave him back, and from what others had told him, they were apparently rather close friends. Then way was he always so hesitant around her? Why did her ideas sound so weird and dangerous? Was that really how he was before the accident? What was Roxanne hiding from him?

All this questions and more lingered as he walked. He had tried his best to ignore this calling to find out more and focus in his life but something just kept nagging at him. “Just who the hell are you Roxanne?”, he whispered to himself. Maybe it was the ridiculousness of the whole ordeal, maybe it was how uneasy he felt around her or maybe how carefree she was about everything all the time. Sure, she had explained and reveal quite a whole lot to him, and they had that deep conversation on how much of a fuckup they both were, but he felt there was more. Whatever it was, right then and there Victor decided he would find out the truth; find out who he was and who Roxanne really is.

Soon enough he reach the door of Roxanne’s room. Walkerville was both busy and seemingly quiet in its own way; sure there was plenty of noise as everyone went around their work but it all felt as if it was background noise, nothing stood out. Victor reached out to knock but before he could a familiar voice spoke up beyond the door. “Come on in, its open.”

Melody?”, Victor whispered to himself once more. Yes, the first person he meet after losing his memories. Apparently they were on an adventure that had gone wrong and because of it she lost her sight and her his memories. He was her mentor of sorts as well but no lessons had emerged yet. What was she doing in there?

After a single shrug, Victor opened the door to find Roxanne serving coffee to Melody and the person he recognized as Rey; the 6’2” man nodded his way and Victor nodded back. He didn’t know much about Rey and now he had also gave up giving up on explaining why everyone was here.

Victor! Glad you could make it!”, exclaimed Roxanne.

Got busy hands I see. Anyone else in here I need to know about? Half the farm is in here...”, Victor joked back. His attempts at humor a way to seem normal and not betray how on edge he was.

Roxanne gave a light laugh and shook her head. “Nope, just us. Now we can start the meeting. Coffee?

Victor accepted a cup and found a spot to sit  on the bed next to Roxanne. Rey and Melody had grabbed a couple chairs and sat adjacent to them. “Right, so why did you call me here Roxanne?

My my, so impatient. Don’t you want to catch up first?”, Roxanne asked almost rhetorically.

Victor gave a deep sigh.“Like I said before, if you just wanted to talk you wouldn’t have invited me under such shady circumstances. You would’ve probably just barged into my room; I know that much about you at least.

Roxanne smiled and nodded with her eyes close. “Alright, fair enough. Then I guess we shouldn’t waste any more time then.” She put down her now empty cup of coffee. How she was able to drink it so fast or the logistics of how a ghost could enjoy coffee beyond taste, those were things Victor readily avoid thinking about. “Melody, if you will.

Melody jumped in place as Roxanne called out for her; the entire time she had been nervous and fidgeting to herself seemingly lost in thought. That was quite interesting given the fact she was going to say what this whole thing was about. She cleared her throat, adjusted her blindfold and began to speak.

“Well, it’s hard to explain but I’ll do my best. As you guys know I am the wielder of despair. Because of it a lot of weird stuff has happened to me; I’ve had weird dreams, artifacts appear on me… certain ghosts hit on me…”

Guilty as charged~”, Roxanne said with a smirk before Melody resumed speaking.

“Anyways, the latest weird thing is what I want to talk about… I’ve been hearing voices.” At this revelation Roxanne perked up; Victor and Rey simply listened on. “They been telling me things about a trial and how I must report to get my score. Something like that… And how I must bring the ‘broken man’ with me…”

Ok, but what does this have to do with us? You need help getting rid of this voices?”, Victor asked from both impatience and curiosity.

“Well, not exactly…”, Melody continued, “You see. I was discussing this with Roxanne and Rey before you got here Victor and we came to a conclusion.” Melody went silent seemingly leaving the statement unfinished.

And that is?

You are the broken man Victor and Melody here needs you.”, Roxanne blurted out before anyone else had a chance to speak.

Excuse me?”, Victor asked not sure how to feel about that.

“Roxanne!”, exclaimed Melody rather exasperated.

What? You weren’t going to say it and it needed to be said. Rey here really has no stake in this so he is going to state quiet and mr.mage here is too dense to figure it out. I did us all a favor.

Melody stayed quiet for a moment before speaking up again, her words stuttering, “B-but… you didn’t have to be so blunt about.”

Hold on a moment...”, Victor interjected, “What do you mean by ‘broke man?’

Roxanne tapped a finger to the side of her head as she spoke, “Your memories. We are our memories after all and given your amnesia...

Wait, but wouldn’t that make me a new person then?

It would have but… I did give you a portion of them so instead you are on the path to be your old self. So now you are simply a man with a piece of him missing; a broken man… Don’t look at me like that, it was the voices Mel’ here keeps hearing that said that!

“Don’t put the blame on me like that! That is not fair!”, Melody exclaimed in Roxanne’s direction and Roxanne could swear her eyes were piercing her despite her blindness. For whatever reason this unnerved her so she reached for her wooden mask and put it on; she did so in the same way a someone would hide behind a blanket for comfort. That’s when something unexpected happened that threatened to derail the meeting.

“Huh? Roxanne? Where did you go?” Melody began to turn her head in all directions seemingly looking for Roxanne. Despite not being able to see her eyes behind her blindfold, what was seen revealed her face was full of confusion.

You have to be kidding me...”, Roxanne whispered to herself smirking a bit. She got up and slowly approached the confused girl; her training in SoA came in handy as she sneaked behind Melody and wrapping her arms around her keeping them an inch from touching. Rey simply facepalmed as he was still here in the promise that his participation on this would grant him souls to feed. Victor meanwhile seemed lost in thought and was paying no mind.

“Roxaaaane, this isn’t funny! Where are you?!”, Melody asked seemingly a bit concerned now.

Roxanne leaned in and whispered in here ear. “Right behind you...” At that Melody jumped in place giving a high-pitched squeak but before she could get away Roxanne wrapped her arms around her; Melody trashed about confused and scared. “Stop! Get away! This isn’t funny!”

Oh, I can do much worse...”, Eris whispered. Her hands soon started to trail up her body and sought to grope at her chest. Melody’s trashing stopped for a moment as she realized what was going on and promptly resumed; she recalled being a similar situation back when Roxanne was trying to coerce her into giving up Despair. “I am not giving you the sword!”, Melody shouted.

Nah, we don’t want it anymore...

Rey tried not to look at the scene in front of him choosing to distract himself by examining Roxanne’s altar closer and trying to ignore Melody’s pleas for her to stop. Victor on the other hand was still lost in thought; something was bothering him but he couldn’t pinpoint what. Was it something in his lost memories? Why did this whole thing feel so wrong? It was as if something was screaming for him to get away but another part, something more primal, insisted they saw this through. In his mind the latter idea prevailed and he resigned himself to at least hearing out what it was they needed him for.

Alright, I think I get it now. So what do you need me to do?

Eris looked back at Victor as he spoke and stopped her teasing on Melody who in turned took the opportunity to elbow her in the shoulder so she could get away. “Ow, easy girl. I can feel pain again you know?

“Yeah, that was the point! Do that again and I will do much worse!”, Melody exclaimed to Roxanne as she sat down back on her chair. She huffed and crossed her arms while still blushing bright; it seemed that the whole ordeal was only a mild annoyance to her. Melody then shifted her would-be gaze at  again. “Well, he asked you a question. What are you waiting for?”

Eris smiled at that as she too took her seat taking off the mask.“Me-ow~ Look who decided to become bossy all of the sudden. But alright, I do guess it is my turn.” She took a deep breath to calm her amusement from her previous actions. Her expression turned serious and so did her words; the meeting was back on track again. “A long time ago Victor, you and I found an abandoned building. It looked like a regular house until we reached a particular room; inside said room it looked like some sort of shrine. In this shrine we performed a certain ritual and ended up angering some sort of wanna-be deity. He place some curse on due to it and we have been recovering from it ever since..

Victor was about to ask something; Eris preemptively put out her hand to signal him to let her finish. “I’ll get to that; believe, it’s important to me too… Anyways, so here is what Melody told me happened that day. You took her to explore her first location with magical anomalies; you had Luna scout the place before hand and she gave the all clear but of course what the fuck would she know about properly sweeping an anomalous place? The two of you go in and loot the place then find a mysterious room. Once inside she finds Despair on the ground after apparently Luna lost it to some fuckboy that defeated her in combat. She takes the sword and the place is swarmed by shadows. The two of you fight and some wannabe all powerful deity shows up, gives you a lecture and curses the two of you. Does this sound familiar?

Eris stops talking so Victor could process this; it didn’t take him long and he nods in understanding. “Ok, so that explains why I am needed and what this thing is I suppose. Melody here said the voices told her to report back with me. So we go and meet this asshole and get the curse over with?”, Victor asks.

This prompted laughter from Eris. “Oh Vic’, if it only were that easy. See, none of us know where you two went even is. Besides. This is a trail, the spirit there has to judge you and see if you have passed his bullshit test.

Than what the hell are we doing here? I am getting really impatient, get to the point already!

Woah! Calm down there… Jeez, I’ve only seen you like this back wh… never mind that. I am getting there ok?” Indeed Victor seemed a bit agitated and Eris could guess why but she didn’t know the full story. Melody was a bit confused herself but still following along. Rey on the other hand was enjoying this comparing the mistakes of Eris and Victor to his and Luna’s. After another series of deep breaths Eris continued.

Sometime in our travels together after the cataclysm, before we meet anyone else… before a certain incident… We found another one of these shrines. At that point we knew better than to mess with them so we simply took steps to make sure no one would ever find it and we simply left. It is still there you know? And I know how to get there.” She smirke a bit as the realization of this hit Victor. “You are thinking right. I propose taking you there and getting this over with. I have experience with this you know? I can make sure we do this right and safely; find out about the curse plaguing your mind and Melody’s sight and hopefully end it.

Silence took the room as everyone pondered their own thoughts. Victor looked around and all attention was focused on him. “What about you Melody, are you down for this?

She nodded. “This was my idea in the first place, Eris here was the one who came up with the plan. It is a literal calling! I want to do this Victor, please?”

He then looked back at Eris who simply smiled; it was a sincere smile, something he deep down knew was rare. She spoke up before he could. “Don’t you want to know who you are? Who I am? What this all means? Our curse? I want to talk to you about it Victor, a conversation we needed to have had years ago… but for that I need you back...

I don’t know… are we even ready to face trial to this thing?

One way to find out right? Please? Listen… I can’t believe I am saying this but… I am asking you as a friend. I know you don’t truly know me but you will, I promise. Just this once, trust me ok?

Those words, they resonated with him a bit. Inside of him what seemed like every alarm bell in his body going off. What appeared to be a seething hatred welled up urging him to take up arms and strike her down. However, there was a third feeling, one he didn’t want to even acknowledge but that was present; one that told him he could trust her and to this feeling he clinged on.

I don’t know… give me an hour ok? Just need to think about...

Alright, I can respect that...

An hour passed, and then another. Finally the meeting ended and Melody opened the door. She and Rey stepped outside wandering off together seemingly having struck a conversation. They didn’t bother saying their goodbyes the Roxanne or Victor simply wandering off to the next adventure. The sight of the 5’4”young woman with the 6’2” man was quite amusing to Roxanne. As they walked he materialized a sword and handed it to her in turn handing Despair to him.

Victor exited the room soon after them giving a deep sigh; his shoulders were slumped and he walked seemingly defeated. Roxanne patted him on the back which straightened him up. He looked back at her before she spoke. “You did the right thing Victor, you’ll see.

And how the hell am I going to explain this to Helen?”, Victor answered back

Just tell her the truth and everything will fall into place. I too will have to let Hector know about this… We’ll see who has more luck in that department.. Anyways, safe travels and see you tomorrow if not sooner.

Rec Room / Re: CDDA: Adventures in Cataclysm
« on: December 14, 2018, 09:07:04 pm »
After the little talk with Hector, him and Roxanne went about putting the posters she had made for tomorrow’s event. She was excited; tomorrow marked the beginning of her new vision. One where it wouldn’t just be hoarding arms and supplies until the need to fight the next enemy arose. Roxanne stood in front of one of the posters smiling at its contents.

“To the hardworking residents of Walkerville and elsewhere.

How has life been treating you so far? You, yes you, the one reading this. You surely are clothed and fed right? That has not been a problem here for some time. But one thing has been, strife. Those of you who have been here a while or have hear the stories know of the various enemies we as a group have fought against. We have overcome each and everyone of those challenges and we will overcome any that are to follow. But, what about those who didn’t fight? Those who stayed behind and made sure this place kept running?

Are we to only celebrate the warrior and not the builder, the farmer, the medic, or the craftsmen? All of you, yes you, we all contribute our part here no doubt. We all work hard to not only make this place run smooth but make it better. However, do you ever feel you could be doing more? Do you feel you could offer more? That your skills are being wasted? I for one do. Who am I? I am known as many things but my name is Roxanne Luna, the blade of sodom as some call me.

I was one of the warriors, one who’s niche was to fight the next enemy but no more. In my time here I have made many discoveries and new abilities and I feel I could help elsewhere. How? By helping others find their niche, to become the best they can offer. Self-Actualisation. Let me help you help yourself. Let’s make a journey of self discovery for the better.

If any of this peaks your interest, I am holding a small meeting down at the ruined hotel near the necropolis. Don’t worry, it’s safe; I made sure of that, former warrior remember. Just come, listen to what I have to say and if it’s not your cup of tea I will at least thank you for your time. But if you like what you hear, hopefully we make great things together! For those interested, see you tomorrow at noon!

Roxanne Luna, Blade of Sodom”

Roxanne was rather giddy about the whole thing. She wondered if anyone would show up but those thoughts were quickly dismissed. Whatever happens would happen regardless if she stressed about it or not. For now she would go to her room and get ready for tomorrow event. Hector had gone back before hand so maybe she would catch up to him. As she made her way back she heard them; explosions, gunshots and then people scrambling. She simply shook her head and continued her merry way, Once this would’ve been a call to adventure but this wasn’t who she was anymore.

Eventually she reached her room and found Hector wasn’t there. She gave a deep sigh; he probably went to check out what the commotion was. He would be fine, he always was; unlike herself. Roxanne shrugged and got to work on her preparations. Something seemed odd tho, an uneasiness in the air. It probably was the sounds from earlier; with that in mind Roxanne pushed those thoughts aside as well as she went to her “secret” stash to get some item.

A pair of hip pouches was the first was the first set of items; she could attach them to her belt in front of her revolvers for easy access. Currently she was wearing a messenger bag to carry her items but that seemed too cumbersome for what she needed to carry on her person. She had become sort of a minimalist and as such the number of items was now small.

The next item was a vail with a strange and suspicious black liquid. It appear to be nothing more than a test tube with a cork. The vial and a pipette went inside one of the compartments in her drop pouches. Next was a syringe with a white liquid in it; the liquid looked familiar to the untrained and easily recognisable to researchers such as Quinn and Dervish: Purifier Serum. The syringe, in a proper contained for carrying, was placed in the compartment next to to the vial.

The final object she pulled out was the all to common auto-injector loaded with RX-12. She used to carry it everywhere but stopped once she, well, didn’t need it anymore. But now she grabbed some and promptly put it in her pouches.

After that she took off her messenger back and emptied it of its contents. Most of the items inside were place back in their appropriate place but her speed loaders for her revolvers and her vials of essence went into the pouches. As she went through the contents of said bag, she came across one that made her snicker a bit; the silver athame Victor had entrusted her after the two had had their “I am done with this whole thing” talk a few days prior. She smiled and shook her head playful before putting away next to her ritual and ceremonial items. When she did so, she noted some stuff was missing, nothing important or that couldn’t be replaced but still odd; she would ask Hector about it later.

What wasn’t gone, however, was another set of items not in her stash that she was looking for. The first was a white sundress. The type that was light and was supported by a couple of shoulder straps; the kind that also would show off cleavage with the excuse that it was to be worn when it was hot outside. Roxanne took the dress and set it on her bed. The second item was her ceremonial robe; the one she used when performing any of her rituals; it was a red silk robe, the kind that looked like a sheet with a hole on top and a couple to stick her arms out. Normally she would wear nothing underneath it as part of the ritual but she was thinking of an exception.. She took the robe and placed it next to the dress.

Roxanne undressed herself setting her accessories on a nearby table and her outfit on the bed next to the other two items. She was left in nothing but black panties as she removed even her bra. After putting her old outfit that consisted or a leather one piece biker suit and a green cloak, she took out a rather big roll of bandages and started to wrap them around her chest. This would have two effects, keep her breast from moving all over the place and create the illusion of being smaller than they were under clothing. Once she finished with the wrapping, she put on the white dress; banges visible due to the design made to show off what she was now trying to conceal. Next she put on the robe. It concealed the dress underneath rather well but still left a portion of it stick out from underneath as the dress was still longer. The bandages were still visible from the sides but it didn’t matter. The contrast of white and dark red appealed to Roxanne as she approved of her now completed new outfit. Finally she put on her belt with the pouches, her holsters with the revolvers and on her back the katar.

Looking good Roxanne!”, Eris said taking control of their body momentarily.

Thank you! Looking fine yourself Roxanne!”, said Luna taking back control and smiling some.

Before she could continue with the self-congratulatory ceremony of sorts, she hear a knock on the door. It was firm but quick, a tell-tell sign of desperation. Roxanne, confused, went towards the door and opened it. “Rey? What are you doing here? Where is Christina?

“Don’t know, let her out of my sight for a second and she went around flirting with the various mice-girls here.”,Rey responded. He looked up and down Roxanne noticing the new outfit; he also noted how she was now trying to “downsize” but that was something he would not comment on. “Special occasion?”, he asked.

You could say that. Anyways, what brings you here?

“I am starving...”, Rey responded, he look weary and fatigued. His expression was that need and he clutched his stomach somewhat when he stood still.

At that Roxanne gave a deep sigh and hanged her head low momentarily. She then looked back at Rey as to address him properly. “Come on, step inside.

Rey nodded and followed Roxanne through the door. He closed it behind him but Roxanne spoke up again before he could step away from it. “Look the door if you will.

“Lock the door? Why?”, Rey asked.

I don’t need people walking in on this. It’s weird.

“What about Hector?”

He has the key.

Roxanne gave another deep sigh; she moved towards the mirror in the room before speaking up while not looking at her reflection. “Damn it Rey, can’t you wait a bit more?”, Roxanne exclaimed as she adjusted her ceremonial robe. Rey shook his head almost shivering.

“I really can’t, I am feeling cold and am going numb... It has to be today...”

Roxanne gave a deep sigh and shook her own head in annoyance. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at how her outfit had come together seemingly ignoring Rey’s pleas. Eventually she turned around and addressed Rey once more.

Ok, fine. I can’t give you a soul right now but; how about you have me instead?

In his growing confusion, Roxanne just added more; he tilted his head as he responded with a simply question. “What?”

At this Roxanne threw her head back as she huffed in exasperation; she was seemingly annoyed at his ignorance. “Me! I am ghost, a soul. Do I have to spell it out for you?

Rey’s expression was now not that of confusion but concern. “Roxanne… just what are you proposing?”

She didn’t answered him, instead asking a question of her own. “How do you harvest souls exactly?

“Hmm? Oh, that? Well, attacks from regulator’s weapon harvests what I need and then funnel’s the soul to me.”

So you need to physically strike someone with your summoned weapon?

“Yeah, why?”

Once again she did not answer instead making a request, no, more akin to a demand. “Can you summon your regulator weapon as a hatchet please? And for the love of Anomon tone down the edginess...

“Edginess? What do you mean?”

Oh please spare me! Look at the way you are dressed. Gray Combat books, black work jeans, gray shirt, a tac-vest and fingerless gloves. You are just missing the shades and I would expect you to ask if my papers were in order.

Rey just ignored her and grumbled to himself. As he did he summoned a plane looking hatched that had a wooden handle and a red glowing line going through from bottom to top. Roxanne grabbed it and looked at it. “See, this looks decent. I knew you would do it.”, she commented.

The next series of events happened too fast for Rey to rect. Roxanne went towards her altar, she placed her left arm on it, raised the hatched and then with a swift motion brought it down on her arm. She screamed bloody murder which was thankfully muffled to the outside thanks to the sound proof spell. Rey rushed to her.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” He looked closely at the wound. The hatchet was now placed next to her arm but the arm itself was quite the sight. It had been a clean cut; the hatched slice through it like butter. However, while the arm was severed it was still being held together by...her tattoos. The arm had been cut at the elbow and it was separated by an inch from the cut but the tattoos around it glowed purple and they extended out of the arm like ribbons. In her arm the tattoos were three bands wrapping around the length of her arm in a spiral going down until they landed at her wrist wrapping around it; a final band then formed and went towards her middle finger wrapping around it. But now, where the wound had been made it looked like they were ribbons peeling off and stretching to keep her arm together.

Roxanne kept screaming. “Holy fuck that hurts way more than I imagined it would!

“You chopped off your own arm you fucking psycho! What did you expect?!”

Pain hasn’t been a problem before so why no- ahhhhhhh!

Her words were interrupted by another scream as the tattoos forced the arm together. Each end of the severed piece was glowing purple and soon those two sides touched and a familiar purple mist formed around it as it seemed to heal. The experience was excruciating to her but it was short lived for the hatchet started to do its work.

The hatchet’s red stripe started to glow and soon the entire section of Roxanne’s arm that had been severed was turning into the purple mist. The tattoos appeared to peel off that section of her arm as the hatchet began to consume the mist. Roxanne kept screaming and now embraced Rey settling her head on his shoulder; the pain was getting to her and out of instinct she bit down hard on his shoulder. Rey didn’t react, he simply looked at what was going on with the hatchet and the arm.

Eventually the arm was fully consumed and the tattoos dangled like ribbons. Roxanne let go of him and collapsed on the floor having gone limp. At least the ritual had worked; Rey felt somewhat more energetic but just barely. He wouldn’t die today but he still needed to feed within a couple of days. But none of that mattered to him right now as he looked at Roxanne passed on the floor and his hatchet now disintegrating being called back to him.

“What the hell just happened?”, he asked himself.

It had been a relatively quiet day for Melody. She went about doing her daily tasks which today were rather few. She had finished a short while ago and was now returning to her assigned bedding. Something had been bothering her however. It was as if something was calling at the back of her head, it wasn’t despair but she couldn’t make out what it was. Well, that is until now…

She who is guided by rage… answer my call… bring with you the broken man… seek my trial… and become whole once more...

“What the… who is there?”, Melody asked aloud. No one responded and her aura spell suggested very few people were around and those who were were doing their own thing. The voice didn’t speak again and the nagging feeling went away. However, she didn’t have time to relax as another voice picked up.

“Mel? We need to talk…”

Melody jumped at that but then gave a sigh of relief as she recognized that voice.

“Don’t scare me like that Dez, I am still human you know?”, Melody responded.

Despair gave a half hearted chuckle. “Yeah, that you are…”

“Anyways, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well, something feels off you know? Can’t pinpoint what but…”


“You heard that voice too?”

“The one about being whole again?”

‘Yeah, so you did...hmm…”

Melody’s expression turned to that of concern. The flurry of stimuli from the aura spell made it hard for her to sense what Despair was feeling; things would be much easier if she could wear the blindfold to filter it all out but she could not risk being discovered that she was blind.

“What’s up, what’s going on?”, Melody asked.

“Listen… this is going to sound counterintuitive but… I need to speak to Roxanne…”, Despair explained.

Melody was shocked at hearing that and expressed herself so. “What? But we are here to hide from her in the first place! Now you just want to ignore that and dream ghost’s warning? Still have that medallion you know?”

“I know, I know! Just… I need to ok? Hard to explain… Please just trust me on this on... “

“So you need to speak to Roxanne?”

“Well, not so much her but Assimilation… but now she is assimilation so…”

“Ahhh, I get ya now… Sword business… Alright, I’ll go ahead and see if I can request to leave for the day… Done all my work for today.

Just as she said that a familiar aura was sensed. Melody smiled to herself, got up from her spot and approached the man. It was the same man she had spoken to when she “applied” for the job here. It had been nothing more than a ploy to hide out here for a bit but now she seeked the opposite. The man was, just like last time, holding a clipboard looking over stuff; he looks up to see Melody approach and he flashes a smile of familiarity.

“Well hello there little lady! Melody right? Working hard from what I am hearing. How are you liking it here so far?”, asked the man

“It’s really neat, work is something I am used to and the people are nice. Thank you once again for giving me a chance!”

The man gave a slight laugh before responding. “Don’t mention it. Not like we were running low on personnel in that department but hey, better over prepared than under.” Once he finished talking, his expression turned from amusement to a semi-serious one; one to signify he meant business, not that Melody could tell either way. “But something tells me you are here to ask me something aren’t you? Go on kid, spit it out.”

Melody was surprised by what he said; he had seen right through her. Just how much did he know? Did he know of what she was going to ask? She stood there thinking a bit until she was interrupted by him waving his hand in front of her eyes. “Hello? Are you alright there?”, he asked. The gesture would’ve been one that would’ve bothered her if he was being deliberately mocking her due to her blindness but due to the fact that she was hiding that fact to the center, he knew he wasn’t doing that.

“S-sorry about that. Yes, I have come to ask something. Was just lost in thought about what to say, that’s all…”, Melody responded.

“Ah, well, don’t be nervous kid. Just say what you mean, do it like you own the place. People respect confidence and if you show some more likely than not you will get what you want. Just a little tip from me, up to you to do with it what you like.”

Melody gave one last gulp of nervousness as she took his words to heart. She then remembered a thing Randael, of a people, had taught her; one of the few lessons she had kept from him despite what he turned out to be. His advice was meant to be used before combat but she applied to everyday life. “Let your anger, your anxiety, your nervousness, let all those emotions that cloud your judgment do their worst. Ten seconds. Give them ten seconds to claim you, to eat your soul. But once that time has past, discard them like tissue paper and focus on the task at hand.”

And so she did. Once more she went silent for ten seconds. The man was about to ask her again if she was alright when Melody began to ask her request. “I am thankful for what you and the center have done for me, I really am. I wish to stay here for a long time if I am permitted; this place is really inviting. But, a little thing has come up; something personal… It is a bit delicate and I need to take care of it… So, I wanted to ask you if I could get a few days off so I can do so. 3 days, tops, and I’ll be back. I have already finished my work for today and if you check my review I have no marks. S-”

Before she could finish her remarks, he answered her. “Granted.”

“What?”, Melody asked, a bit confused at the sudden conclusion.

“Granted. Take a whole week if you need to.”


“Yeah, no kidding. You said personal stuff right? I get that, we all have a life and I assume yours is still outside of this place. I don’t know your past or really care; that is yours alone. But if you need to take care of something, well, you do what you have to do. Besides, it’s not like we are starving for bullet loaders.”

Melody smiled at his statement. She was about to thank him but then another though crept in and made her smile go away a bit. “W-what’s the catch?”

The man simply smiled. “Smart girl, I like you more already. Yeah, there is a small catch. Like I said, we are not really starving for bullet loaders, what we need is fighters. It’s getting harder to justify those numbers to those I need to report to. So, consider your time off a suspension of sorts. A week long suspension. When you come back, you and I will have a little interview and see if we will still keep you on board or not...among other things. That seem fair? Really the only way I can grant you those days off”

Of course there was a catch, Melody knew it; nothing came for free, especially to her. She was a little disheartened but she did need those days off. There was no choice but to accept. “Alright, I accept…”

The man nodded and closed his clipboard. “Understood. In that case; see you in a week kid. I have to go and do paperwork now. You take care.”

“Thank you… for everything…”

“Don’t mention it. Really, don’t, you’ll kill my reputation.”, the man joked.

“Ugh...w-where am I?” The air felt cold and everything was dark. A numb sensation was felt but it was ignored in favor of figuring out what had happened. It wasn’t until a familiar voice was heard that it all became clear.

“Oh thank god you are awake!”

A little smirk formed upon hearing those words. Weakly she spoke. “Which one? There are so many now…”

“This is not the time for jokes Luna!”

He was right, but Roxanne didn’t care. Humor what was kept her going, her own specific brand of humor anyway; verbal pranks if you will. The numb sensation was quickly registered as her now missing arm. She opened her eyes to find herself in her bed tucked in by her blanket with Rey watching over her sitting in a nearby chair.

“D’awww, you did this for little old me? You really do care~”, Roxanne teased.

“Shut it! I was panicking ok? What the hell was I supposed to tell others if something happened to you?!”, Rey asked half angry, half worried.

“Hey guys, Roxanne did it again. She played with stuff she wasn’t supposed to. Let’s see what unintended consequences we have to deal with now.”

“...That common?”

“You have no idea…”

Roxanne grabbe the blanket with her good hand and pulled it off her. She then sat up and stretched a bit yawning before rubbing one of her eyes. The way she nonchalantly did this as if she was waking up from a nap was what was bothering Rey the most, not that she cared. Then she went ahead and looked at her “wounded” arm. It had been neatly bandaged as if to stop bleeding; all it needed was a tourniquet and it would look like a first at job. “Bandages? Seriously Rey? It’s not like I am going to bleed out. I am waaaaay past that point.”

“Panic, remember? I did the first thing that came to mind, give me a break.”

With a playful roll of her eyes and a smile, she started to undo the bandages slowly. “Did it at least work?”


“The ritual, did it work? Are you not gonna die on me yet?”

“Yeah, it did. It feed me enough to grant me about 3 more days, 2 if I use my abilities. It would’ve been four but you did bit me pretty hard on the shoulder...that took some energy to regen…”

Roxanne looked away a bit embarrassed. “Heh, yeah, sorry about that… force of habit… “

“F-force of habbit? Wh- No, you know what, not even going to ask...”

“Yeah, it’s better if you don’t…”

With that being said and done, she finished undoing the bandages and took a good look at her arm; Rey too looked at the wound intently. The end of the arm still glowed purple and her tattoos still protruded like ribbons. They had been wrapped around her arm to put the bandages on but now that she undid them they resumed their position to dangle as if they were still attached to the arm.

“That is going to heal up, right?”, Rey asked nervously

“Eventually.”, Roxanne responded calmly.

“Eventually?! What kind of response is that?!”

“Christ, lower your volume Rey. I am right here, no need to yell…”

“Sorry, just… please tell me you have a way to fix this…”

“Relax, I do, just, let me do my thing ok?”

“Last time you said that was about an hour ago and you literally chopped your arm off…”

“It’s been an hour? Huh, thought it was longer. Anyways, fiiine, I’ll let you in on it.” Roxanne stood up from the bed and stretched again before going to her drawer to retrieve something. Upon finding it, she turned around and showed Rey a gem while smiling with selfrightouness. “This is a soul crystal, you know what this is?”

Rey stared at the gem dumbfounded. “A-a soul crystal? That is 5 soul shards into has the same properties as a human soul but condensed into a crystal form...y-you have one?”

A simple nod confirmed that he was right. “Yes, a looooong time ago we were dealing with a higher spirit of harvest who started to use soul shards to power himself and other things. We defeat him and cease the shards. This is the last one that remains, 5 shards combined into a crystal. This is the purest form of spiritual energy there is. You could get so much essence from it, it’s packed with energy… so, if I consume this like so…”

Roxanne held the crystal in the palm of her hand and then made a fist. Suddenly her tattoos started to glow purple and from her arm wound the purple glow inside her arm extended out and formed the shape of her arm and hand. The tattoos wrapped around it as it formed the shape and outline and then it materialized as her hand should be. Her hand was completely restored. The process took but a minute to which Roxanne smiled all the way through and Rey stared at in awe. Once the arm reformed, she moved it gently and slapped at it a couple times to confirmed it “worked”. She then extended it to Rey as if showing it off. “With this I can accelerate any of my process to an absurd degree. This would’ve taken about a week to heal, but with it it took only a minute.”

Silence permeated the room after that. Rey looked at Roxanne in disbelief and she reveled in that with triumphant glee. However, he wasn’t in that state for the reasons she expected.

“S-so… let me get this straight… You chopped off your arm to feed it to me… knowing you would regenerate it...then used, of all things, a soul crystal to accelerate the process… is that right?”, Rey asked slowly.

“Yup, really smart right?”

Rey tried to utter something but he only ended up stumbling his words. Eventually he gave a deep sigh and facepalmed. “This is so fucking stupid…”

Roxanne was no confused at that reaction. “W-what do you mean?”

He looked up at Roxanne, an expression of slight disappointment and annoyance. “Roxanne… I could’ve consume that crystal and not have to feed for a whole month… that was the equivalent of a human soul… not only did you make the process much complicated that it needed to be...doing something incredibly dumb… it ended up being that much more inefficient…”

Silence once more, this time it was Roxanne who looked on perplexed. Her previous aura of pride vanished. “O-oh… is that so… You can feed off that?”

“Yes, Roxanne, I can… Alternate fuel sources, that’s what that means…”

“Well, how was I supposed to know that?!”, Roxanne asked now suddenly angry herself.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe communicating your intentions out loud instead of avoiding questions like you know better! You don’t know everything Roxanne and people who do are just trying to help. If you had let me in on what you had planned I would’ve told you all about the crystal from the beginning. But how the hell was I supposed to know you had one if you didn’t answer my question about what you had planned?”

For the third time if a short span of time, more silence. Roxanne reflected at what he said. Is this what Hector and the others were trying to get at? Is this why they were annoyed at her “secrecy”? Maybe he, an to extension the others, was right; maybe she did need to listen and share her intentions more. It was a mute point now but would keep it in mind for later. “Yeah, guess you are right… Sorry for not trusting you then… I thought you were going to simply shut down my idea without rebuttal like many always do…”

“Well, if you explain yourself, maybe they wouldn’t. But sometime they need to shut it down, for your own good. We are just trying to help. Like you are trying to help me.”

Roxanne smiled, he nodded quietly and turned around to look at her drawer again only to close it and sigh. “You know what, I am way too over my head for this… I can only promise to take you on hunts but for emergency measures maybe we should see an expert…”

What Roxanne said surprised him. She wasn’t once to give up and seek the help of others that easily. Still, it was a welcomed change for him. “An expert? What do you have in mind?”, Rey asked.

“The Flames of Arcana...”, Roxanne answered.

“Helen and Victor?”

She nodded. “Yes. He specialist in spirits, souls and whatnot while she is an expert in applying arcan practices safely and warding against unwanted things… I am neither… so I assume it would be best to seek them out...”

“I see… so you are saying they could help in other ways than just feeding then… Well, I trust you even if I don’t know about them. Wouldn’t hurt to give that a try.”

“Yeah, they too are just trying to help. I am sure they can offer something to us. Besides, you and I could focus on the hunt. To satiate our desires…”

Rey looked at her confused and slightly concerned. “Ours?”

“Sure, I am Assimilation now remember? My primal instincts urge me to feed as well, to harvest… so when we are on the hunt, maybe I could indulge myself as well…”

He grinned upon hearing that. “Just like the old days right? Only this time more is at stake…”

She smiled back. “Yes, just like the old days… just you and me and our respective victims… those days were cut to short… time to make up for lost time don’t you think?”

“Maybe… just maybe… a lot of things have changed since they but the principle is still there. The goal should be to minimize the need to even go on hunts anymore. But when we do we might as well enjoy them...  By the way, didn’t you say you were done fighting.”

“Bah, never said I wasn’t a hypocrite… Besides, I am doing to to help a friend. It’s not like we are doing this just for the hell of it like we did all those years back. There is a purpose this time. And sometimes some people have to die for the greater good.”

“Heh, that I can get behind…”

But suddenly Roxanne grabs Rey from his collar and pulls him towards her; their foreheads meet and her expression as stoic and serious as can be. “That being said… No matter how desperate you get… If I find out you hurt anyone around here… not only will I stop helping you but I will hunt you down like I was supposed to all those years back… That is the once condition for going on this hunts with you… leave the people here alone”

Rey was somewhat shocked from the sudden change in attitude from Roxanne. The scene would’ve been comical; a 5’8” woman pulling a 6’2” man towards her by the grasp of his shirt’s collar. Weren’t for the tone of everything that had happened now, even he would’ve find it funny. “Didn’t plan to… I am sure you would be the only one after me if I did anything of the sort…”

Roxanne let go of him and step back. “Good, nice to see you are using your head...and yeah, the hypocrisy in that doesn’t escape me…”

Before Rey could make a retort, there was a sudden knock on the door; the only sound “programmed” to go through the sound spell. Rey and Roxanne looked at each other before she gestured him to open up the door. He nodded and went to do so. Upon opening the door, he found Melody on the other side. She looked a bit nervous and was now wearing her blindfold to suppress her aura spell and filter the sensations it caused. Upon sensing Rey she jumped a bit.

“Melody right? What brings you here?”, asked Rey.

“Uhhh… I-I could ask you the same thing… w-what are you doing in miss Roxanne’s room? She has a boyfriend you know?”, Melody responded.

At that Rey looked at Melody surprised and then started laughing heavily to Melody’s annoyance. Roxanne then went and checked on the commotion. “Oh, Melody it’s you. What a surprise.”

The presence of Roxanne unnerved her more as the Roxanne reacted to Despair and as her wielder Melody felt that. Still, Despair said she needed to talk to Roxanne and her she was. All that time spent trying to hide from her wasted, the warning from “dream ghost” ignored. Melody stood there as Roxanne and a now calmed down Rey looked at her patiently. Finally she spoke. “H-hey there Roxanne, Roxanne’s friend.”

“Name is Rey. Nice meeting you.”

“R-right… nice meeting you too. Sorry if I am interrupting something...”

“Nah, we are already done. It only took like an hour anyways, quite interesting experience. The logi-”, Roxanne started to respond before being interrupted by Melody, something she found surprising.

“N-never mind that… N-not my business anyways… Besides, I have to talk to you about something urgent… Maybe I come in?”

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Roxanne had been weighing her options of where she could set up her little gathering place. A few other  things had been bothering her as various memories passed through her head from the current environment; some she recognized as not her own. The time she spent as a divine spirit harvesting others’ memories sometimes made her not sure of what was her real experiences and to boot now she had her doppelganger's memories as well. The silence suffocated her as even Rey and Christina remained quiet out of  politeness. It wasn’t until Mica came through that a semblance of normalcy in Roxanne’s eyes was restored.

Indeed Roxanne was rather wary of touching Mica due to her current affliction; those tattoos of hers were seal that kept her corporeal and Mica being an arcane mute could spell serious consequences. She did eventually, among her short lived fear, the silk like substance covering Mica and after the vinegar was brought in and taking into account what Mica was it all clicked together. It was strange though as she hadn’t seen Mica do this before; even Kathrine’s explanation served little to ease the confusion. Had things change so much so quickly? Seems things typically did around these parts. A whole year goes by in a flash and a day lasts forever.

A hug?, Roxanne asked nervously now being a bit to uncomfortably close to Mica. She didn’t want to say no, this was Mica after all, one of her closest friends. However, her fear of the Arcane Mute still lingered. Well, if Luna wasn’t going to do it, Roxanne’s alt, Eris, definitely would. She had been starved of human, or mutant in this case, contact for so long she craved for something as simple as a hug. Roxanne’s eyes went from pink to purple and she smiled at Mica.

Sure, I’ll hug you! She extended her arms and pull Mica in for a hug who quickly wrapped her arms around as well. It was then Eris realized her mistake. No, the reality of time and space wasn’t broken, nothing exploded, no blood, no one went insane. No, the only thing that happened is a jolt of what seemed electricity ran down Roxanne’s back and she gave a small yelp. Eris and Mica hugged for an awkwardly long time making the other look at them a bit funny. Eris was the one of the two who realized this and pulled herself awa handing control back to Luna.

Oh, by the way. I have something for you! Roxanne went through her messenger back and pulled a particular book. It had the picture of a chicken on it’s cover and was a rather hefty book for what it was. This is called the chicken book. Has many good pictures of chickens of all types! Thought of you when I found it some time ago. Had been meaning to give it to you but forgot every time I was back here. She then gave Mica a pat on the head sending another jolt of electricity. Her attention was brought back to Catnip.

I think the hotel sounds like a good place for my little gathering place. If you don’t mind I will place some posters on around later on today, want to hold the first meeting tomorrow. It was then that Christina and Rey got up and the former whispered something in Roxanne’s ear to which she nodded.Well, duty calls now my good friends! Have to tie up some lose ends. If you need me, I will be around the farm somewhere, or maybe at the center, have some business there too… I really have no interest in going out much anymore… Anyways, I will be seeing you gals later, it’s nice seeing you again! Rey and Christina thanked them as well for hosting them and the trio walked out of the door.

The next destination was the hall for the meeting with Helen. Roxanne wanted to go simply to talk to Helen about what had happened and Eris wanted to meet her after all this time for reasons she kept to herself. However, when the stepped out of the door, Hector was there which caught Roxanne by surprise. Oh, Hector? Came to see Catnip too? Noticing the two people behind her, Rey the imposing figure at 6’2, at least compare to Roxanne and Christina who were around 5’8, she decided to introduce them to Hector. Oh, btw, meet my, well not so new, friends. This is Rey, former mentor of mine and literal partner in crime; long story. And Christina, one of the founders of that organization I belonged before the cataclysm.

Rey walked over and offered his hand to Hector. “Greetings, you are the Iron Marshall I take it? Roxanne here has given you glowing reviews. Good to finally meet you. Wish we could sit around and talk but we have a little appointment to go to.” Roxanne noticed the look on Hector’s face and frowned a little herself. She knew all too well the little expressions and mannerisms of Hector; didn’t help it came with the old job she had.

You two go ahead. I’ll catch up to you guys later.

“Are you sure?”, Rey asked.

Yeah, personal matter.

“Ah, gotcha. Alright then, will be seeing you later.”

And with that Rey and Christina made their way to the hall leaving Hector and Roxanne alone. Ok. Something is on your mind isn’t it? Spit it out. Let me guess… I know… I haven’t been the best person lately… or much at all… Listen, I am sure you have business with catnip. Go take care of that first and then meet me at out room ok? I don’t like it when you seem like this… I’ll see you then.

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All the while Roxanne had been listening to Catnip speak, she had been thinking of things as they came along: Katherine’s new patterns, seems she wasn’t the only one with new “adornments”; the work the missling had made and how she had missed just sitting around talking to her friends. The tidbit about the contacts had thrown her off but she choose to go with it as it made things simpler, however, she knew an explanation for the rest was in order. It was in the middle of her thoughts about the chapel Hector was working on and what a coincidence she had similar plan that Catnip made her question.

Oh? Me?, Roxanne responded, she leaned back and gave a deep sigh before continuing, Where haven’t I’ve been? Word of advice girls, stay away from magic if you can help it… it’s only been a mess for me ever since I’ve delved in it. Not like I haven’t been a mess before hand! Infuser notwithstanding. Roxanne chuckles a little to herself but stopped when she noted no one else shared her humor. She cleared her throat and continued. Well, a few days before I departed I got an invitation to a little reunion of people involved with Shadows of Arcana, you know, the group I belonged to before the cataclysm. So I go there and I have this heartwarming reunion with Rey here.

Roxanne waves her hand to point at Rey who waves back awkwardly. Hey is… a long lost friend of mine from before the cataclysm. He was affected by the shifting too so he is team shifting too! Anyways, I met with him and with Christina too. She was one of the founders of our little groups. So we talked and had a few drinks as friends do. I had planned to stay for a couple days but then...

Another deep sigh from Roxanne and then a few seconds of silence before continuing. The other shoe dropped… Turns out the guy who invited me was a baddie and wanted to make me his slave of sorts. He chooses the wrong ghost… in short I uhm... She looks around and see kathrine and as such decides it to tone it down in details. I took care of him so that he wouldn’t bother me anymore. And that should’ve been the end of that but it can never be that simple… As I went and did a little celebratory dance I was jumped by someone else, don’t worry, they were taken care of too, and I passed out. When I woke up I found out I had these lovely tattoos and ‘contacts’ too. I was also pretty week from the beating so I had to rest there for two weeks and recover. These two were really nice in taking care of but now I am back!

Despite being overly excited now, Roxanne gave Catnip and Kathrine time to process what she had said. Still, she didn’t give them time to respond as she continued. By the way, ‘nip, I wanted to tell you and ask you a few things… First, our group, SoA, is operational agains so if you hear the name know that it’s us. We miiiight use a few zombies in our ranks so that is why I am letting you know… to prevent any incidents. Second, well, my friends and I were discussing a few things, I won’t bore you with the details but I wanted to ask if you know of any place I could use to hold a small gathering? I want to put up posters and have a little gathering for a club of sorts I have in mind… if it’s ok with you that is...

With that Roxanne finally quieted down for a moment too and metaphorically catched her breath. She noticed Rey and Christina awkwardly smiling, not sure of what to do.

How rude of me… didn’t give anyone else the chance to speak… Rey, Christina, anything you wanna say or ask my friends here?

“Nah, I am all good for now. Thanks for the coffee Kathrine. Can I call you by your name? Or is it too early?”, Christina responded.

“There is nothing particularly that comes to mind. I am sure this isn’t the last time we will meet anyways, if I have an inquiry I’ll be sure to ask. Still, I am your service if you need anything.”, Rey said as well.

Well then, guess we have two shy ones here huh? Kinda unexpected. Anything else you two wanna ask us? Roxanne had suddenly gone to her “Eris” persona but this time it didn’t feel like a switch; for the first time it felt like the two were one in the same and it visibly intrigued Roxanne. She noted Catnip and Kathrine looking at her eye color shift and smiled. Oh that? What can I say, advance contacts. I can change my eye color from pink to purple but the outer part stays black...

Elsewhere Lucy and Roxanne’s new zombie servant, Leonard, were heading back to the tower that once belonged to Plague. They were driving Roxanne’s APC as she was using the motocycle she found in the meantime. Lucy was the driver while Leonard was reading a piece of paper Lucy had manifested when he had asked more details on the pieces of anomon.

The poem read as follows:
[Seven pieces, seven swords; seven mages, seven souls.
Three were broken, four remain; two made shields, one left dead.

Seven kingdoms survey the land; as the sun rises they make their final stand.
The skies will darken, the rivers will run dry; as he awakens all will surely die.

Seven mages are called upon; one common goal they all cling on.
Different kingdoms they represent, all to which to god they had repent.
They set aside their differences to defeat the monster; he who threaten to devour and conquer.

The seventh mage captured the beast, the first bore its mark.
The rest created the seals and together they divided it up.
The broken god was born, Anomon was no more.

Seven pieces, seven swords; seven mages, seven souls.
Three were broken, four remain; two made shields, one left dead.

Assimilation, Annihilation, Convergence, Despair, Pestilence, Storm and Void.
The power was taken, the typhoon quelled, the ailment cured and from the corpses two more were made.
Trinity and Fantasia, Guardians of the night.
They envied the union and fought it will all might.

The first through fourth was handed a sword.
Firth and six a shield in tow.
The seventh left empty handed, for their hand was too slow.

The mission was done, the goal accomplished.
Nothing was left, the goal was achieved.
The mages however still ploated with glee.

A puzzle emerged, one with dire consequences; for once the mages had passed the swords would remain.
They plotted a plan for the legacy to go on. One of 6 wielders would the whole set one day obtain.
Once united the god will be awoken and he who bears the mark will become his chosen token.
No one will stop, not even the bravest knight; for he will unite all armies under ever darker night.

One man will have the power, one man will expose the sham.
But by then it will be too late for salvation for he will be no other than the lamb.]

“What does it mean?”, Leonard asked.

“Read it carefully, it’s kinda obvious. Mind you, some of it is wishy-washy noustromous tier prophecy stuff but it holds up. It was written a few centuries ago by a man who knew he was about to die too…”


“Don’t worry about it… just, what do you think it means?”

“A group of people came together to seal a powerful being and sealed in swords? That much is clear but… can only be stopped by the lamb?”

“Ah yes, the lamb… back in the day people were very religious. They assumed if Anomon was reborn again it would bring the apocalypse himself and only the second coming of the messiah would stop him.”

“Messiah? Wait, aren’t you-“

“I don’t wanna talk about it ok? I am not as dumb as to rebel against dad a second time… Anyways, just shut up and think things through for a bit; gotta concentrate on driving… we’ll discuss it later...”

“As you wish Miss Morningstar.”

“Morningstar… jeesh, what was I thinking…”

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It seemed a bit odd to both Rey and Christina that a line had formed to see this Catnip person; was she really that important around here? Roxanne seemed to respect her and as Rey knew that was rather rare. The trio remained silent and rolled their eyes at the rude misling who seemed to have barged in, the three all to used to rude people in their respective lines of work before the cataclysm. They waited and made some small chit chat with the ones waiting in line saying that they needed some alone time with “Ms. Walker” and as soon as they left it they could meet with her.

For Roxanne and Rey, waiting was something they were used to and they did so patiently but Christina was another issue. She fidgeted and rocked back and forth with anticipation and growing boredom; she was by far the oldest person here yet the one who acted most like a child. When the door seemed to be opening Christina lit up but soon was disillusioned when it only opened slightly. Neither Rey nor Christina got a good glimpse of Katherine but they sure heard her voice when she made her particular accusation at Roxanne.

"What? Infu- Oh no, I hav-", Roxanne tried to say but she was interrupted by Kathrine going back inside slamming the door behind her with indignation; she quickly opened it again slightly, apologize for being rude and then close it again softly. Roxanne gave a nervous chuckle and then gave a deep sigh.

“Infusey? What was that all about?”, asked Rey

"Long story of when my stupidity in the post cataclysm began...", Roxanne answered.

“Your time as a mutey?”, Christina asked next. To that Roxanne simply nodded. While they waited a bit more Roxanne started to think of what she just witnessed and sensed. That spot she got a glimpse from Kathrine wasn’t there before, not that she could recall; guess she wasn’t the only one who got some new designs on her body. The smell of autumn from inside still lingered in her mind and she was grateful her senses had returned; that was one thing she could count with Kathrine, wherever directly or indirectly she could make Roxanne forget about her troubles for a moment with pleasant company. Then there was the way she was dressed; her own memories and those of Eris came to the front and she put two and two together causing her to smile a little. "About time...", she whispered to herself.

The door opened again, this time properly and fully and Katherine invited Roxanne in. “Uhm, who are they?”, Kathrine asked with both nervousness and curiosity. Her tail moved slightly obscured lightly by the long hoodie she had put on herself  and in her eye the same glim she got when she encountered new people was there. Roxanne had forgotten about the tackled hugs and almost expected her to do so at any moment but she was hesitating. Why? Well, these people seemed “mean”, specially the man who at 6’2” towered over everyone.

"Oh, they are some friends of mine. They are here for a visit and I was showing them around here. They too want to speak with Catnip if that is ok." Upon hearing that Kathrine smiled and simply said ok in her usual cheerful voice. “Catnip is still getting ready. I will make some coffee, you wait here ok?” Roxanne and company found somewhere to sit and soon Kathrine brought three cups of coffee. Now, both Rey and Roxanne couldn’t really drink the coffee due to being spirits but she knew better than to reject anything Kath had prepared so she gave a glance at Rey and took a sip of her coffee. Rey nodded and began to drank his cup too; the two would deal with processing it later. Christina on the other hand was enjoying her cup; the taste and the smell of the room that had been quickly tidied by Kathrine when she closed the door reminded her simpler times. Times before the cataclysm, before SoA, before any of her augmentations and mutations. It reminded her of a time in her youth when she was carefree and naive.

“Hey, this is really good!”, Christina exclaimed, “Haven’t had coffee like this in years. Did you make it yourself?” Kathrine nodded. “Well, thank you. What is your name?”


“Nice to meet you Kathrine, my name is Christina; at your service.”

Both Rey and Roxanne were a bit surprised, and pleasantly so, at how Christina was being. No jokes or pranks, no second hand innuendo; just a pleasant talk. It seems she was finally behaving her age...well, somewhat…

"Sooooo...", Roxanne said bringing the attention to herself, "Looks like  things have been busy around here lately huh? Pretty nice setup you got going here."

Katherine lit up and nodded enthusiastically. “It’s really nice isn’t it? Catnip will like to explain it to you I am sure, she likes that sort of thing.”

Roxanne laughed hardedly as she put down her now empty cup of coffee. "I am sure she will. Would be nice to have a chat about current events with her. Would also like to hear from you and how Mica is doing. Something tells me other things have changed beyond just the infrastructure." That last bit was delivered with a grin on her face to which Kathrine simply looked in confusion.

“Roxanne?”, Catnip said as she entered where they were gathered. “Oh, new people?” She then got a good look at Roxanne’s face. “So you have been using the infuser. You were told not to Roxanne.”

To that Roxanne first gave a deep sigh before answering. “No no, these are tattoos… and why my eyes are black where they should be white… uhhh… eye tattoos! Yes! It’s the new fad among middle age women with midlife crises…”

Now both Kathrine and Catnip looked at Roxanne confused the latter speaking up. “Uhhh, ok? What brings you here?”

“Well, it’s been a long time since we last had a chat and I would like to catch up a bit… that and as you can see I have some new friends and we would like to ask you a favor; nothing you need to do...we are more asking permission for something but that can wait. For now, what have you done with this place and the farm over all? Almost didn’t recognize it at first…”

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As the first rays of sunlight illuminated this particular corner of the arguably ruined earth, Roxanne walked into Walkerville proper with Rey and Christina in tow. The atmosphere was tense from recent events the trio did not know about. While Rey and Christina picked up on it and were rather wary about it, Roxanne simply continued nonchalantly with a smile on her face. Roxanne showed the other two around superficially as they walked towards Catnip's place, or what she assumed to be after asking some of the misling given many of the buildings were new or modified. Many of them looked at Roxanne with confusion and worry at her new “aesthetics”. The color of her Iris and Sclera along with the tattoos visible in her face and down to her neck were quite the visual for some yet others didn’t really pay much attention to as that was far from the weirdest thing they had experienced.

“So, this is where you live now?”, asked Rey.

6 years and counting.”, Responded Roxanne

“What’s with all the mice people?”, asked Christina.

Well, Catnip, our leader, went missing for about a year. We thought she had died and many of us mourned her... However, she eventually came back and with her she brought them here. They call themselves Misling and are very hardworking people. Apparently they were the result of science gone wrong.

“Huh, that’s quite the backstory…”

As with anything in this farm, nothing is simple. We have had spirits of death and harvest, people have died and come back like myself, lots of magic shenanigans and the occasional science experiment. If I were you, I would drop every expectation you have, this place can be… colorful...

The trio walked forwards, Christina waved at the pacing Misling while Rey seemed to be in discomfort. Roxanne took noticed and promptly brought it up. “You ok there Rey? You aren’t looking so hot...” He looked up at her and made a forced smile. “Yeah, I am fine it’s just that it’s been 3 weeks since my last… meal… feel kinda weak right now...”

It’s been three weeks already?!”, Roxanne exclaimed, “Christ time flies sometimes...

“Yeah, it does… and from what I hear you people have been very through at chasing off bandits and most of GA…”

Roxanne gave a deep sigh. “How much longer do you have?

“About a week…”

Alright… Damn it Rey, I told you I was done fighting… But whatever, I will help you find a meal after I am done catching up here. Just give me a couple days ok? Anyways, we are here.” Roxanne stood in front of what she was told was were catnip lived now. She was quite impressed with what had been done to the place and if she was honest a bit intimidated as well.

“What is wrong, having cold feet?”, Christina asked.’s just… things have changed I suppose. It’s been only two weeks but it feels like forever...

It wasn’t know to any of them about the whole ordeal with the undead rising a while ago or that Catnip had assisted with it. Roxanne knew she might not be home but she could wait. With a small sense of hesitation and dread, she knocked on the door and awaited an answer.

Another day that of hiding in plain sight had begun. Melody woke up from her assigned sleeping spot; she went to the changing area to put on her proper outfit she had adopted here, which included her blindfold during nighttime, ate some of the canned food she was given and went on her way to her work station. It was once she reached her work spot that she heard it again, Despair started to speak.

“Hey, Melody…”, said Despair suddendly. This shocked Melody for various reasons. First, there was no usual banter by speaking formally. Second, she referred to her as Melody rather than Marrie. Lastly, her “tone”, for lack of a better word in the context of telepathic communications, was off as if something was bothering the sword spirit.

“Oh, hey there Despair, what’s up?”, Melody responded. She had been tempted to start teasing Despair back but this seemed to not be the time.

“So… Are you comfortable here?”

Melody found the question odd. She was content in her position here and was secluded as order; besides, this was Despair’s idea after all. “Yeah, I am. No complaints here. Why?”

“Even with the higher ups seemingly distraught over something? That’s good to hear…” There was a pause which further worried Melody but eventually Despair spoke up again. “Listen, a few things have happened and it’s worrying me… Maybe that being from your dream was right and we should move… No sure, want your thoughts on it.”

“Things? What sorta things?”

“Well… First of all, I have reconnected with Void and Conveyance. Their signature seems different and they have made no attempt to communicate… I can’t detect Assimilation anywhere but traces of it seem to be in Luna’s signature…”

“Roxanne? Wait, you called her Luna?”

“That’s not the point Mel! Anyways, yes, but not only that. Seems like Roxanne’s own signature had changed slightly… I fear the worst…”

Melody was starting to get even more concern now. For Despair to be worried something big must have happened and she didn’t like it one bit. “What do you think happened?”

“This is just a possibility but it fits the data… I have no other explication but to think that Roxanne has become Assimilation’s wielder… and you know what that means…”

“Wait… are you saying…”

“Yes, that is what I am saying… Worse, she seems to have access to Void and Conveyance but has made no attempt to assimilate them… Something is off Melody… I don’t like it…”

“Despair… that can’t be… Roxanne would never… she couldn't have ok?! She is not gone!” Melody was starting to get a bit too loud for her own good and was beginning to sob a bit.

“Calm down… please… I might be wrong… I don’t know what is going on but… We need to make a decision before Roxanne finds us…”

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Nearby Walkerville in the necropolis Roxanne sat on the roof of an SUV eating an ice cream bar. She was amazed at the rich flavors and textures it gave. “Hey, this whole spiritual comestible line is really good! Being able to taste something, even if it doesn’t give me nurishment, is nice.”, Roxanne commented after finishing the snack.

“I am glad you liked it. You and Rey deserve to enjoy the little pleasures in life just like the rest of us.”, Christina responded. She was standing on the roof next to Roxanne on her right and to her left Rey was standing. The two had come from the convoy to meet her with Roxanne as she explained her vision.

“Getting back to the topic at hand,” Rey interjected with the other two looking at him, “So this is what you want to focus on now Luna? Got to say, quite unexpected of you, what made you seek this path so suddenly.”

It was then the three of them heard the scream; be it with augmented hearing or by supernatural means the scream was loud and clear. Rey deployed his laser rifle and Christina her yo-yo but Roxanne soon stood up and lowered their hands with her own as she shook her hand. “That is why Rey. Listen to that. That has been the norm for the last 8 years. And what were you two going to do? Raise your weapons and fight; is that all we can do? I don’t think so… Look, this is how the future could look.

Roxanne extended her hands outwards signaling the others to look in front. On the street below in front of the SUV was about two dozen zombies standing still. They looked at the trio with what almost appeared like curiosity. Not single sound from them as they shuffled in place looking as if awaiting orders. “Look at them, so obedient. They had lost their will to fight, only because I understand them. No one else bothered to and now they are at my mercy.” Roxanne looked at the zombies before closing her eyes and snapping her fingers. The gathered undead fell to the ground then and there and they would not be getting up. “What a waste… but no one is ready for them to assimilate. Oh well, baby steps am I right?

It wasn’t the little display that worried Rey and Christina; this was the same power Plague had after all. No, it was what she had said that worried them. “Shouldn’t we go and see if anyone needs help?”, Rey asked. Roxanne busted out laughing. “Help? Walkervie, The Hall, The Center? Please, I am sure better men have been deployed to handle whatever that was. Besides, you two don’t really have jurisdiction here don’t you? You two have come here as ambassadors of SoA so let the locals handle it.

“Well, you are a local here right? Why don’t you go and check it out then? We can follow suit and help if need be.”, Christina asked. Roxanne wave her hand dismissively. “I am done with this whole faux warrior thing. Eris and I have had our fun in that department but it’s time we retired from that. I am no longer a huntress, no, I am now Purifier Luna.

Rey and Christina looked at each other for a moment before Christina addressed Roxanne once more. “So, what are we supposed to do now?” Roxanne jumped off the SUV with the other two following suit. “Well, I need to take a sample of this zeds to Medi whenever she is available. I should also let everyone else know I am back now and have a little talk with Catnip, our leader, about a little gathering space… Are Leonard and Lucy heading back to the tower?

“Yes, they left as soon as we got off.”, Rey responded.

Good, alright. You two have your meeting with Helen from what Clara let us know. I’ll let you guys handle the bureaucracy, it was never my thing. Does that seem like a good agenda for now?” Rey and Christina nodded. “Alright, in that case, grab me a leg from one of the corpses here, wrap it in the blanket and let’s go.

She was tempted to wear her mask, go and hide her face but no; this look of hers was due to her own past mistakes and they should serve of a reminder of her… not like she had plenty of them already. With her wooden masked strapped to the back of her head she guided the other two as they walked towards walkerville. Eris had been rather silent as of yet and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. It seemed that at least for now Luna was the dominant personality.

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bNight eventually came; Eris and Hector had their little discussion and while he choose to go to bed she stayed up reading some of the books Luna hadn’t touched yet. Soon after the moon showed itself in the night sky Luna finally “awoke”

Well look who decided to wake up. How was your nap?”, Eris asked

Nap? You call that a nap?Funny...

Eris shrugged, still in control of their body. “I don’t know what to call it.
What the hell happened anyways? What was that whole passing out thing?


Reconstitution? What?

To put it simply, we are tied to the wound in the veil now. Any changes to it will affect us as well. It seems like something in it was patched and as such our information, as Victor would put it, rebalanced itself to find a stable spot. If it wouldn’t have found one that would’ve been it for us.

Eris stayed silent; hearing this was not what disturbed her as she could’ve have pulled the information from their shared memory. No, what disturbed her was just how calm Luna was about the whole thing. Dry, clean and sterile delivery as if it didn’t matter. “Ok… That still doesn’t explain why you went silent for so long.

Due to my past shenanigans I am a bit more complex than you so it took a bit longer to reconstitute me than you.

...I will choose to not take that as an insult...

Good because it wasn’t meant as one.

They two stayed silent. Luna had not bothered to asked Eris for control of their body yet and it was somehow concerning. The two personalities were acting as separate entities more than ever before; was their progress to coalesce being undone?

Luna, are you ok? Seems to me something is bothering you...

If Luna was the one on the wheel this would’ve made her chuckle a bit. “Seems we are still far from coalescing if you cannot pick it up... Well, let me ask you. What is the one universal thing every creature post-cataclysm has fought for? Why do we go on loot runs and fight the hordes of the undead? What in the end are we striving for.

All of the sudden, Eris could now read Luna again, things were returning to normal... well as normal as they could be relative to them. Luna toon over their body seemingly subconsciously and Eris didn’t notice. “Survival?

Luna nodded and gave a deep sigh. She closed the book Eris was reading and looked at its cover. She smirked and put the book away before continuing. “Survival... is that all we are good for? Look at us, are we just going to wait until they day we stop existing?”, Roxanne told herself, “Well, I don’t want to just sit idly by. The veil is something we can’t really mess around with and no doubt better people are working on it and basic survival has not been an issue for years. It think we should focus on the middle, relief the symptoms of the cataclysm; learn it’s cause and both contain and assimilate them. Humanity was here first, it’s only fair we too seek out our place in this world.

Eris was now slightly more confused but she knew where this was coming from and where it was leading. “The symptoms? What do you mean?

The dead starting rising, creature from other worlds arrived, our fellow man started to change and mutate… and what did we do? Well, what we always do as a species when there is something we don’t understand. We fought… We fought, we secured, we survived. The survivors quickly learned to kill the zombies but very few bothered to understand it. What does it want? Why does it attack us? Can we reason with it in any way? Nah, it’s easier to hack and slash...

There was a long pause there. Roxanne placed here hands on her forehead as if stressed over something. “We have been doing this for almost a decade and it has all been meaningless. My transformations,our deaths, the enemies we fought… all meaningless. We could’ve just stayed here, rebuild like we had and justs keep to ourselves but no, the call to adventure was to hard for any of us to resist and in my case… our case… drove us to become abominations… I am tired of all of it you know? No more fighting, no more the next mission… Those areas have already been taken...

Then what do you propose?”, asked Eris. She was curious, concerned and astounded by what she heard.

I want to learn. Figure out the rules of this new world. I want to see what is safe, what needs to be destroyed and anything between. I want to share my findings with the world so that one way we may once more claim our spot as he dominant species. It took about 2 and a half centuries after industrialization for us to reach our peak; I am sure given what we now have available we can do it again...

More silence filled the room. The two needed not to talk about it anymore; they knew it others views and thoughts and a conclusion was quickly reached in their psyches. “We will need manpower you know? I really doubt we can do this alone? Should we get SoA involved i. this? The Flames of Arcana?

Nah, they have their own goals and objectives. We can use the resources of SoA if need be and I am sure Helen and Victor will be willing to help some once we start producing results.

Fair enough… than what about Hector, I am sure he would be willing and someone we can trust.

Roxanne got up and sat next to him by the bed. She stroked his hair as he slept making her smile. “Hector is a warrior at heart. I can’t ask him to lower his sword. Although from the mistakes from before I learned a thing or too… first, we won’t leave him in the dark and if he wishes to help I am certain we can find something for him to do...

Ok then… then who do you propose?

Well, there are dozen of misling here who are loyal and hardworking. I am sure some will be interested in our cause. Besides, maybe they can be the first thing we can learn about… mutations, yes… learn them so that no one follows in GA’s footsteps...” Roxanne had a gleam in her eyes and then an epiphany. With do excitement she go up from where she was and got a pen and paper.

Already getting to work?

Yes.Just leaving a note for Hector.

So much for not leaving him in the dark...”, Eris teased.

Shut up… I just need to gather a few material, talk to a couple people around here and get this ball rolling. Might even have to go to the center… Afterwards we will tell the knight here all about it and hopefully with good news.

Without any time to waste, Roxanne finished up the note and put on her entire get up. One piece leather suit, cloak, revolvers, bandolier and katar. She gave Hector one last look as she stepped out of the room into the night. “As long as the sun still shines...”, Luna whispered before both she and Eris started laughing.

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((Co-written with Chaosvolt))

After her reunion with Jim, Roxanne started to make her way back to the farm. There really wasn’t anything left to do for the day. Clara should be with Victor by now, she pondered visiting them. Maybe she could go and visit Catnip, Mica and the others; maybe they noticed her absence or maybe they did not but either way she rather them find out about her tattoos and other quirks. For now she figured she would head back to her room and check on her things properly.

It was when she was half way back to the farm that it started. Roxanne was feeling a bit heavy and movement was becoming difficult; it was almost as if she was becoming fatigued. “Hey Eris, it’s really hot today don’t you think?”, Roxanne asked to herself in an attempt at distraction at her current situation.

Yeah, but, what is it with this sudden fatigue? I don’t feel all that good…

I don’t know… let’s just get… back to our room.

The symptoms worsened as she advanced. The heat she was feeling was getting worse and it was becoming ever more difficult to walk. Chills and aches started to manifest all over her body as well followed by a cough. By the time she was in the farm itself her consciousness was hazy.

Eriiiiis… h-help me…” No answer. Roxanne walked seemingly on auto-pilot. Her legs were starting to gave way and she almost lost her footing a couple times. Despite all odds she made it to the door of her room. She abruptly and loudly threw the door open. The moment she did, she coughed and green, viscous fluid spewed from her mouth and into the floor. Roxanne looked at it curiously for a moment. “What?...”, she asked to herself confused before collapsing to the floor, eyes still wide open.

Hector had been there in the room still, regarding the notes he’d been studying, and lost in thought. She was back, but she’d told him almost nothing of what happened, and he still didn’t know of her fusion with the other Roxanne. When she entered the room a clear sense of worry crossed he face, able to tell something was up. “Roxanne? What’s wr-” Her suddenly vomiting, only to collapse, interrupted his question.

He rushed over without hesitation, immediately supporting her, to try and carry her over to the bed, laid on her side as he checked her breathing and pulse. “How the hell...this isn’t supposed to happen, not when you’re already a spirit.” he muttered, setting aside any belongings that got in the way of examining her. That allowed him to finally get a look at the items she’d returned with, and that only left him more confounded.

Roxanne remained on moving while he carried her to the bed, set her on her side, and set aside her belongings. Her eyes were unblinking and despite the heat she was feeling herself she felt cold to the touch. After a few moments she blinked only for her eyes to turn purple; she then let out a groan of discomfort before speaking.

What the… the hell? I can’t… move?

Roxanne’s eyes darted around until they locked at Hector. “Knight? You are Hector right? Luna’s boy- our boyfriend, I mean…” She quieted down for a moment before coughing a bit more. “Fuck… I-I feel horrible…

Hector was stunned, nervous as he tried to figure out what would help, and when their eyes met there was a curious unfamiliarity to her gaze. “It’s me, Hector...what do you mean, our...what’s going on?” he asked, worry giving way to outright fear. “Tell me if there’s anything you need that’ll help, if not I might need to get...not sure if it’d be the center or the Hall, nothing seems off medically from just a quick check.” he explained.

Roxanne laughed slightly before being interrupted by another cough. “Medically? We, I mean I, am too far gone for that to apply… I don’t know what’s going on...feels like a fever? Have an ice pack, maybe that would help? I don’t know anymore…” Her eyes wandered to her hands before looking back at Hector. “Huh… seems Luna has passed out? Didn’t know that was a thing… I will explain things as best I can, you must have lots of questions… for now I need you to help us reset, can you that for me? The instructions might seem weird but... I need you to trust me ok? Please?

Hector nodded at that, holding up a likely old chemical cold pack, uncertain if it’d still work as he offered it to her, sitting at the bedside. “So it seems Roxanne has more going on in there than just herself. Just as she’s traded the sword she was in for...what looks like the katar I forged, except...” He sighed a bit, shaking his head. “Nevermind, we’ll get to that. I will then. Ask me what I need to do.

Eris gave a deep sigh as the explanation that followed wasn’t an easy one. Besides, it was Luna that was in charge of spirit shenanigans like this but now that was she asleep or whatnot she had to take over .“Ok, this might seems a bit weird but once you do it you will understand… So you see the Katar? That is us now...I need you to grab it and I will grant you temporary dominion over us,me? Me. Now, you will feel a slight pull of sorts, not really a physical pull, hard to explain… Just don’t let the sword suggest anything. Once you feel that pull simply order us to reset… It’s the equivalent of turning your phone off and on… If you can do that for me I would really appreciate it…

Hector listened intently, stunned by her explaining that was the sword she was bound to, carefully taking it up. “So be it then...” he said, closing his eyes. He could sense it, a vague tug in the back of his mind. Having handled the cursed sword, a brief experience with the sword of despair, and having used the sword she was formerly bound to, this was something he could shove aside and ignore, calmly speaking up. “I command you to reset...

A small smile formed on her face as Hector followed her instructions. He seemed to resist the pull well enough which was a relief given that otherwise she wouldn’t hear the end of it from Luna. Once the command was uttered Roxanne went limp on the bed with her eyes close this time. Suddenly her tattoos gave of a slight purple glow; not enough to light up the room but enough to be noticeable. A few moments later Roxanne was jolted awake gasping as she sat upright; her eyes were still purple signifying which personality was still present.

“W-well holy shit… that was something… wouldn’t mind doing that again… felt… pleasant. Anyways, seems Luna is still asleep but now I can move again and I don’t feel quite as bad…” She looked down where the green vile she spewed had hit the ground to find only essence. A few ideas came to mind from that but they were quickly ignore in favor of the situation at had. “Uhhh, thanks a lot for that… I now see what Luna sees in you… Now, she is still asleep and I have nothing else to do at the moment, guess an explanation is in order? Like why I keep saying ‘we’ and ‘us’...

Hector watched, cautiously sheathing the katar, now handling it by the scabbarding instead as he set it down. He looked her other, sitting down beside her. “Alright then. I’d already guessed you’re someone else in there...and it seems this katar is neither Despair nor Void, correct? At least based on how it feels versus how handling the others felt. Assuming it’s still one of those other swords, that leaves...Assimilation and one other, right?” he asked.

At his analysis Roxanne gave a laugh. “Ha, very good, you catch on quick. Well, I was another person, this world’s version of Roxanne or her alt as you people call us. However, due to Luna her being a whimsical girl with a deathwish she and I have now become one. Currently we are struggling with mixing our personalities since we are really not that compatible so it feels like we are two different people and we act like it too… To avoid confusion, I go by Eris Grey and when my eyes are purple you are speaking with me, when the eyes are pink you are speaking with Luna. As for the swords… this here katar became Assimilation and due to more arcane happenings the original consciousness of it was destroyed and we became it instead. So congrats, you are now dating 1/4th of a literal god. That should cover the basics. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll fill in the blanks oh knight in shining armor.

Hector hmmed a bit at that, surprised as he listened to her. “So you’re...I see. A pleasure to meet you then, Eris. Not quite what I expected given Helen’s the only one to say anything of you. Though when she mentioned an...incident during the last major problem Roxanne got herself into, I would’ve hoped we’d get the chance to meet under more pleasant circumstances.” he admitted, before giving a sigh.

So I guess the main thing that leaves is...what happened? Roxanne didn’t say much of this yet. I...jesus she gets me worried sometimes. If it isn’t getting her body stolen, or literally dying...” he said softly, his previous worry giving way to a momentary exasperation.

Eris shook her head with a smile on her face before setting a hand on his shoulder. “I am sorry you have to put up with us. On behalf of all Roxanne’s out there, I feel your pain.” She then tried her best to not laugh. “Ok, sorry, had to do that. But yeah, we are a mess. We weren’t supposed to meet but take a girl like us, give us magic and add the wound in the veil and then you have sentient swords with midlife crisis as a result. As for what happened. Well, it all started as most of the messes Luna, I and Victor are involved with do: she was contacted by an arcane entity. She talked with it, as you do, and asked what it wanted. For some reason or another she accepted an invitation to go and discuss a deal of some sort. Well, to no one's surprise said entity turned on her. Said entity was no other than the sword of assimilation itself using the host of a mad man who wanted to shape the world in it’s image of whatnot. Well, the fucker had managed to get 3 of the pieces, void being supplied by Luna, and then was was about to assimilate Roxanne too. Now, due to the veil being the way it is, it backfired and Roxanne ended up being the wielder of the 3 pieces for like 5 minutes until a higher power came, beat her up and then sealed her as Assimilation due to the fact she literally ate, yes ate, the original consciousness. Since it was her fault she would take Assimilation place as a piece and here we are. A couple other things though: the tattoos are arcane seals to keep her stable, if they are damage she might cease to exist; if the sword gets destroyed, it will be reincarnate with a new consciousness leaving us behind and once again we cease to exist; and also once the wound in the veil is fix, don’t fully understand what that is about myself, we will also disappear. Fun! That answer your question?

Hector gave a blank stare at Eris when she was done, only to...promptly facepalm at that. “And she...didn’t tell me anything before setting out on this stupid quest. She could’ve been killed. You know, again.” he said. “Which...I’m guessing isn’t new to you, given the place Roxanne died at was already devoid of life.” he added, before shaking his head. “And on top of that, you’re saying she’ll be gone for good if this ever gets fixed? I...” He trailed off, looking down. “As much as I love her, she’s going to be the death of me at this rate. I think I get why Helen would get so frustrated with Victor. She can’t keep doing things like this...

Eris’ expression changes to; it went from whimsical amusement to something akin to sympathy. “So that is how you feel huh? Listen, I have no experience with relationships at all but knowing her and myself she does behave pretty reckless for someone who has someone worrying about her.” She looked around as if looking for something. “I don’t know if I should do this but… Well, I have access to all her memories and thoughts as she has mine; I currently feel like I have no stake in this despite the fact I kinda do so it wouldn’t be to hard for me to reveal something to you… something Luna would never admit to you or even herself…

Luna and I have something in common; we both value our sovereignty very much. We despise authority and don’t like being tied down or being told what to do. This translates to every facet of our life including social interactions… Because of this I never bothered with relationships, didn’t want to be beholden to anyone. I would have my five minutes of fun and then move on… that is why I had so few people I called friends in the first place… there was Victor and a couple other hunters I called friends but that was it. Now Luna is the same, she doesn’t want to be tied down and I feel her actions are a way to prove to herself she is still free in a way. She fell for you Hector and being the whimsical girl she is she decided to give the whole having a significant other thing a shot. Were it me I wouldn’t have.. Yet she still wanted to retain her freedom; she still adhere to the normal boundaries that are expected of a monogamous relationship from what I see, but she still wanted to go on raids and missions, the call for adventure. She didn’t tell you this because I assume she saw it as some sort of betrayal? I don’t know. Anyways, that attitude is what led her to now. If it brings you any comfort know that I will keep her in line; I am not going to let her stupidity compromise my existence. Keep her, us, me, close and things should settle down on their own now…

And one last thing on that vein… She choose you as her partner… I didn’t… I won’t do anything to get in the way of that but know that I may not be present much… this whole thing is still new to me… still, if you wanna ask me something feel free. Guess the only reason we are talking now is because SOMEONE WON’T WAKE UP!... That didn’t work...worth the shot...

Hector gave a sigh at that, before nodding when she finally finished. “I see. That...that makes sense. I sometimes feel a similar drive to always keep myself occupied. And she knows she’s one of the reasons why I’ve ended up staying. That and Catnip, the center...still.” He gave a little sigh. “There’s a difference between retaining one’s independence and leaving others in the dark, getting themselves in trouble and leaving everyone ignorant. Every single time, I’ve had to find out after the fact what happened, and wasn’t there to help...these days even I rarely go on a mission alone, and either way I keep people informed. Is it not possible to do that without feeling tied down?

Eris nodded at his statement. “People are complicated Hector, what you assume is perfectly logical and obvious might be an alien concept to someone else. What was the name of those xenophobes you guys were fighting constantly? God’s Army? To you it’s clear that killing mutants just because of who they are is wrong but they don’t see it that way; difference of opinion to the extreme and because of that you two are enemies. Hell, some people thinking killing is bad altogether, a certain catgirl from Luna’s memories comes to mind, but neither you are I are uncomfortable getting our hands dirty. This is what it comes down to, a difference of opinion. I can see why it’s frustrating but it’s how it is. Still, doesn’t help she never talks about it…” After saying that she stayed silent for a moment and then bursted out laughing. “Ha, isn’t that hypocritical of me?! And I am still speaking as if we are two different people. This is gonna take some getting used to…

Hector nodded at that. “True...I suppose when the time is right I’ll talk to her about it, but for now there’s not much else one can do. Still, er...thank you.” he said, looking back a bit. “I get the feeling this will be a long day...

“Ha, tell me something I didn’t know!”, Clara responded to Victor’s statement after sipping some coffee, “I have been keeping tabs on you and this place ever since I received that radio signal from Luna all those years back. Wanted to come and meet you sooner but… things got complicated. Still, I have eyes and ears everywhere little brother. Anything else I should know?”

Victor was still processing what the two had discussed. So he had a sister that he had disowned due to SoA. Made sense to him but now that his mind wasn’t clouded with the weight of his past that really seemed like a stupid and cold move. “Eh, not really. Still getting used to life now I supposed. Finding out I had a sister surely didn’t help get things on track…

Clara chuckled and took another sip of coffee. “I am sure it didn’t. But don’t worry, I am back and I won’t be leaving you any time soon. I can help you Victor, I can help you become what father always wanted out of us… I am sorry… that doesn’t matter now…”

Father? What do you mean?

“Don’t worry about that… just a slip of my mouth… I am just glad to have you back. All those years lost… I want to make them up. So, if you have anything that plagues you, don’t hesitate to ask me ok?”

Despite what she said and what the Aura spell indicated, Victor was still very hesitant yet it felt right to open up to her. She didn’t seem to be lying and there was no indication of ill will. Maybe it was alright if he brought up the note to her… “Well, there is one thing that maybe you can help me with…

“Oh, and what would that be?’

It’s a long story… requires an explanation that spans all the way from when I was partners with Blackmore…

At hearing that name Clara’s expression turned to disgust. “Her… so she is still plaguing you to this day huh? Alright… what can I help you with?”

Helen meanwhile had been heading to their quarters to check on Victor and Thomas, surprised to see a figure standing there with him. “Oh. Hello?” she said, a bit surprised, but given all the experiences they’ve had lately noticeably a bit wary, the expression clear as she wasn’t wearing her mask at the moment.

At the sight of Helen entering the room Victor calmly ignore his previous comment and stopped himself from getting his journal out. Clara smiled at Helen and looked back at Victor. “From the way she is dressed I assume that is Helen?”

“Behave…”, Victor warned.

“Oh I will, don’t want to embarrass you more than you have embarrassed yourself no doubt. Besides, I am not the one who had qualms with the Cleansing Flame aster all.” After that she calmly returned to drinking her coffee.

Victor gave a deep sigh before addressing Helen. “Guess introductions are in order… Helen, this is Clara...Clara Ironwood, my sister… Clara, this is Helen McKinnon, my partner...

Clara extended her hand and waved at Helen. “Nice to finally meet you. Taking care of him? Sorry about the headaches he surely has given you…”

Helen gave a polite nod to Clara, surprised at that. “Wife you mean, lack of ceremonies aside you did offer the ring, after all.” she teased, only to give a nod. “A surprise to meet you, Clara, but a pleasant one in any case. Better than Roxanne running off for gods-know-what reason. As for headaches, due to...recent events things have been far less hassle to be honest. As...bad as I feel, admitting that memory loss seems to have made him less inclined to do stupid things involving the arcane.

Clara blinks in surprised at Helen’s words before looking at Victor. “You put a ring on it? Didn’t know you had it in you! Seems she has been doing a good domesticating you in my absence.”

What is that supposed to mean?!”, Victor exclaimed.

“Haha! Still so easy to mess with, glad that didn’t change. Memory loss or not you are still my younger brother after all.”

Can both of you cool it down a bit… this is getting to be a bit too much for my comfort…

“Fine, I will talk to your wife then.” Clara shifted her attention to Helen. “Well, it’s good to see we met in good terms. As for the arcane stuff, he was always a curious one and that led him into trouble. Discipline, like in all things it is required with the arcane. He was good enough to be recruited by that arcane club of his, so was I but I rejected the offer; so I guess you and I both know what it’s like to be at odds with SoA. Well, good to know he has at least cooled off.”

She took a sip of her coffee and then look at Victor again. “Hey, where are your manners? Make your wife a cup and make me another one too if you will.”

Victor grumbled and got up to make more coffee given he needed a cup too. “This is my life now…”, he whispered to himself under his breath.

“Anyways, how are things going for you Helen? Tell me about yourself.”

Healen gave a nod as she sat down, first checking that Thomas was alright. “Well, unlike him I was basically born into this, and for a while things went...about as expected for the Cleansing Flame. To be honest, first time the two of us met was on the battlefield, but we never clashed. Instead it ended in Roxanne’s death, along with several of my friends.” she explained.

Then when we ended up meeting again, here...some things I’d encountered along the way made me better understand that, as dangerous as Shadows of Arcana could be, we needed to be able to make peace, and work out the flaws in both orders. Ending up here at a place that was effectively neutral ground helped.” she said, before accepting the coffee with a nod.

Victor sat down after giving the both of them a cup and then drinking from his own. “From what I’ve gathered apparently we had some slight animosity but that changed rather quickly. A few arcane incidents here and there happened and now we are here.

“Born into it huh? So you must have quite the first hand experience in your area.”, Clara added, ”Victor here and I have some innate affinity with the Arcane which allowed us a head start. But my brother’s is a bit finicky; hell, is aura spell is even colorblind. And you know what, I applaud you wanting to bring the orders together; a lesser person would just try to annihilate the other. For you to put up with the enemy like that is admirable… That will make my ‘boss’ really happy to hear…”

Helen nodded as she listened, taking a sip of the coffee before regarding Clara with concern. “Indeed, ideally we...both would like to form a new order, combining the best of our own traditions, educating so that these practices can be done safely. Who is your boss, if I may ask?

Clara smirked a bit at the question. “Your own order huh? That’s too bad, kinda wanted to recruit you two, oh well. An alliance sounds good too. Excuse me, an explanation is in order.”

“Well, for all intents and purposes the old SoA is dead. It’s members scattered in the post-cataclysm for their own survival. Some probably tried to revive the order but must surely have failed for it to not be know. Well, I am part of a group who is trying to do the same; revive SoA with a different goal in mind, containment and protection. There are many dangerous things out there and it’s best if we understood and learned how to deal with them. This is where my ‘boss’ comes in… Her name is Christina and well… she is one of the original founders of SoA back when it split off from The Cleansing Flame, she says she wants to speak to you some time...something about healing old wounds. Now, you will probably not want to join us then but would you consider some sort of partnership or alliance? Sorry that this became a business meeting all of the sudden…”

She was surprised by this, though part of her expected some peculiar business would happen, at that offer she smiled some. “A partnership may be the best approach then. I that, in fact. To be able to resolve this in a more official manner, at last. A founder of SoA, and the daughter of two of the the Cleansing Flame’s founders...I would hope if there is any others among our old order still out there, that would set an example to foster peace.

“Peace huh? That’s something many of us haven’t had in a while. It’s almost been a decade since it all went to hell...but some of us were already there weren’t we? Anyways, yeah, that would really be something to look forward to. I’ll let her know you’ve agreed to the meeting. Now. what title would you like to go by? You know, for official reasons”

Helen gave a nod at that. “My mother and father both passed on the old rank of thane from the days when they were part of Odin’s Oath, but...Sister Helen would suffice.” she answered.

“As you wish when. I will arrange the meeting between Founder Christina and Sister Helen then. But for now let’s relax some. I wanna catch up with my dear brother here.”

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Soon after their little reunion, Roxanne excused herself to Hector as she fetched her things. She reminded him that the two weren’t supposed to meet just yet and still had to take care of a couple things. After a goodbye kiss the knight, she put her mask back on and exited their shared room. Her destination wasn’t too far off yet she still didn’t quite know what to expected. Roxanne walked north towards a particular clearing in the dense woods near walkerville; she used to frequent it when she needed some alone time with nature but now she had a guarding looking over it and she wanted to check on him.

As Roxanne walked, her modified two-way radio sounded off; it was Leonard. “Hello, Leo? What’s up? Something holding you back en-route back to the tower?”, Roxanne asked

“Yeah… about that…”, Leonard responded, “We still haven’t moved… A little argument broke out. It seems Clara doesn’t want to meet without seeing her little brother and Christina is taking her side. Rey and Lucy don’t care either way but are pointing out you must have your reasons for us to go.”

Roxanne gave a deep sigh before answering. “Tell you what, tell them to stay put there for the night and tomorrow I’ll give them a tour of walkerville myself. As for Clara, make her take Void and Coalescence, give her a ride to the Hall and let her talk to Victor. While she is there, tell her to put the two pieces in the little warded drawer they have going; gonna need to ask Helen to help me make one some time soon…

“Understood...just one thing if I may…”

What is it?

“Void and Coalescence won’t be too happy that you made them dormant and then put them in a drawer. They see you as their mother you know? Might make them...unstable…”

Don’t worry about it; they have the mentality of children. I’ll deal with it later, just do as you are told ok? Luna and Grey out.

The two way radio went silent afterwards and Roxanne put it back in its place. She have a deep sigh and rubbed the sides of her head. “It’s always something with you people...

Well, you don’t make things easier either you know?

Not now Eris! I am not in the mood...

Awwww, don’t want to talk to yourself either?

Without saying a word Roxanne continued walking forwards as thoughts went through her mind; thoughts that were both her and Eris. She became more and more confused and needed clarification and what better way than talking to herself on the matter to see if she missed any little details.

Hey Eris, you there?

Oh, look who decided to talk... Of course I am here, where else would I be?

Right right… Listen, there is something that I still don’t get...

There’s a surprise...

Shut up this is important!

Fine, what do you want?

Why are we still talking, pretending and outright feeling like we are two different people?

Oh that? Well, it’s kinda obvious from what Lucy said.

What do you mean?

Well, we were two different people who became a single consciousness, and rather forcefully at that. We have different personalities and some aspect of that make us incompatible due to some differences we have. Think of it like the arcane version of Multiple-personalities disorder.

Right right… but how do we fix it? It’s starting to get annoying arguing with...myself of all people...

I feel ya sister! Well, Lucy said that it would naturally happen over the course of a couple decades which is when our personalities will coalesce into one.

Did you just say decades?! What?!

Calm down, that is just the default time frame. It can occur much sooner if we work out those difference of ours that are incompatible. If one can convince the other of the other of their point of view in all those fronts then we would be able to coalesce much sooner.

Huh, so we need to talk things over then… What sorta things?

Well, we have different values, belief and moral compasses so we should focus on those. We can either deal with them as they come or we can set aside time now and again to deal with them.

Eh, I can set aside some time to talk to myself some more. Anything we could discuss that comes to mind?

Well, one that comes to mind is that fact that you won’t allow me to mess around with neither guys or girls...

Roxanne stopped in her tracks; another argument was about to erupt and she knew if she continue walking she would wander elsewhere. “Goddammit Eris you fucking slut! I already told you I am straight so I won’t allow you to fool around with girls. And we have a boyfriend!

Correction, you have a boyfriend. How is it my fault you decided to give up and settled down with the knight? Besides, you let him fool around, why can’t we?

Bitch, you know very well why! I am a ghost remember? I can’t know...satiate his ‘needs’ properly… so if he wants to seek that elsewhere he is free to do so...

And what about our needs huh? Do those not count for anything?

Ghost remember, we don’t really have any.

Oh really now?” Eris forcibly took control for a moment; she took her right hand and jabbed her fingers on her upper chest where the main tattoo seal was. Right before she struck she handed over control to Luna again. Luna fell to her knees as the sensations form the jab took hold and she moaned loudly before plating her hands on the ground as well.

Y-you fucking cunt! Do-don’t you ever...ever d-do that again!”. Roxanne exclaimed in between hard breaths.

Awww, what’s wrong? Luna can’t take a little teasing?”, Eris responding in their mind not bothering taking hold of the body to let Luna feel everything.

F-fuck off!

Anyways, I made my point. You can’t use being a ghost as an excuse anymore.

Roxanne slowly go up and then dusted herself after regaining her composure; she adjusted her mask and continued in the direction of the clearing. “I am not having this conversation with you now… I have a mission to complete why thank you...

Fiiiine, but I am not dropping it...

A while later Roxanne found the clearing in the woods. She walked towards it noting the bright sunlight that permeated through the trees signaling she was close. A bit of excitement took hold as she approached but that soon turned to dread and awe as she looked at the scene before hand. In the middle of the clearing was Jim just where Roxanne had planted him; well, a few things were off from when she last saw him…

First, Jim was bigger, much bigger. The once small desert triffid that lived in Roxanne’s pot had no grown to the size of a compact car and it appeared to have “bloomed” growing tendrils that borrowed themselves to the ground. Second, said tendrils came back up and would dig themselves again making a pattern that resembled a mat. The whole clearing was covered in this mat of tendrils that originated from Jim. Third, Roxanne realized that Jim wasn’t a “him” but a “she” because she recognized this as she uttered it’s name: “Triffid Grove...

Indeed, Roxanne had accidently created a triffid grove about a couple miles away from the farm; and Jim was it’s queen. She just looked at what she had done with awe seemingly in a trance until that was cut short by vines slowly entangling her body. Roxanne had not time to react as they wrapped around her arms, legs and waist before they suddenly lifted her up. In futile desperation Roxanne attempted to struggle against them but to no avail. Through her mask, Roxanne witness as a mutant wasp flew by only for it to be pierced by a vine and then dragged down to the mat below. She gulped hard at this before her attention was shifted elsewhere.

A tendril rose from below and in front of Roxanne; this one was a little different than the other. It was thinner and also had what looked like a needle on it’s tip. It was transparent but soon it began to turned purple from the bottom up until a purple fluid spurted a bit from the tip. The tendril then lined itself up with Roxanne’s chest just above her breast where Eris had jabbed...well, herself… Roxanne gasped knowing what this meant and she didn’t like it. She knew that wouldn’t actually hurt her since it wasn’t an arcane attack but if that little jab had provoked such a reaction from her being stabbed in the seal would be so much worse. Her struggles resumed, this time much more violently which irritated Jim.

Seemingly out of nowhere, another vine rose up; this one was thicker than the tendril but not as much as the ones that made up the mat. Then without any warning it slapped Roxanne on the side of her head which immediately made her cease her struggles. This little act made her mask fall of onto the mat leaving her face exposed; Roxanne’s pink eyes looked at Jim with terror and somehow she knew Jim was looking back. She waited for Jim to pierce her chest but that never came; on the contrary, the tendril lowered itself and then then vines that held her up unwrapped from both her arms and legs but were still wrapped around her waist. Jim brought Roxanne close. “W-what the? Jim? I-it’s me… Roxanne, remember me?” Jim’s head tilted a bit before it did something Roxanne would recognize: it’s now massive maw opened and it gave a light yawn before closing again.

Jim! It’s you!” Roxanne hugged the tiffrid with her now free arms. She held the hug for a minute before letting go at which point the remaining vine lowered her to the mat and unwrapped to her waist. It then picked up Roxanne’s mask and handed it to her; it seemed Jim had some sort of intelligence. “Oh Jim, you are so grown up! I am so proud of you! But… bad Jim! Bad! You have been a naughty bo- girl… girl apparently...” Roxanne gave a deep sigh of both relief and annoyance. “Oh you big dumb and adorable weed, what and I going to do with you? Hmm… wait I know! That catalina lady wants to talk to me still I hope… she has some pull in the center, maybe I can convince her to leave you alone… heh, worth the shot...

Leonard once again pulled up to near the hall in his motorcycle being mindful to not draw any attention. However, he didn’t have Roxanne as his passenger this time but rather it was Clara. She got off the motorcycle checking her stuff.

“You have the swords with you?”, asked Leonard.

“Of course I do, it was part of the deal.”, Clara respond.

“Alright then, just making. We don’t want any mistakes you know?”

Clara glared at him while he remained looking forwards towards the road. “Listen here you undead fuck, you may think you are a big shot because you are Luna’s servant or whatever but I won’t all you to talk to me in such a tone, do I make myself clear?”

“...My apologies Miss Ironwood.”

“Good, now on you go. I’ll take care of my part of the deal…”

With that, Leonard took off again leaving Clara alone. She was wearing black jeans, a grey dress shirt and a black denim jacket. On her back were both Void and Coalescence which she was tasked to take care off for now. With little reservation, Clara have a deep breath and walked towards the door of Victor’s room.

Victor was sitting in a chair in the room pondering something, the note in the journal to be more specific and what Roxanne had told him before she left during their meeting a while ago. He remembered that she asked him something as she was exiting his room with her mask already on:

Hey Victor, before I go, let me ask you something...

What is it?

If today was the end of the world, if this was our last day on earth… would you come back for me?

Victor had smiled when he heard that, he had no memory of it but he recognized those word from the note and he responded to that as he had done all those years back. “To the end of the world and back…

Roxanne had just laugh upon hearing that. “So you did read the note huh? Good, saves me a lot of time… did you tell Helen about it?

I can’t bring myself to do so… even though its something irrelevant now… the way things are going, why risk it?

Eh, I mean, that’s fair but… what if she finds out from someone other than you? That would hurt more wouldn’t it? Besides, you are no longer that person are you? You have a choice to make… The Victor I knew would have had burned the note already… what will you do?

Those last words were what stuck to him, what would he do? Keep the status quo and risk what Roxanne said or bring it out to seal up the last wound? A wound he had no memory of from what was from all intents and purposes another life… That train of thought was interrupted but a sudden knock on the door. Victor’s attention was brought to his aura spell that revealed a single person behind the door. He was thankful they weren’t shielding themselves like the last two had.

Victor was about to ask who it was because he didn’t know who this aura belonged to but he didn’t due to a simple reason: the aura felt familiar and to the point he felt he could trust the person behind the door. Almost as if by instinct he opened the door to find a woman looking at him with both excitement and relief. She gasped and smiled before abruptly pulling him into a hug.

“Victor! It really is you! I finally catched up to you! It’s been so long...”

He was quite confused and pulled her off before responding. “Uhhh...who are you?”, Victor asked.

The woman looked at him confused. “It’s me, Clara, your sister… Don’t you remember me?” She knew the answer to that but she clinged to the hope that it wasn’t true.

Sister? Oh… no...sorry...I don’t remember...

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(The return of color coded dialogue due to reasons that will be apparent in the post...)

The scene at walkerville was mostly what Eris expected as she walked around inspecting the place. Mislings working hard at their respective jobs with patrols here and there from armed men and women of both human and mutant kind. Now one had questioned them or their motives yet which quite surprised and amused Eris give the circumstances; she knew quite well of walkervilles defensive capabilities and of the individuals there she shouldn’t mess with but this was an obvious oversight in this part.

The masked man and woman walked by uninterrupted until they reached the backdoor of Roxanne’s room. It was then Eris noticed something odd. There was a feeling of dread in the air as if something serious nearby had happened or was happening; she didn’t know about any of the events at the center or with any individual here so she simply shrugged it off and continued with her objectives. Trying to look as discreet as possible Eris stood in front of the door as Leonard kept an eye around; she took out a keychain and tried one of the keys she had on the lock.

*click click*

The door wouldn’t open.

“What the? What’s going on?”, Eris whispered to herself still trying to keep her image as a mute in case anyone noticed them. She tried the lock a few times more but to no avail. Frustrated, Eris gave up and put the keys away.

“It’s a bust, can’t go in…”, Eris whispered to Leonard.

“What do you mean, aren’t this ke-“, Leonard responded before being silenced with a loud hush from Eris.

“Shhhh! Someone might be listening! It’s a bust ok? I will deal with it later… for now we will head to The Hall and take care of business there.”

“As you wish Mistress.”

“And can you stop calling me that? It’s weird…”

“Then what should I call you?”

“Eris is fine… No need for titles.”

“Any last name?”

“Last name? Uhhh… How about Gray? Eris Gray?”

“And how about myself?”

“You will be Leonard Millers.”

“Understood Lady Gray.”

“My name is Er- Whatever, just get in the bike and let’s go to The Hall.”

The two made their way back to the motorcycle they had arrived in and promptly got on. Eris was the driver and Leonard rode in the back portion holding on to her by the waste.

“Keep those hands where I can see them.”, Eris teased.

“As you command Eris.”

At this Eris frowned underneath her mask. “You are no fun…”

With that brief exchange over Eris turned on the engine of her motorcycle and the two rode of towards The Hall. Of course the journey didn’t take long at all and the two soon found themselves at their destination. They got of the bike and made their way towards Helen and Victor’s quarters being cautious to nit be detected.

“Eris, what do we do about those mask that can see through walls?”, Leonard ask.

“It will be fine.”, Eris responded, “Our masks nullify clairvoyance so they happen to be using them now they won’t notice us.”

After sneaking about a bit, Eris and Leonard were at the door of the room they intended to go. “I pray that Helen isn’t there… Will make things so much easier.”, Eris whispered to Herself. Leonard places a hand on the grip of one of his revolvers and stepped forward to knock on the door.

*knock knock knock*

The sudden knocking on the door
startled Victor. What was worse is that his aura spell could not pick up anyone behind the door and the aura’s of everyone else were accounted for. Thomas was under the care of Solomon at Victor’s requests so that he may run some test unimpeded so that wasn’t a variable in this. Ever so weary, Victor put on his laser gauntlet and aimed it at the door.

Who is that?, Victor asked nervously. No answer, instead he simply heard more knocking. He gulped hard while keeping his gauntlet pointed at the door. Answer me or I am not opening the door.

“An old friend of yours wants to talk to you Ironwood. I am her interpreter Leonard, she has come a long way so the least you could is at least hear what she has to say don’t you think?”, Said a masculine voice

Victor chuckled a bit to himself. Oh really? How do I not know this is not an ambush?

“Because if it was we wouldn’t have knocked on the door. We mean no harm, we just want to talk.”

Victor nodded to himself as he realized they had a point but he had one more question. “Alright… but how do I know there aren’t more people with you? There is a sound spell in this room which would ease an ambush and since I can’t detect you with my aura spell…

“A valid concern, however, this place house many people and if more than just the two of came here we would surely be noticed. As for the sound and aura spell, we know of both of them; the first is of no concern to us and we apologize for the second, it was a necessary precaution.”

Precaution from what?

“Why don’t you open the door and find out?”

At this point Victor felt he had no choice; if he cried out for help these people might just hurt the other. Thomas wasn’t here so if they made a move only he would be hurt. With this in mind Victor stepped back from the door until his back touched the wall facing the door; with a flick of his wrist the door slowly opened to reveal the masked man and woman.

Victor still had his gauntlet aimed at Eris and Leonard, the reaction of the latter was to reach for one of his revolvers and aim aim it at Victor fearing he would make the first shot. At the sight of this, Eris reached and grabbed Leonards arm pulling him away. “Leo no! Stop that, we aren’t here for that!”

That voice, it was unmistakable. Victor lowered his gauntlet and look at Eris with confusion. Leonard lowered and holstered his revolver. “I am so sorry Eris. I just tho-”

“J-just go and guard the bike ok? You just made me give up my identity… Victor here probably knows who I am already..”

“As you wish.” With that Leonard excused himself and waited outside closing the door behind once he exited. Eris and Victor were left alone in the room. She gave a deep sigh while Victor just eyed here suspiciously.

Care to explain? Just what the hell are you doing?”, Victor asked both irritated and confused. He crossed his arms and waited for her answer.

“You know… I want to talk to you…”, Eris responded.

No that! This whole show you just made. What’s up with the mask anyways? Answer me Luna.

Heh, so you did figure me out huh? I can explain...” “Eris” gave another deep sigh before stepping back. “Before I take off my mask, don’t ask questions… I will explain everything… ok?

Oh god… what did you do this time Roxanne?

You will see...” Roxanne took off the hood from the cloak she was wearing letting her hair flow freely and then slowly took of the mask. She stared directly at Victor, their eyes locking. At the sight of Roxanne’s bright pink eyes enveloped in black Victor took a step back in shock. Then he noticed the black tattoos circling her eyes and going down here eyes to her neck. She was wearing a one piece leather track suit under her cloak and it nice concealed her other tattoos. “Am I really that ugly now?

What? No...” Victor responded nervously. “You look the same as always but… it’s just surprising that’s all...

Same as always?”, Roxanne teased.

You know what I mean. Anyways, what is this about an explanation?

Right right… this is going to be a long one... ” Roxanne looked around and sat on a chair nearby. She then looked back at Victor, the expression on her face signaling how this was bothering her. “Got anything to drink? Some coffee maybe? We should make this as smooth as possible.

Uhhh, sure. I have some iced coffee mix if that is to your liking.

That works. Make one for me and one for yourself.

Wait, can ghosts even drink coffee?

This one can.”, Roxanne answered pointing to herself. Victor noded and prepared two cups of coffee and some extra in case she requested a refill. He grabbed the two cups and offered one to Roxanne before grabbing a chair and sitting adjacent to her. At first there weren’t any word from either of them; they both just sat back and sipped on their coffee. Roxanne looked down on her cup and smiled before breaking the silence.

Ah how I missed this… it’s been years...

Missed this? What do you mean?

Years ago you and I used to this pretty much daily. We exchanged note, talked about gossip around the place, and just generally talked.

Huh, did we now?

Yup, you would prepare me a cup of coffee, come to my door at around noon and we would talk for like an hour.

Why did we stop?

Well, I got together with Hector and you said it was now weird for you to visit me given I was now a taken woman.

Well... You know, makes sense.

Yeah but then I had to make my own coffee and that was now fun… Those were more innocent times… and also much darker...

Darker? How so?

Roxanne ignored that question for the moment instead sipping more of her coffee. She then looked off into the distance at seemingly nothing for a few moments before snapping back and continuing with the conversation. “Well, guess that ties in nicely with what I wanted to talk about...

And what would that be?

Well, about us, the past and future.

Excuse me what?

Shut up and listen for a moment. It makes sense in context.

With that Victor stopped talking, more due to intrigue than anything else.

You know about this world’s version of me right? Your former friend who died on the battlefield?

Yeah, what about her?

Well, this begins there… Long before I came into the picture. I have some of your memories of her after all.

Sorry to interrupt why I have been wondering. Why did you not share those memories with me?

Roxanne shrugged. “Didn’t think it was important. Besides, some of them might taint your perspective on things in ways I am sure Helen would not appreciate...

I see… go on then...

[Anyways. You and blackmore were rather close for what I gathered. Now before you ask, no, not romantically. She saw herself as a too much of a free spirit to even consider a relationship and you saw her as ‘impure’ so neither of you even considered it.


I am getting there. God Victor, you are so impatient...

Sorry, I will keep quiet now...

Anyways. What is relevant is that you two were sorta normal, all things considered, and your friendship grew due to being forced to interact due to SoA. Both of you had affinity and entered in the arcane so it was only a matter of time once some trust had been established that the two of you would venture into collaboration projects. Using SoA’s resources you both experimented with various things and learned quite a lot. However, given your track record, it was a matter of time something went wrong eventually...

Roxanne gave another deep sigh and sipped more of her coffee before continuing. “This next bit is somewhat fuzzy but I will explain the best I can. So one day Blackmore comes to you with this new thing she discovered in her line of work and asks you to help her with another project. Seemed normal but something went wrong. I am not sure what but you two pissed off forced that should not be messed with and with that a curse was laid on you. Both of you and your offspring down the line would be cursed with no-existence after death. Neither of you would be subject to the reincarnation cycle or be in the after life. This single event changed the both of you.

How did it change you you ask? Well, both of you became more reckless in life and work in general. There was a feeling none of it mattered in the end and you were technically right. At first the two of you worked towards trying to lift it but that never worked. She eventually gave up but you did not. Now, Blackmore became detached, she lived her life in the moment having accepted her fate. You on the other hand, too on to more and more dangerous experiments; this is where your reputation as a fuckup started. While most of your work succeeded, when it didn’t it failed spectacularly. Even Blackmore urge you to stop but you didn’t listen.

Now, it changed you too in one other way. The experiment that messed the both of you was one to acquire power, transcend the limits of humanity; a violation of SoA’s code. When it backfired, you latched onto that code almost religiously. You saw any attempt at transcendence as heresy from your own experience. Augmentations, Mutations, both sins in your eyes. But blame the sin not the sinner is what you would say on the matter.

The years passed and eventually the cataclysm hit. The two of you stroked out on your own for a while living as nomads until you found that one arcane mess of a stronghold. You know the rest… that once day it all went to shit… the day Helen came and killed Blackmore… And from that is where I come in...

You? How?

Wellm after her death you were kinda in denial about it and around that time is when I started broadcasting to any one out there to come to walkerville. You heard the message and in grief induced delusion latched onto me as if I was Blackmore. You used me in that respect for a while.

Oh… So I did...

Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I didn’t use you either. After learning of the existence of our alts I used you as a way to bolster my own ego. You were living proof that I was better than Blackmore. I was not only alive and she wasn’t, but even her best friend choose me over her. That was the logic I went by… It was a mutually parasitic relationship we both had going since the very start… and it didn’t change much from there...

That is what I am trying to get at. Times changed, things happened, people came and went but neither of us changed our ways. We both continued using each other, we knew we had one another to experiment on. You would use me as your personal material gather and I would keep you around to feed off your knowledge and make thing for me. I didn’t need to learn the arcane because you were there to make it happen for me. You didn’t need to work for getting new artifacts or material because I would happily do it for you. Are you getting the picture? This has been going on for years… It part of the reason neither of us really go on adventure with our significant other but instead opt to fo with each other; there is a mutual understanding of greed and decipt that neither Hector and Helen could fulfill… Well, at least there was...

Roxanne stopped talking for a moment and finished the last of her coffee. She asked Victor for another cup and he filled his own as well. The two were visibly shaken, he from what he was learning and she from what she was finally admitting.

This is how it’s always been. A friendship of interest. Even as I augmented myself more, as I delved into mutations; as I went against your core beliefs, you did not care. You were still able to use me. Those few moments we helped each other? We didn’t want to lose our our tool. Hell you saw my death as a failure, if you couldn’t keep Blackmore alive, you would be damned if I was going to be a repeat of that. But things changed...

We eventually learned that when I arrived here I also inherited the curse you and Blackmore had… by then you were already cured as your soul had been recycled and Blackmore...well she was brought back and killed again… her curse was over and probably granted an afterlife. I was the only one left with it and your old instinct of trying to cure it kicked it in… Once fateful day we went to a cave to do a mundane ritual due to some issue I was having. We learned of Blackmore and co’s death and fough some unknown forces… You don’t remember this because I specifically kept it from you but you were given the chance t end the curse for good...and you took it...

Just as Blackmore had been killed and brought back you sought to do the same to me. I lost the battle Victor and was dying; so you finished me off and fetched my soul using a ritual to this day I am not sure what was about… That is how I ended up being a spirit trapped inside a soul. I was forever changed, my curse lifted and to you that is all that matter… and truthfully I didn’t care, hell, I thought it was cool.

Our parasitic tendencies continued, you know had a personal spirit to do your bidding and I used you to understand myself and acquire more power. Things would’ve continued as normal if it hadn't been for your little accident… the accident where your lost your memories… You changed there and then, our little gimmick had ended as you had no context about it. I tried to mold you by giving you memories; at first to earn your trust back but eventually I would try to mold you back into what you were… With no bagga about the ritual or the curse you no longer held any animosity towards mutations and augmentations. You had no need for me and that was what ticked me off the most; I had lost my main source of arcane knowledge to an accident. So that was my plan… to convert you, hell, I could still do it right now...just one memory Victor… just one and it all would return to normal… you read the note as I had planned… the seeds had all been planted...

Victor started to get warry, Roxanne’s words no concerning him a bit. He summoned the shadows in the room on stand by and activated his laser gauntlet just in case. Roxanne just smirked and placed a hand on your shoulder to reassure him.
Don’t worry. I am not going to do that. I too have changed in this little two week vacation of mine. It has to do with the tattoos I have now; I would let you see them to explain better but for obvious reasons that is a no go… Anyways… this is what happened...

Roxanne went on to explain the events in Plague’s tower. How she meet up with some people. She told them their names and abilities but not their significance as that would surely derail the conversation. Other than that she spared no detail; she told him about Plague and how he had been manipulating her, how he tried to assimilate her and in the end she acquired three of the four pieces. Then she told him how Lucy came and “fixed” her, the topic of Lucy was easy to explain once Victor informed her she had visited him too; how the tattoos were seals on her and the four ways she could die. Roxanne didn’t mention how Void and Coalescence saw her as their mother instead saying they were in control.

So that is what happened… I have the pieces and the katar with me hidden under the cloak… I am now sealed with these tattoos and have come back… well sorta...

Well… that explains that but… what about this whole get up of yours Miss ‘Eris’...

Roxanne laughed a little under her breath before giving an exaggerated gasp.“Not only was my physical nature changed… so was my mind and very soul altered… The mask I wear right now blocks clairvoyance so that is why you couldn’t see me with your aura spell but you can see me now right?

Yes I can… your aura is a bit different than last time I felt it but I can tell it is you...

Alright… now, let me show you something… Victor, look into my eyes...” Roxanne leaned in a bit and stared at Victor right in the eyes. He was unnerved a bit by her unnatural eye colors but he did as she told him. Then he found himself feeling rather calm, almost in a trance. He recognized the feeling as how Lucy managed to calm him down in her visit; he didn’t struggle as he was curious what Roxanne would do. Just as the trance would fully take place, about 5 second of starring, Roxanne blinked and when she opened her eyes again Victor was taken aback again. Her aura had changed slightly again and when he looked back… Roxanne now had bright purple eyes surrounded by the black.

Hello Victor… long time no see...

Victor was utterly confused but he managed to put the pieces together. Roxanne’s tone of voice had changed from being an energetic woman to that of one of refined taste and precision. “B-Blackmore?

Good, so I see your memory loss did not hinder your deduction skills… but I must say, you are not entirely correct.

What do you mean?

Well, let me begin by saying who you knew as Luna and Blackmore no longer exist… We have become one you see? Luna and Blackmore are but alter egos of the same person. We are Roxanne… one in the same.

W-wait what? What are you talking about?

Oh Victor… never one to work quickly under pressure. Luna, care to take over? Not like you have much choice, you know, being me and all...

Roxanne blinked again and her eyes returned to their pink color. “Heh, surprised? Let me explain. When Lucy ‘fixed’ me, I was fragmented from having two pieces of the puzzle stripped away from me. So what she did is she gathered all fragments of information of me and reconstructed me as Assimilation and sealed me in my Katar becoming one of the pieces myself… well… Blackmore is another version of me… she is my information in that respect so she got bundled into the mix...

But.. She is dead...” Victor pointed out still rather confused.

Oh Victor… no one truly dies… we all leave a trail...Even if that trail is just dust...

And this changed you in your attitude how?

Well, having Blackmore’s perspective on the manner and what I experienced made me realize just how stupid I was. You and I have now both changed dramatically and clinging onto old ideals… especially ones as toxic as ours, is wrong… Victor, I come here to make a proposal with you… Eris here, my alter ego for Blackmore and I Luna want to ask you something...

And what would that be?

Roxanne stood up and put back her mask. “Victor, how about we start over? Forget the past and our old ways. Move on finally from what tied us down…” Roxanne extended her hand to Victor. “My name is Roxanne Eris Gray… Nice to meet you.

For a moment Victor was stunned, not sure what to say or react. Soon enough he regained his composure and what Roxanne said started to sink in. He smiled and stood up himself accepting Roxanne’s hand in a firm handshake. “My name is Victor Ironwood. Nice to meet you too.

Roxanne exited Victor’s room with her mask still on. Leonard was waiting for her outside not having hear a word due to the sound spell. “How did it go? Did he accept?”

My my Leonard. Calm down… I didn’t bring up the proposal yet. No need to rush things. Besides, I have things I need to look at… Go back to the convoy and tell them to go back… apparently something is going down at the center or something… Helen apparently had to deal with it, I don’t understand but the last thing we want is to add more to her plate… I will take care of what needs to be done alone...

Beside… I have lots of explaining to do to Hector and the others...hmm, I wonder how Jim is doing...

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“She who shall awaken… I am the wielder of Anomon’s burden. I am indifferent to the union and scoff at the goal. I, the maiden of ruin, will show you true despair.”

Melody was taking a small break from her now somewhat routine tasks. She was eating a sandwich chanting that under her breath multiple times. Those words appeared on her mind suddenly without explanation but she had an idea of what they meant. She tried to contact Despair but the sword wouldn’t answer; well, not until now.

“Do not fret my child, for I have awaken!”

“Can you cut that out? This is serious!”, Melody whispered angrily.

A small laugh resonated from Despair in Melody’s mind. “Hahaha, you are so easy my dear. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner; it wasn’t safe. What do you need?”

Melody explained to Despair about the chant and how she had no idea what it was. “Would you know?”

“Ah yes, the chant for my Sword Drive.”, Despair responded.

“Sword Drive?”, Melody asked, “What is that.”

“Well, when I or one of my brethren deem a weidler worthy enough, they may use a specific chant to active our Sword Drive. Think of it as a last resort ability we can bestow our wielders in case of an emergency. Each one of us gives our wielder a different benefit with our drives.”

“Different ability? Like what?”

“Well, I grant my wielder the skillset, rage and determination of every wielder before hand; and not just my wielder's but the ones of my brethren too. Convergence grants their wielder the ability to use their 7 stored abilities at once. Assimilation harvester all energy around it to power all the abilities it acquired; it is essentially infinite energy while the effect last. And void grants its own power to its wielder; or they can choose to bargain with the spirit inside the blade to channel that power instead, however, they price of that bargain is up to said spirit.”

“T-that’s… pretty cool actually! Can I activate your sword drive?”

Despair gave another hardy laugh. “No no, you are still too inexperienced at this. The fact you want to activated it just because it’s cool signifies you aren’t ready. Besides, if you did, it would give my location away and we can’t have that; this place is cozy enough plus you are now finally a productive member of society.”

“I will choose to ignore that… then why did I suddenly learned the chant?”

“It seems the forces within me are gearing up for trouble… nothing should come of it but in times of great desperation we may temporarily grant a wielder to access our drives before they are ready. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine… Also, you might want to finish that sandwich, your break is almost over.”

It had taken a while but Victor was re-learning many of his lost skills; he hadn't forgotten how to do them he simply had forgotten the ability itself so he “learned” these skills rather quickly as he was just relearning the steps to perform them. However, one of these skills was giving him trouble: the shadow spirit.

The shadow spirit was an ability he had learned years before even meeting alt-Roxanne. It was the ability to grant your shadow sentience and bind it to you by removing any chance of it having free will. He had temporarily sacrificed this when he was in the works of getting Randael as the spirit of the void; he temporarily made his shadow spirit the spirit of the void causing him to be without a shadow until Randael accepted his offer. However, now the shadow spirit wouldn’t even manifest.

He had already learned a similar ability; he could manifest the shadows of a room and make them temporary shadow spirits but it wasn’t the same. Keyword being temporary. He had used this ability to show Lucy he could defend himself back when she paid him a visit. Despite being able to do this the shadow spirit spell didn’t work.

“Maybe I am missing something… It’s a fun puzzle at least. Hmm...wonder if anyone else would know about it…”

The convoy, if you could call it that, stopped just shy of accessing a road that would take it towards the farm. It had successfully avoided the center and the hall arriving where it wanted to go. However, both the armored vehicle and the cargo truck stopped, a passenger got off and got in the motorcycle along with the cloaked driver and the two continued on towards walkerville following the road that would take them straight. The passenger appeared to be a man wearing a brown duster, denim pants, a black polo shirt and a grey Kevlar west; for head gear he was wearing a cowboy hat with six bullets in the front and a wooden mask similar to the driver.

“You will the all the talking for now alright? We have to gauge the people’s reaction here first. As far as they know I am a mute, got it?”, the cloaked driver said as they clutched at their wooden mask.

“As you wish. What shall be our names?”

“Eh, how about Eris for me and Leonard for you?”

“Then Leonard will happily serve mistress Eris with my entire being.”

“Geez, a bit dramatic much? Anyways, here we are...walkerville…”

The motorcycle reached side of the farm where the various structures and people could be seen. The driver slowed down until they turned the corner to the proper entrance gulping hard at the sight of catnip’s train. They both got off the motorcycle, Eris took out a piece of paper from inside her cloak and Leonard step forward incase anyone approached. Both were armed with revolvers visible on both sides of their waists just in case. These weapons weren’t meant for the people of walkerville but for both the hazards of the cataclysm and those who seeked to harm them. Not that the people of walkerville would know. The two walked inside of the farm looking around the buildings for one in specific, their confidence evident as if they owned the place, and took mental notes of the place.

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It had been a hectic two weeks for Roxanne. After the little talk Roxanne and Lucy had, the two walked to the cafeteria of sorts in the office tower where they were greeted by Clara, Rey and Christina. The three immediately asked where Lucy had been but that question was soon substituted by asking Roxanne what had happened to her. The five of them sat down and both Lucy and Roxanne explained about Plague, how he went crazy, try to assimilate Roxanne and how it backfire. Then what specifically had happened to Roxanne and how those tattoos where how she was able to stay stable.

“And what about your eyes… still pink but… the bit that’s supposed to be white is now black…” Asked Christina.

“Side effects of my stupidity I suppose…”, Roxanne responded, “Speaking of…” with a deep sigh, Roxanne produced both Void, now a one-handed bastard sword, and Convergence, now a kukri. The other three were confused while Lucy smirked and Roxanne gave a deep sigh. “Go on...speak you two…”

“Mom… who are these people? Are they friendly?”, asked Void

“We are ready to defend you if it comes to that!”, exclaimed Convergane.

There was a sudden moment of silence in the room before it was filled with laughter. Roxanne was now more annoyed than ever.

“My my, you had a night of reckless fun and now suffered the consequence every woman fears out of it. It usually takes 9 months for that though. Who is the father anyways?”, Clara teased.

“Well, about decaded ago Roxanne would’ve hoped that Rey here was the answer to that question.”, Christina added.

Roxanne glared at her over that comment and it earned her a smack over the head from Rey. “Easy you two. We still don’t know what’s going on.”

“No no… let them have their fun… I deserve it… I don’t even know what to do…”

The room fell silent once more. This time it was Lucy who spoke up. “Well, how about we have a meal first am then we discuss that? I am sure we can come up with something.” The others quickly agreed on the suggestion and Lucy used the Debug Menu to summon some food. Clara and Christina received normal food while Roxanne and Rey got something special given they were both spirits. After the meal the 5 got to discussion and a few hours later emerged with a plan.

The next two weeks were spent putting that plan in motions. As much as Roxanne wanted to go back to the farm Lucy denied her that saying she still needed to be monitored. The deadline of the note Roxanne had left behind eventually passed and Roxanne worried how the others would react when she didn't come back. She hope Victor had at least reacted to the note she had left him the way she wanted but even that was pushed back as the days passed.

First Roxanne explained how as she was now the sword of Assimilation itself she could acquire the abilities of others and right now she only had Plague’s ability over the control of blob infested zombies. Given this Clara offered Roxanne her magery so she could learn spells and Rey his affinity for spirits so she could interact with the metaphysical like any other spirit could. This was a start and then she went to practice this skills under the guidance of the others.

She had many spars against them, they taught her the basics of the arcane and essence, something even Victor hadn’t done given Roxanne waa rather impatient and just wanted results. Lucy would keep track of her and run test every now and then to see how the seal were holding up. After a long day of lessons and practice Roxanne would retire to her temporary quarters and lay there given she couldn’t sleep anymore. This time was not wasted however, as she used it to talk to Void and Convergence; Roxanne got to know the two sword spirits, the two that now called her their mother. Through this she learned that the old desire to unite had been unkindled and now they sought their own individuality. Roxanne could sympathise with this and soon she grew to like the two sword spirits.

“Maybe this isn’t so bad…”, Roxanne would say to herself. After a conversation with them.

Roxanne improved much during those two weeks and Lucy told her she would no longer need her checkups. She had learned how to perform some spells and create essance given she found the materials. Now longer was she the powerhouse she once was and while she had nothing to fear from the undead or bandits she could hope at best to become a glass cannon against anyone with the most rudimentary of arcane skills; damage her seals enough and it was over.

“Alright Luna, you are cleared.”, Lucy told Roxanne, “It’s been two weeks now, your seals seems to be stable… you are free to go.”

Roxanne gave a deep sigh of relief as she put her clothing back on. Finally she was allowed to go back, go home. Despite this, something still nagged her. “And what do I do now?”

Lucy shrugged. “Live your life I guess. I gave you free will, use it.”

“That’s the problem… this whole ordeal, no, all of my problems can be traced to something: lack of direction. I need something to look forward to; a goal, an objective, a target to kill, an item to steal, a problem to fix… the next missions… I go back to walkerville and then what?”

Roxanne looked at Lucy with a face that betrayed her need for an answer. Lucy stayed silent for a moment before she gave a satisfied grin. “I have an idea but I need to talk to someone first. Why don’t you go tell the other the news first then we’ll talk?”

The two exited Roxanne’s room where the other three were waiting. Lucy asked for Christina to enter so the two could talk in private while Roxanne approached Rey and Clara.

“You doing alright?”, asked Rey, his hands brandishing his weapon: an arcane laser rifle at the suggestion of Roxanne. She smiled at the sight.

“Yeah, Lucy said I am cleared and can go home now. I am stable and thanks to all of you I can defend myself as well, thank you for that.”, Roxanne responded.

“It’s good to hear you are doing well. That said, are you really going back home?”, asked Clara.

“Yeah, I have been away for too long. Besides, I only left because I have commitment issues. The prospect of settling down scared me, to have to sacrifice my sovereignty but due to it I no longer have a choice. So, to walkerville it is.”

Rey and Clara looked at each other and smiled before looking back to Roxanne. “Well, we are coming with you.” Rey announced.

“You promised me you would take me to see my little brother Victor. You can’t back down now.”, Clara added.

Roxanne looked at the two a bit confused but then she herself smiled. There was nothing to be afraid; she wasn’t alone. Both here and in Walkerville she had people who care about her and that is all that mattered. Yes, she had this realization before but always with a hint of doubt in the back of her mind; it took her a moment of humbling vulnerability for it to sink it.

“Alright, pack you things guys, we are going to walkerville! I can’t wait for you to meet the gang; Catnip and Kath, Dee and Mica, Lilith, Nate, Granpa Floyd, Victor of course, and my beloved knight… It will be fun!”

Suddenly the door to Roxanne’s room opened and both Lucy and Christina exited with hands behind their backs and standing as if waiting to make an announcement; and indeed they were going to do just that.

“Listen up people”, Lucy said, the three others turned their attention to them, “Founder Christina has a few words to say. Ma’am?”

Christina stepped forward and cleared her throat before speaking. “As you here are all aware, I was one of the founder of Shadows of Arcana. Under the guidance of Grandmaster Jonathan we became a force in the arcane underground and achieve many great things. Flawed as he may have been, I mean, the fucker disowned me, killed a woman seeking peace and lost the one thing he based his organization around to the enemy only to be killed himself… anyways, he did manage to leave the blueprint for what SoA became. In the shadows it always stood seeking to understand the unknown and master it for the betterment of humanity. Where other shun away the marvels of modern technology we embraced it and with my help we developed our own infrastructure and what was akin to a militia. Now, SoA is no more, it was snuffed along with the vast majority of its members… But, we are still here, we can still make a difference. So with the authority vested in my I would like to announce the revival of Shadows of Arcane. I grandmaster Christina will make amends where needed and move our organization forwards. We will reclaim our great name and together will will combat the evils of this world that now plague us; be it forces long ago forgotten or invaders from other worlds… I ask you that you join me…

Agent Rey Steller, Purifier Clara Ironwood… and Huntress Roxanne Luna, will you answer the call?”

In a bunker not to far away from the office tower were Luna recided. A peculiar undead made the preparations to seal itself away from the world for a while. In its hands were the biological rifle and sword as he addressed the 6 mages who created the pieces of anomon as well as the two shields. Bio-Weapon Psi, when Plague was brought down it regained its sapience and and booked it out of the tower after quiring the two flesh weapons in the chaos of Roxanne and Plague’s struggled as everyone else slept.

The 6 mages were no longer under Plague’s control either and as such sought something to latch onto and Psi made the perfect candidate. The 7 of them secured a bunker after gathering some supplies and had now made preparations to stay in the shadows for an indefinite time frame. What they had planned when they finally decided to emerge, it would seems not even they knew 100%.

What appeared to be a convoy was traveling awfully closed to the center. It seemed to be going around it taking a route very rarely traveled. For anyone checking out with binoculars they would see a motorcycle leading an armored vehicle and what appeared to be a military cargo truck. Who was in the two back vehicles could not be determine as they hid inside but the rider of the vehicle was wearing a wooden mask and a cloak over their form. Their hands appeared to be bandage and the cloak prevented any view of their outfit. Whoever this people were, they seemed awfully careful not to approach the center as they traveled along roads making twist and turns going on unnecessary long routes to do so.

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"Ughhhhh...where am I?"

"Look who decided to finally wake up? How are you feeling?"


Roxanne looked around and realized she was in a simple bedroom with plain white walls. She was in a bed clutching at some bedsheets and in front of her touching the other side of the wall was a woman sitting in a chair. Her crimson business casual outfit matched her long wavy hair in color; she was looking at Roxanne with a mischievous grin and her arms crossed.

It took a moment for Roxanne to recall anything that was going on; she felt like is she was having a hangover and her memory was a bit faulty. Eventually she realized this was the woman she attempted to jump in the hallway after her "meeting". Then she somehow knew who this person was; a memory that wasn't hers.

"Lucy?! What the hell are you doing here? And why do I know who you are?" Roxanne suddenly felt a bit cold; not cold in the way she had felt previously due to being a spirit but the cold one feels when they don't take a jacket in an autumn afternoon walk. Confused, Roxanne looked down on her and realized two things: one, was wearing nothing and only the sheets she was clutching were covering her exposed form and she could actually feel the texture of the sheets, the air around her, the bed underneath her, ect. "What the hell is going on? Where are my clothes? What did you do to me?!"

Lucy couldn't help but laugh at Roxanne's reaction. It was definitely expected but it still didn't fail to amuse her; a welcomed catharsis to what she had to go through just a couple of hours prior. “Well hello there! It’s good to see that you at least know who I am; that saves times. It seems you assimilated some of coalescence memories before you went all medieval on them. As for why you are undressed, well, here have this.” Lucy manifested as small hand mirror and tossed it to the bed in front of Roxanne. “Take a look at yourself. Don’t be shy.”

Roxanne picked up the mirror and examined face; what she saw on that reflection alarmed her. Her eyes’ irises were still a bright pink from before, however, her sclera was a no longer white but a pitch black; she kinda liked the look but still had no explanation for it. Next she noticed what was around her eyes; imagine a girl who applies way to much mascara who then has an intense crying session, now smudge that all around your eyes like warpaint and then down towards your neck. It looked like if it was a both a tattoo and paint and Roxanne couldn’t take her eyes of it; she traced the pattern with her gaze along her neck down under the sheets. Lucy smirked at what she knew Roxanne would see.

All over her body were more tattoos; they were intricate patterns of arcane and religious nature. Many of them she recognized but not all; a few she knew were seals used by SoA which perplexed her a bit. Then it hit her; this markings on her body were a sort of seal on her. “W-what did you do to me?” Roxanne asked nervously still clutching the bed sheets.

Lucy smiled and shook her head in amusement before answering. “You have been a very bad girl Luna. What you did back there was a bit too far for me to simply let it slide.”

“What do you mean? What did I do?”

“Well, let’s see. You invoked the help of two of the pieced of Anomon for help to ‘teach a lesson’ to a third. Normally this would’ve just resulted in all three pieces being reborn and scattered elsewhere but nooooo; the piece in question had to be assimilation and it had to be you of all people to rebel against it… seriously you and Victor have given me so many headaches that I choose to ignore…”

Roxanne glared at Lucy for her comment. “What do you mean me of all people?! If there is something you want to say just say it to my face!”

“Oh, feisty all of the sudden are we? I respect that. Alright, let me explain it to you in terms you can understand. You aren’t normal; you have committed a lot of dumb decisions in the name of power. Do any of these sound familiar? ‘Don’t use the infuser Roxanne. Please go get that cough checked out. Be careful, even if you are a ghost you aren’t invincible.’ Well, do they?”

Now obviously both irritated but with a sense of wrongdoing she looked down to not look at Lucy in the eyes. “What of it? Why are you bringing this up now? Yeah I did some mistakes but who hasn’t?”

“Mistakes? Oh no, you fucked up everything up Luna; and trust me when I say I know what fuck ups look like. I had to come down here and fix your damn mess! Those little mistakes you made turned you into an unstable paradox of information. You needed magical bracelets to even be able to interact with the world for goodness sake! Then you, the living paradox, had to go and mess around with Assimilation... “

“He attacked me! I had to defend myself!”

“Was harvesting its power, calling the two other pieces, and becoming 3/4th of Anomon part of that? And whatever did you do with Plagues corpse? I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Roxanne clutched at her sheets a bit more. “Oh...that… Well… I kinda did a ritual on him…”

“A ritual? What do you mean?”

“You know… guided him to the after life.”

Lucy blinked a couple of times upon hearing this and then rubbed her eyes. In any other context she would simply had asked for more details but Lucy was well aware of Roxanne’s ritual to guide souls to the afterlife. “You ate his corpse?! Roxanne what the fuck?!”

“It was in the heat of the moment ok! I was having fun and got carried away…”

“Having fun torturing Assimilation to actual death… Christ you people need help…”

“You are one to talk! You have done more fucked up shit than I have!”

“I am not the one who almost messed up reality!”

“Yes you were miss ‘this apple is tasty why don’t you eat it!’”

What followed was an awkward moment of silence between the two; they simply stared at each other for a moment before Roxanne spoke up. “Ok, that was too far… I am sorry.”

“No no, you are right. I have no right to criticize anyone. Sorry for snapping at you; I have just been stressed as of late.”

“Well, I’ll cooperate with you now. Just tell me what the hell is going on and what I need to do. Deal?”

“Alright then. How about you start by standing up and let me take a look at you for a moment.”

Roxanne blushed deeply and recoilde back a bit. “What?!”

“Listen, I need to make sure the seal are holding up and run a couple of tests. Besides, who do you think put those tattoos on? I’ve already had my fill on the sightseeing.”

“Y-you… I can’t believe…”

“What? Will it make you more comfortable if I undress to? That’s fi-”

Roxanne interrupts Lucy before she could finish that statement. “No no! It’s fine! I’ll get up.”

Lucy shrugs “Your loss then. Now come on, we don’t have all day.”

Roxanne reluctantly go off the bed and let the sheets drop to the floor. After about 30 minutes of Lucy making diagnostic checks on the seals and some teasing at Roxanne’s expense, she told Roxanne she could get dressed. The black dress she had left in the wrecked APC in favor of the leather tracksuit was on a dresser waiting for her.

“Wait, where did you get this from?” asked Roxanne.

“I took the liberty of fetching it from the APC. Well, I actually fetched the whole thing including it’s cargo...and I also fixed it up for you.” Lucy responded.

“You did what? How?”

“The storyteller's debug menu. I deleted the items and summoned copies from it. Not that difficult and no laws of physics were violated!”

“Ok, so what did you learned from that...check up?”

“Well, the seals are doing fine. You appear to be more sensitive to the touch where the seals are more concentrated.”

“Tell me about it…”

“Just don’t tell anyone where those areas are; they are your weak points after all, in more ways than one.”

“Like hell I’ll tell anyone!”

“Not even the knight?”

“Shut up! ...Anyways… care to explain to me what is going on now that the initial shock is gone?”

“Alright. Take a seat then.” Roxanne sat down at the edge of the bed she awoke from while Lucy sat back on the chair against the wall but this time she brought the chair closer to close the gap between them a bit.

“Ok, I’ll start from when you went full idiot. Now, you attempted to take over the newly created sword of singularity instead of Assimilation doing so. Normally, this is impossible; the 7 mages, myself included, put wards in place when creating the pieces to prevent this. If we didn’t do it, nothing would’ve prevent Randael from gaining Anomon's power back when he was the spirit of the void. Well, remember when I called you a living paradox? That combined with the recent gash in the veil from the canadians the conditions were set to somehow override this. You successfully became the the sword of singularity itself; no, not the spirit of singularity like you were the with void but the actual consciousness of the sword. Meanwhile, you trapped Assimilation in Plague’s body and then outright killed him effectively destroying on of the pieces for good. Now you and I know that isn’t really a good thing… Then I arrive to find you walking down the hallway brandishing a blade and Plague’s head in the other. I took you in and found out you did quite the mess… First of all your existence was rather unstable so the pieces would’ve just separate and be reborn again. But wait, you killed assimilation so if that would’ve happened the consequences were something I wasn’t willing to let happen. Now, I couldn’t let you run around as Singularity either. You being you I didn’t trust you wouldn’t just try to assimilate Despair and become Anomon yourself. So I decided to I had to manually separate you. The first thing I did when I separated you was I needed to figure out how to deal with Assimilation being dead and then I realized ‘Hey, Roxanne is here! Why not use her consciousness?’ And so I did. Congratulations on the promotion by the way. You went from being the spirit of void to the sword of Assimilation. Good job! And since this counts as being reborn you choose the nearest weapon to host you; your katar. So that katar is now the sword of assimilation which is the physical embodiment of you. Following so far?”

“S-so I am a piece now?”, asked Roxanne

“Correct! Moving on. You still are rather unstable due to everything you have gone through this last 8 years. Mutagen, becoming a ghost then spirit and now a piece. This is where the seals come in. As long as those tattoos hold, you will not disappear into the ether. They also serve as an energy source so you don’t need essence or the bracelets to use your senses as if you were alive. But is the seals are ever broken, you will disappear. This is important, you understand what I am saying?”

Roxanne looked at the marking in her hands and then back at Lucy before nodding slowly. “I understand. I need these to survive.”

“Good good. Ok, now, as a spirit you can still be harmed and destroyed by any exorcism or attack meant to dispel spirits. If you are killed by it then Assimilation will simply be reborn again with a new consciousness meaning you will also disappear. And finally, if the sword is destroyed and a rebirth cycle is triggered then it will acquire a new consciousness destroying you as well. Do you understand that as well?”

“I do… Protect myself and the sword, got it…” Roxanne responded.

“Ok, good…” Lucy gave a deep sigh. “This is gonna be a punch to the gut… The only reason you are even able to exists now is because of the wound in the veil. That creates an instability powerful enough so that reality doesn’t simply collapse on you and destroy you… That means…”

“It means that no matter what happens, I will die once the wound in the veil is fixed… Right?” Roxanne said finishing Lucy’s statement.

“Yes, that is what it means. You seem awfully calm about it too. Are you ok?”

“Eh, not like it matters. You are right, I caused this to myself so I accept my faith. I’ll die along with this world’s problems; seems fitting no?”

Heh, oh Roxanne. You say this now but in a couple days the reality of what that means will hit and you will have an existential crisis.”

“Whatever…” Roxanne was pretending to not be affected by what Lucy was saying by acting stoic but the facade was rather thin. “Anyways, what happened to void and convergence?”

Lucy gave another smirk at the question and got up to fetch something from a drawer. “Well, they were forced to be reborn. However, since they were a part of you their consciousness shifted as well; for all intent and purposes, they are different beings now but with their usual powers. But...something weird happened…”

“Something weird? What do you mean?” Asked Roxanne.

“Here, pick them up and feel for yourself.” Lucy handed Roxanne a one handed bastard sword made out of dark steel and a kukri that seemed to shift between different shades of purple. Roxanne grabbed them and the kukri turned pink at her touch. Roxanne’s jaw dropped at what she heard from the two sword in unison.

“Mom! You are finally awake! We were so worried about you.”

Roxanne looked at Lucy with a face of disbelief and defeat. She looked back at her with sympathetic look.

“Congratulations?” said Lucy softly.

“I just wanna go home... “

“That can be arranged…”

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